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The Archaic System - A New Beginning


Synopsis: After humanity ran out of resources they turn to the world of Agartha. A planet in a completely different universe accidentally discovered during a science experiment. In this new universe humans are able to develop powerful abilities using the Archaic System. Troy, after years of struggles, dies at the hands of the very brother he had been searching for. However, he wakes to find himself reincarnated to just before humanity migrates to Agartha. Will he find out why his brother betrayed him? With this new chance can Troy become someone so powerful no one will look down on him again? Release Rate: 5 Chapters/Week Ranking Goals: Top 50: 5 Chapter mass release Top 30: 5 Chapter mass release Top 20: 6 Chapter mass release Top 10: 7 Chapter mass release Top 5: 10 Chapter mass release Top 3: 12 Chapter mass release Top 2: 15 Chapter mass release 1st place: 20 Chapter mass release To increase the release rate, read ahead, or to show support please check out

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