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The Martial Path


Synopsis: Seven Universal Realms, each in control of one of the seven Great Races; Humans, Abyssals, Celestials, Immortals, Titans, Saints and Fey. These Universal Realms all orbitate around the currently sealed off Divine Realm. But according to history, the universe wasn't like this in the past... Thousands of years ago, a great war is said to have happened and the previously uniform universe divided itself while the Divine Realm collapsed... Along with the collapse of the Divine Realm and the division of the universe, it is said that the path to godhood was also cut off! What could have happened? What was the reason for the war? .... On a little planet located on the First of the Three Desolates Star Sector of the Human Realm, a youth, possesing what probably is a beyond unique physique, finally broke free of the restraints put on him since he was born... .... -- Undefined amount of chapters per day, but one is guaranteed! Currently, I opened up a patreon, check it out! - For now, all support on patreon or here with power stones would be very much appreciated and to deserve that, I will focus on improving more than patreon so for now there will be nothing in there.

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