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Synopsis: Across the land of Ming Kingdom, who wouldn’t know the name of the most useless lady, Jun Hua, a little girl who only has pretty face without talent? Many people scorn her on her back because she can only latch onto her adoptive brother, Jun Min, brilliance. He’s a little boy who single-handedly changes the fate of the declining Jun family. But, they would never think that.... Jun Hua and Jun Min is the same person! “She is the most useless as a girl, but the most brilliance as a general.” Playing the fool under the gaze of the world, this is Jun Hua story as she takes her revenge towards people who act against her family and bring the Jun family rise again. While at the same time gaining allies and possibly… husband? .... Story set in fictional world with culture similar to ancient Chinese Word count: 900-1500 words/chapter Release rate: 4-5 chapters/week ~ maybe more if I have time The cover will be like this for the time being (pardon my poor art), if you have any suggestion about it, feel free to tell me. Link to Discord: For advance chapters:

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