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Rise of the Serpent


Synopsis: Black Collar Snakes are the worst. In the "Hierarchy of the Beast Clans" compiled by the Heavenly Ice Tiger Emperor, they are placed among those who are not even deemed worthy to be cattle. Human cultivators won't even try to catch them as they're deemed worthless. Even amongst mortal animals, they're at the very bottom of the food chain. However, in a fated night, a little serpent of this species changes after a fortuitous encounter and start dreaming to become a Cultivator. Follow Darkscale in his quest for survival in the cruel Cultivation World. Editor: NEZUMI_23 What Will this novel contain Cultivation; Kingdom Building; Vicious Fights; Weak to Strong; Poison User; Array Master. -------------------------------- Technical Info: Normal Schedule: 7 Chapters a Week. This week schedule: 7 The number of bonus chapters you will get every week is determined by rankings! Top 30: 1 bonus chapter! Between 30 and 25: 2 bonus chapters! Under 25: 3 bonus chapters! If you manage to get this novel in top 24 or higher, you will get 10 chapters/week! Wow, what an amazing deal! Vote, vote, vote! --------------------------------- Discord Server: come say hi! Or use it to warn me of typos/ errors

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