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Chapter 2 : Chapter 2. Enter Axel .D. Alan

The Strongest Marine

West Blue.

A marine vessel was sailing in the open ocean on the deck two marine soldier were talking

while keeping a eye on the ship's surroundings.

" This is so boring." said the first Marine

"what do you expect we haven't seen any since we took this ;

Said the other Marine.

" I know. but why did we have to be the ones to the new recruits to Marine

Headquarters." Said the first Marine annoyed.

"You two stop with the chatter a get back to work."yelled someone behind

the two of them.

"YES! Lieutenant-Commander sir." The two Marines said Hurriedly

to the Man.

" Alright." replied the Lieutenant-Commander.

Nodding at them he left.


The Ship's Cabin

In the sleeping area a soft groan could be heard.


"Aw.. my head.." said a young man after waking up

with a piercing headache.

"where I'm I." said the young man looking around


"Wait Didn't i die." the young man mumbled to himself.

The young man was who had died. didn't have time

to consider getting up before a large amount of memories flushed

into his head. Only after organizing all the memories did he finally

understand his current The original owner of his current body

was named Axel .D. he was from in Stern where the Stern Kingdom

resided. He's parents died when he was 12 years old and he survived the past 5 years on his parents savings. After going broke he decide to join the Marines one of the new recruits

in this times Marines recruitment Until he died to food poisoning from eating a moldy

piece of bread in a dare the night before. Than entered his body.

Thinking about how the original owner died couldn't help but laugh.

but he soon stop when the thought about his current circumstances crossed his


" I can't believe I transmigrated to the world of one piece." thought

One piece was one of ;s favorite Manga's to read. it was full of Adventure

and so much excitement. ;s excitement cooled down when he remembered that the

one piece world was a world where the strong preyed on the weak whether man or beast

it was the same. He was struck with fear when his thoughts came up to here.

took a while to adjust his mentality and calm down. He than went into deep thought

"how is this even Possible"

" Hmm.. wait maybe this was caused by the Valeria Stone." this thought came to after

thinking what could have caused his current predicament the Valeria Stone Came to mind.

Being a lover/collector of weird and exotic things has read a lot of novels most pertaining

to plots containing or so it wasn't hard for to everything.

got up and sat legs crossed on his bed and than took a deep breath of air than he turned his focus to the inside of his body feeling every inch of it.

"Oh." a surprised sound came out of ;s Mouth.

felt a weird green energy in every inch of his body coming for his head.

followed the trail of energy which eventually lead to his mind there he saw a

deep emerald green glow when he focus on it a emerald green Stone the size of a baby's fist with multiple runes craved on it's surface Appeared in the center of his Mind

Shock could be seen on ;s face.

" It's...It's the Valeria stone..." said with shock and disbelief still on his face.

(Author's Note: The Mind is where the is held in the human body.)

After coming to his senses went back to see what the energy from the

stone was doing to his body. After feeling his body for any change he was left in even

more disbelief. because he no longer felt any of the fatigue he felt before and his piercing

headache was gone not the after affects of the moldy piece of bread being swept

away. feeling refreshed let out a good loud laugh. Almost waking up the other

recruits who were still sleeping.

Knowing that he still had some time until he had to get up. went under his covers and

fell a sleep.


3 hours later

" Kaaba..." The door was kicked open.

Than an loud annoyed voice was heard." GET UP RECRUITS RISE AND SHINE!!!!."

"come ON!."

"Just a few more minutes."

The new recruits threw out one after another as they got up and changed into their

standard Marines uniform.

The recruits filed out of the Sleeping area with in the back and onto the ship's deck.

than they line up side by side facing the Seaman ranked Marine in charge of assigning

Chores. There were a total of 15 new recruits including on the ship. The recruits could be seen rubbing their eyes while some tried to hold back their fatigue. however wore a calm smile on his face with no trace of fatigue on his face. While his eyes focused on the Seaman rank badge on the seaman ranked marine's uniform.

In the marines the Ranks are as such, Recruit, Seaman, Officer, Chief-Officer, Master Chief-Officer,

Warrant-Officer, Ensign, -Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant-Commander, Commander,

Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Fleet Admiral.

" With the Valeria stone a high ranked Marine is not impossible for me." Thought

"Alright Now that you are all here, I can tell you that we will be arriving at Marine headquarters

in 3 days so be good little chore boys until than." said the Seaman unhurriedly

"Hmm.. since there are 15 of you, you,you,you...." said the seaman while

pointing at 5 recruits." you 5 are in charge of swabbing the whole deck

don't miss a single spot." Ordered the Seaman.

After which the seaman marine gave out the rest of the chores to the remaining recruits

and than went back to his post.

was in the group charged with cleaning and maintaining the cannons on the ship.

so he went with his group to broadside of The ship where the ships cannons are held and

started to clean the cannons. While cleaning the Cannons Jonathan a young man with short blonde

hair who was a head taller than took the chance to introduce himself to the group.

" Hello Everyone I'll start the my Name is Jonathan Rovak and I'm

from Sterns ;s nice too meet you." Said Jonathan with a smile.

Next to Introduce them self was an icy Young Women with long brown hair and a mature

body who looked to be 20 years old." I'm Kaya." Kaya said coldly

"She doesn't seem like a mean person, her iciness might just be her personality."Thought

After kaya was a dark skinned bulky youth he was slightly taller than Jonathan and looked

a year older than ; Hi. my name is Marcus Stein. nice to meet

you." Marcus said while lightly bowing his head.

Than Jonathan looked at

looked at them like he had decided on something and said." Hi. My name is Axel .D.

Nice to meet ya." introduced himself with a big grin on his face.

Afterward the group started chatting while cleaning the cannons. well Jonathan did

most of the talking while the rest listened. ;s group of four worked until lunch time

But they still didn't finish cleaning the cannons, Because the cannons were huge they had to

clean them two to a cannon and there were 10 cannons on the ship 5 in each broadside of the ship.

After lunch ;s group Cleaned the rest of the cannons and than joined the other teams to clean the rest of the ship.

The recruits worked hard on the chores assigned to them even if there were some

recruits who about the work they still worked.

Like this 3 days went by in a


Three day later

Today was a cloudless clear sky and the Afternoon sun was high up in the sky look over everything else in the world. ;s group of four could be seen swabbing the the Ship's deck since it was there turn this afternoon. was swabbing his area of the deck while chatting with Jonathan about what

Marine Head Quarters was going to be like since today was the day they were going to depart from the ship.

Suddenly a marine yelled." LOOK IT"S MARINE HEAD QUARTERS!!!."

A marine next to him hit him and said." stop acting like you haven't ever seen it before."

The Marine scratched his head and said." It's just that I'm impressed every time I see it.

"Yeah I know what you mean." said the Marine as he looked at the Slowly emerging from the horizon.

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