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Bleach - A New Beginning


Synopsis: A troubled soul is taken pity of by the gods and reincarnated with their blessings into the world of Bleach with his memories of previous life erased, long before Ichigo Kurosaki starts making troubles in Soul Society. Soul Society faces old and new troubles along with an ancient enemy from the forgotten histories of Soul Society. Watch how Eru Doreigo creates a new legend in the World of Bleach and impacts lives of some of the most famous characters of Bleach. ________________________________________________ Essentially this is a Bleach fan-fiction, best understood by those who have seen the anime or read the manga. Will try to keep the series explanatory enough for non bleach fans to understand too. ______________________________________________ This is a fan-fiction based on Nintendo DS game 'Bleach 3rd Phantom'. The original Spin-Off story of the game was written by Tite Kubo himself

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