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My Perfect Lady


Synopsis: Mr. Jimmy Hunter is in a fix. He is the C.E.O. of the prestigious Hunter Corporation, currently at loggerheads with his father, Senior Mr. Hunter, the Chairman. Jimmy is the only heir, and yet his father refuses to grant him his inheritance. Unless, of course, he fulfills one condition - gets married before his next birthday! The clock is ticking, and the young master still hasn't found a bride. There's only twenty four hours left, and yet, there are plans to be made. Until with his two best friends, Jimmy comes up with an idea. One that would get him his 'perfect' bride, and help him get back at his father too! If only the bride would agree though... Enter Miya! She's strong, hard headed, foul mouthed and comes with a kid! And there's nothing that pisses her off more than an arrogant rich brat, who also happens to be a pervert. Oh well, she would teach him a lesson!

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