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An Average Guy In A Shinobi World


Synopsis: An Average Salary man in the modern day earth live a monotonous and boring life, despite being financially stable, and having great personality. He stayed single for the rest of his life, due to being indecisive with his life decisions. The only highlights of his colorless life are his work accomplishments and hobbies. Join him in his adventure where he got mistakenly reincarnated in the Naruto world with memories in tact and swears this time to try harder. Note/disclaimer: The photo used in my cover is not my property it is own by Con Couture, due to my non-existing art skills I can't make my own cover. Also Naruto is owned by Shueisha, Viz Entertainment and Masashi Kishimoto. Please support the Official Release. Warning: I only know basic things in English grammar... if it's when to use comma and such, I have very little knowledge. So, if you are extremely picky with grammar this is not a very good novel for you to read. Since this just might gave you a headache, I'm very open to being corrected though if you have time. To be fair with my readers, I'm trying to improve but don't expect dramatic changes in a short time. Also, the novel's pace is very slow. So, don't expect ultra-power ups out of nowhere with no explanation.

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