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Chapter 6 : Chapter 6. The Advancement Exam.

The Strongest Marine

Marine Ford Harbor.

In the Morning Elite Marine Soldiers could be seen in the Harbor Training, Boarding ships

or preparing basic supplies for the next or carrying large barrels of water or sack of

food and other necessities to and from the ships.

A instructor Leading a bunch of recruits could be seen heading toward "Docking Area #2"

among those recruits was a handsome young man around the ages of 17 or 18 as you may have

guess already he was who was going to take the Advancement Exam to enter The Training camp's Group B. During the past two months ;s Improvement could only be called shocking his strength Had increase by leaps and bounds with the help of the Valeria Stone and of course his own hard work, his growth Shocked the Veteran Recruits and the Instructor to the point of awe during Group C's training sparring with Anderson didn't pose as much as challenge to him anymore so three other recruits had to join in to make the fight more challenging for him but the four of them still had to work together to hold back which shows that if they fought one on one they would suffer a complete defeat at ;s hands. So when asked to apply to take the Advancement Exam to Group B the Instructor readily agreed.

After applying for the Exam was shocked to that the Exam would be taking

in an about 100 miles off the coast of Marine Ford, And it wouldn't just be any ordinary

but a Man made at that. An personally made by Marine HQ's Scientist and Engineers for the specific purpose of testing Marine Recruits and Increasing their Battle Capabilities

in a all around safe way.

and a man by the name of Zeke were the only ones from Group C who were participating

in the Group B Advancement Exam. Zeke Specializes in Firearms and could be seen carrying a

Musket on his back while holding a three-barreled Flintlock in his right hand while he chatted with

as they lead to "Docking Area #2".

After arriving at "Docking Area #2" the Instructor went towards a Docked Ship and ordered the Recruits to Board the ship. After boarding the Vessel A Middle aged man in a grey suit with a dark

wearing a Vice-Admiral jacket which signified that he was of Vice-Admiral rank walk over

to the Group. Seeing the man the Instructor Instantly greeted him with a Salute saying.

" Vice-Admiral Shark sir."

" At ease Instructor Gale." Said Vice-Admiral Shark while

putting one hand up. Than said with a Smile while looking at the Group of

20+ Recruits." these must be Recruits taking the Exam this time they sure look promising

I wish you the best of luck on your Exam and I hope for you to the new blood

of the Marines and hold up the Honor of the Marines in the future."

" YES SIR!!" yelled the Recruits Including

After that the Vice-Admiral talked with Instructor Gale for a Bit then Gave the

order for the ship to set sail.

The Ship got on a current and sailed Toward the Exam


Man Made #1

100 Miles off the Coast of Marine Ford is a "Man Made ; everything from the trees

to the dirt even the rocks was brought over to the empty sea and made to construct a 1000

km The Marines than captured and than brought over a bunch of land monsters ranging

from level 1 monsters to level 7 monsters and some wild beasts all for the purpose of training recruits.

Monsters can be categorized into 12 levels Level 1 Monsters are at Marine Warrent-Officer level, Level 2 Monsters are at Marine Ensign Level, Level 3 at -Lieutenant, level 4 at Lieutenant, Level

5 at Lieutenant-Commander, Level 6 at Commander, Level 7 at Captain Level, Level 8 at Commodore Level, Level 9 at Rear-Admiral Level, Level 10 at Vice-Admiral Level, Level 11 at Admiral

Level, And Level 12 at Fleet-Admiral level no one wants to meet Level 12 monster in land but the don't want to meet them even more so at sea. Under monsters are Wild beasts who are much stronger than the beasts on earth like , Tigers Etc. They are Categorized into 5 level, Level 1 Wild beast are the same as beast on earth like , Tigers,Etc but are more than them and are usually at the same level as Marine Recruits, Level 2 Wild beast

are Slightly stronger and are at the level of Marine Seamen, Level 3 Wild beast are at Marine Officer

level, Level 4 are at Marine chief Officer level , And Level 5 Wild beast are at Marine Master Chief-Officer level.

The Vessel that was on Docked in the Harbor. Then the instructor Gale Order the recruits to depart from the ship After all the Recruits were off the Instructor began to the rules of the


"In the Advancement exam the rules are the same as always and they are enter the and

kill! I repeat kill! not capture, 5 level 1 monsters or 1 level 2 monster and bring back

the heads of the 5 level 1 monsters as proof or if you are able to kill a level 2 Monster bring

back its whole body as proof and you pass the Advancement exam and a member of

Group B when we return. Vice-Admiral Shark as well as rear-Admirals will be on stand by to step

in if you face any danger of death. But go fighting monsters stronger than you because you think your not in any danger because you think they'll appear in a to save you because anything can

happen on the Now you may go you have 3 days to finish the Exam depend on yourself for

food and shelter and remember only the monsters you kill will count for your exam don't try any tricks the is constantly under ; Said Instructor Gale

and the other recruits charged deep in to the Separated from the other Recruits

and head towards the west of the thinking." I should find a Level 1 monster to test my strength against." with that thought he moved faster while the of his uniform shook with

the wind. He passed small and large tree as he moved swiftly onward.

After running for a while noticed a shadow charging toward him the shadow let out a



As the Shadow got closer to it swiped it's razor sharp toward ;s back.

Just as it was about to at ;s back his Figure disappear and reappeared a few feet

away from the shadow where got a glimpse of it's appearance it was a large

Panther with green eyes and sharp fangs it was nothing more than a Level 3 Wild beast. The Panther looked towards and let out three loud and roars.

"ROAR." "ROAR!!!" "ROAR!!!"

Than it charged toward him and swiped it at his throat. Dodge to the side

and threw a kick to it's face sending it flying toward a tree. Angry the Panther charged

at again this time biting at his leg with its fangs.

Chuckled and said." You never learn do you little kitty." Than he dodge to the side quickly than

sent a toward the Panther sending it flying again and killing it.

looked at the dead Panther and suddenly his stomach growled.

rubbing his stomach he thought." Hmm... I wonder how Panther meat tastes."

looked for some dead sticks and some rocks and made a fire pit

after he skinned the Panther of it fur and started roasting it's meat over the fire.

After roasting the Panther meat for a while the thick aroma of the meat started to

fill the air which cause the Hungry to start to salivate he cut a piece of the meat

off and put it into his mouth the meat melted in his mouth. After the first taste couldn't

help himself and finish the rest of the Panther meat in a short amount of time.

Spoke with ; Ha I didn't now meat could be this good, I always thought the meat in

one piece looked exaggerated But who knew it was this good."

" I better put the fire out before it attracts the of wild beast or monsters." said

while looking at the fire in the pit. quickly put out the fire in the fire pit and kept heading toward the west of the

Along the way fought with a few Wild beast ranging from level 1 to 5. where ever he

met a level 1 or 2 Wild beasts he would kill most of them instantly while those who traveled in groups took slightly longer to deal with. He enjoyed thrilling fights with one or two level 4 and level 5 wild beasts and rarely met level 3 wild beasts. This gave a general idea about his strength his

was stronger then the Marine Warrent-officer level and as strong as a average Marine Ensign without

the Valeria stones boost in power.

After many Battles with Wild beasts and 2 Level 1 monsters reached the west of the

at night fall After looked around the area for shelter After roasting the wild chicken he caught after finishing the whole chicken he walk toward an area full of trees. He found a thick and large tree and climbed to the top of it and found a comfortable spot and fell asleep.

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