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Law of Creation


Synopsis: Arriving at the new world, an ex-cultivator vowed to never cultivate anymore A naive little girl lived in a world full of deceit, she is faced with choices. Treading along a new world with a lot of secrets. Who could she trust? Will she fall? Or she will triumph over the mortal? Follow the journey of Xia Mingyue, a mighty cultivator that was trapped in a weak body in the new world, new place, without cultivator. *Warning, a slow-paced story for now. Announcement; +Release 7 chapter a week +For each 50 power stones, there will be 1 bonus chapter each week. +I will be posting this story on under the same nick, FrosDream193 But don't worry, I am mainly active in webnovel :D *Story by FrostDream193 *Edited by FrostDream193

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