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The Ancient Rare Phoenix: Colourful flames


Synopsis: The legendary ancient phoenix with the colourful flames was reborn as a newborn baby through his last remaining drop of blood in the Highest God Realm Plane. After the newborn baby arrived at the Lowest Mortal Realm Plane, he was found and raised by a couple. He'll curiously watch and learn from other while being called as a crazy stalker, an arrogant prodigal young master, shameless pervert, cold-blooded,evil, many other names during his journey. Just like previous incarnation, he'll once again shake all the Realm Planes reminding everyone about the madness of the colourful flames. At least 1 chapter per day will be updated. (Pic was taken from other web. I don't take any credits for it) Please point out any mistake, if you find them while reading. Also please do like, add, comment, vote, rate, review and well whatever is left.

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