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Synopsis: A quantum physicist with eidetic memory reincarnates in a world of magic. Born in upper nobility, Ezra must balance his pursuit of understanding the world around him, gaining power, and triumphing over the political power struggles that his family is dragged into while using modern knowledge, intellectual prowess and technology to advance his combat capabilities and develop his dominion. _________________________________________________ Disclaimers: 1. This is dual hosted, on webnovel and on Royal Road. If I get a contract I might take it down from there. 2. The novel starts off with a low word count because I did not think that this would gain a following of sorts. After chapter 8 the word count increases to 1k to 1.6k words. Right now my minimum word count is 1.1k but I normally write 1.2k words and above. 3. There will be detailed explanations for certain things in the book if you don't like that then this is not the novel for you. 4. I will try to limit the info dumps as much as possible and release it into bite-sized bits. 5. The novel is not yet fully edited as of this writing, I publish chapters as soon as I finish them. 6. The novel is parental guidance. There will be cussing and some swear words in chapters. 7. Updates are daily. From 12 am to 8am +8 GMT Editor: NONE

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