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Ascension of a God (AUD)


Synopsis: In a small clan, a young man was born with his Broken Qi Channels and Meridians, there his future had been defined by all around him as nothing but failure. However, things were not so simple, a fortuitous encounter, a colossal power, a sleeping genius, would make this young man not only a Cultivator, but would bring him the title of God of God. So come with us, look carefully, be careful not to blink, otherwise you will not be able to understand the way to become God. Do not waste time, come to know incredible treasures, places never seen, races hitherto unknown, powers never discovered and lives never lived. join and together we will Ascend to the Apex of the Dao of Reading and Writing. OBS: Hi, I'm a Brazilian and I love the novel that I'm going to publish. It's not my own and I'm from Calebe Piccoli Camargo. I'm just posting it here because I think that more people should know this wonderful novel. and I do not have the permission of the true author of it so I can stop at any moment. the novel is published in saikaiscan

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