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Transmigrator: Not really a PLAYER


Synopsis: The second personality played a cruel joke with the main character, but he did not despair. Having received the opportunity to become a transmigrator, he gets a new life. During sleep, he goes to a new world, the world he dreamed so much about ... The world of Naruto. In his new life, the main character will meet new friends to begin his journey, overcoming all difficulties. Follow him and see how he will conquer this world with his own hands. Bonus chapters: Top 100 - 1 chapter Top 50 - 3 chapters ( 7 chapters per that week) Top 10 - 5 chapters Top 3 - 7 chapters Top 1 - 10 chapters (14 chapters per that week) Such a good deal, vote, vote, vote. And if we are top 10 for 3 weeks straight, I'Il start to upload a new work in the transmigrator universe (skyrim, DxD and Bleach worlds) that I have been writing for quite sometime now.

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