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Chapter 7 : Chapter 7. Fighting Level 2 Monsters One After Another.

The Strongest Marine

West of the




A handsome young man in a Marine uniform consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt with the Marine emblem, a simplified seagull with "MARINE" underneath it, on the back; a blue neckerchief; dark blue trousers; and a baseball cap with "MARINE" across the front, And Beast which looked like a with dark red fur strong arms and legs could be seen Fighting while exchanging

blow for blow.

The young man was , this morning awoke to the red ape's sudden attack

he quickly dodge the Monsters Attack but was still hit and sent flying for a few feet. After

getting his back he started to engage it in battle realizing that the ape was a level 2 monster

had no reason to hold back and the battle went on. Until now was the one at a disadvantage in the battle against the Ape, Because of the Ape's earlier Attack and having been forcefully awoken was left disarrayed in the beginning of the fight, But now thanks to the Valeria stone healing him he was able to return to his most optimal state and he was evenly matched with the monster. As they exchange blow for blow slowly started to take the advantage.


punched the Ape in the stomach pushing it back a few feet.

The Red Ape than stood and Charged toward with it's Large fist raised and

sent a punch toward him. also sent a Punch the small human

fist and the Large Ape fist connected and but the one sent back was the

Ape. Knowing that he was at a disadvantage the Red Ape turn around

and ran away.

" Trying to run away after all the trouble you've caused."

Sneered while chasing the red Ape.

Even though the Ape's body was huge it was pretty agile moving swiftly through

the trees it's speed seem to increase once it went inside the forest which goes to show you that the Ape was familiar with the forest's terrain. While didn't

have a problem keeping up with the Ape the unfamiliar terrain posed a problem for him . The chase went on for awhile and the speed of the Ape

seem to be decreasing, but that wasn't the case it wasn't the Ape's speed decreasing but

;s speed increasing with the help of the Valeria stone any sort of fatigue was swept

away as long as will it this was the ability he received after reaching initial control of the

"Valeria Stone" during the past Two months of training. closed in on the Ape and Charged

toward it with a punch. Noticing closing in the Red Ape sped up and threw a large rock


chuckled while Dodging the large rock than he sped up and launched a punch toward

the Ape's Head. After which the Ape let out a miserable roar as it's skull was smashed in.

Looking over the Dead Ape's body ;s Stomach suddenly growled. But looking at

the Ape Humanoid features didn't feel comfortable Eating it so he left the Ape's

body there and left. After finding some Wild Chickens he roasted them over the fire and

eat them quickly filling his stomach. After eating started training he first start running

while being chased by a few level 1 monster and a few level 5 beast which he purposely

offended while running for his life he met a few of the other recruits which Included Zeke

who tried to help but was stunned when he was told that he didn't need help and was training under pressure.

Since the was under the Instructors who were watching this were shocked while group C's Instructor who came late was only shaking his head at the thought of this Abnormal recruit coming from his Group C. While Vice-Admiral Shark Looked at the scene of

running away from the Monster and beast. He Laughed and Said." HA HA...Ha What an

Interesting new Recruit I can't wait to see what kind of Monster he ;

When the recruits near him saw him being chased by the monsters and beast their faces turn pale. After safety losing the monster and beast found quiet and he started on his

exercise he did 5000 push ups, sit ups, than he found a strong tree branch to do 5000 pull

ups, he finish with 5000 squats which he added to his routine a month ago.

After resting for a bit them went to find a strong level 3 monster to spar with.

The level 3 monster was a large Tiger it's could rip apart a Level 2 Monster

Charged toward it with fist flying they exchanged blow for blow both parties receiving

Somewhat heavy injuries. After being pushed back both parties would rush up and exchange

even more blows After a while small cut and bruises Started to appear on both their bodies.

This Battle went on for hours and the Tiger took small rests in between every bout. There

fight attracted some level 2 monster but after seeing the between the man and the beast

the weaker ones were scared off and the stronger ones waited to take advantage when the arises but they still didn't dare to act while the fight was going on.

;s Body was constantly being supported by the Valeria Stone and that was the reason

he could fight on equal terms with a level 3 monster like the Tiger. ;s body was filled with

cuts and bruises and his Marine uniform was in tatters and his hair was a mess but he blood

was boiling with excitement because of this fight he let out a yell and charged toward the

Tiger. The Tiger noticing ;s charge let out a roar.


And charged toward while at him while it's eyes locking on to ;s


and the Tiger engaged in a exchange of deadly blows where aim for the

beast lower abdomen, head , neck, eyes as well as other weak areas of the body, While

the tiger mostly aimed for ;s neck with its sharp The Battle ended as a tie

because both and the level 3 tiger monster , because

the Valeria Stone couldn't heal his Injuries as fast as he was getting them.

" I guess the Valeria stone isn't as omnipotent as I thought." Mumbled

after a few minutes Most of ;s Fatigue was gone. Suddenly a few roars

were heard.





turned around only to see 4 level 2 Monster charging toward him and the

tiger he instantly got up and started running away. After safely escaping from the

Monster noticed the sun was setting and he went to find some food after eats

he went back to the safe area he found earlier and went to bed.


trained and sparred with monsters for the next day

And soon the day ended, The day to turn in

proof of finishing the exam and as well as well as the end of the advancement

exam to group B was tomorrow.

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