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Spring Sunshine Sweet and Spicy: The CEO’s Incredible Assistant


Synopsis: She was born in Spring. He was born in Summer. She likes sweets. He likes spice. She wanted nothing more than to leave the countryside where anything barely happens and chase after her first love. And so, she left behind her friends and family to pursue her dream and her love. But when it comes to life and love nothing ever goes as expected. Six years have passed, and Harumi reappears on her parent's doorstep with a 4 years old son and no husband. Exactly what happened during those six years she was gone? He wanted nothing more than to delve into the art of photography. Nothing more was important to Haruki, be it his family or love. The world he saw was only through his camera lens. Until an incident stole his light and he closed himself in darkness for years. He then met her, and she slowly expanded his view and he found himself caring for her and her son. Harumi vows to never fall in love again and live only for her son’s sake, but can she truly resist that handsome man with a stunning aura? Haruki vows to make her his, but does she only see him as her boss? After they meet, their time will once again start moving but they will have to eventually face their past to live for their future. Love is both sweet and spicy. “Do you know what you’re doing? Do you…really understand?” I asked him with guilt, for getting him involved in my mess. “I do. I told you already. I will protect you and little autumn. Nothing will change that.” His arms extended from behind, hugging my waist. “You’ll make him your enemy.” He scoffed, his warm breath brushing the back of my ear. “Why don’t I go ahead and make the world my enemy. That, in itself, is more interesting.” He said in a low and hoarse voice. His fingers held my chin and he turned my face towards him. Our eyes met. His gentle gaze could make anyone who saw him become deeply captivated. I didn’t look away and stared at him with a smile. “Is that so?” I leaned up to close the rest of the distance between us. He had just finished smoking his favorite cigarette brand. According to him, it was his first time in a while and his last. But because of it, his kiss tasted of tobacco. It was a kiss that tasted sweet and spicy. ... Release Schedule: 1 Chapter a day for 6 chs / week (10 AM GMT +8 or earlier) Next Mass Release Date: July 7 (10 Chapters) Milestones for Bonus Chapters: 10 Power Stones / 50 Power Stones / 100 Power Stones / 160 Power Stones / 230 Power Stones / 300 Power Stones (A limit of 6 bonus chapters a week. All bonus chapters will be given on Saturday.)

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