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Synopsis: Distracted when he was playing a game on his phone a game that he adored, he was hit by a car and died. His soul was transmigrated, giving him another chance at life and a system that greedily absorbs money like air. He shall attempt to, in a foreign land, to recreate the legend that he was in the game to become a real, unkillable and unforgettable legend. He will trample on peoples common sense, he will smile when rotten empires fall and he always looks up, for there is always more to get from the system. For every 100 Power Stones, an extra chapter will be released for the week. Max of 5! [Event: Ends September 3rd] For every 3 ratings, an extra chapter will be released for the week. Max of 3! WARNING: If you are not mature enough to handle sexual content, violence and more sensitive topics that are common with Xianxia than go read something lighter. I won't feel bad.

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