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Chapter 1 : Chapter 1. Prologue

The Strongest Marine

Beau-view, France

year 2018, spring

In the floor computer lab of the Beau-view University's Library you could hear the constant clicking of keyboards as people went in and out of the computer lab. In the 3rd row 4th seat of the computer lab there was a young man who was constantly mumbling to himself about something while moving his mouse back and forth constantly.

"HM... where is it?"

"This is the 5th site I've visited"

"Come on where is it?"

" SHIT!!! Not here either"

is a 3rd year student at Beau-view University as well as a collector of weird and exotic objects, such as ancient weapons like Stone Swords, Knifes, Sabre, Axes Etc, And ancient jewelry as well as other things.

He is currently searching for a stone known as the Valeria stone which to legends fell from the sky, hearing about a rock that fell from the sky most individuals might think it's just a hunk of space rock.

( Author's Note: The French word/name Valeria means 'strength, health.')

But there's more to the story then they might think because to legend the person who first the Valeria stone a man know as James Baxter who lived several hundred years ago not only became the strongest man in his whole Era he was also said to have lived the rest of his life without fall to any sort of ailment or sickness and living to be 143 years old . Just this is enough to drive all the rich people in the world to spend half if not all their fortune to the point of madness to obtain the stone were the legend found to be true.

But there is another hidden ability of the Valeria Stone only known to James Baxter who it and that is the Valeria Stone has the power to open a door way between worlds whether the worlds are real or imaginary and allowing it's possessor one free chance at life.

who heard about it was instantly intrigued by it and went in search of it even though he half believed the legend behind the stone well the part revealed to the public. Whether it be famous Antique shops in Beau-view city or famous antique shops in other cities across the country searched everywhere possible he even went overseas to the United States and took part in with his father. he even visited Oi Ling Antiques shop in Central Hong Kong, And even tried the market where he thought he might have better luck finding it , But the stone was no where to be found.

For the past two years spent almost all his free time plus time from school searching for The Valeria stone.

"well It's almost closing time"Said

while looking at the clock on the computer.

He packed up and walked down stairs toward the door as he step outside the cool evening air hit his face which had a frustrated look on it. walked towards his dormitory greeting his roommate Thomas after entering, then went straight into his room taking out his phone than quickly dialing a number and than waiting.

Soon a voice was heard.

" who is this?"

"stop joking Franklin" said

sightly annoyed.

" OH... if it isn't now i know you didn't call me just to have an evening chat"Said

Franklin while slightly chuckling.

"Franklin!!!" yelled

"okay okay i was just kidding sheesh"


" Franklin you said the object i was looking for was being sold on one of those websites, But i have look at each of those sites of the pasts week and not even the shadow of the stone was found"


" are you sure" asked

Franklin doubtingly.

"yes very sure" Said


" well my contact said that he heard some rumors flying around that the object might be there" Said Franklin shyly.

" might!! now your saying might!!" Yelled

" well yes sorry" said

Franklin nervously.

" well do you have any other leads" Asked

as he sign.

"well... there is one"

Said Franklin hesitantly.

"Really!!.. tell me right now"

asked hurriedly.

Franklin told about a small antique shop in Frankfurt, Germany.

ended the call then want to the bathroom to wash up. He than went to the school

cafeteria for dinner After dinner returned to his Dorm and booked a train ticket to Frankfurt, Germany for tomorrow. then went to his bed and checked his Snapchat for anything new after 15 minutes he went to change into something comfortable then he went back to his bed and fell a sleep.

( Author's Note: Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used globally)

The next morning got out of bed and got changed quick than went to the cafeteria for breakfast than straight to his morning with a eager look on his face.

After morning went back to his dorm to pack then took a bus to the train After 10 minutes showed his ticket and boarded the train.


Frankfurt, Germany

" Yes Finally made it" said


than checked his phone for the time

it was a quarter after two.

" I should be able to get back by tonight at best"


went to the nearest bus a rode a bus to the

small antique shop that Franklin

After getting off the bus walk for about two block

when a small shop That gave one the feeling of antiquity came into view

with a worn out sign that read (Zentral Antiquit?tenhandlung)

after staring at the sign for a while went inside the shop surprisingly

the inside of the shop was a lot bigger than the outside made it look like, Also the front desk was empty thinking that the owner was gone

went to browse the shop merchandise while he waited for the owner to


(Author's Note: Zentral Antiquit?tenhandlung means Central Antique shop in German.)

10 minutes later

"BOOM!!! BOOM!!" Suddenly

the sound of falling objects was heard from the back of the

shop. went back there to see what was going on.

"Cough... Cough"

when made it to the back he saw a Elderly man on the floor he walked over and

helped him up.

" Are you alright Sir" Asked

with a concerned look on his face.

"yes. i'm fine thank you very much young man" said the Elderly man

while smiling.

" oh that's great you had me worried there for a moment." said

while also smiling.

look around at the mess in the shop

and said" If you don't mind how about i help you clean up"

The Elderly man looked at for a bit and than agreed to his

offer than mess was swiftly cleaned after which followed the Elderly

man to the front of the shop.

"so young man what brings you to my small shop"Asked

the elderly man

looked at the Elderly man and was slightly surprised after seeing the mans face. The elderly mans face was filled with wrinkles but his eyes were like deep dark pools looking at them you couldn't help but slowly sink deeper into them .

"HM... oh I am looking for a certain object." said

while taking out a drawing of the Valeria Stone and giving it

to the Elderly shop owner.

A strange light which was to fast for anyone to notice

in the Elderly man eyes when he looked at he drawing the drawing depicted a emerald green rock the size of a baby's fist with multiple runes carved onto it's surface."Oh I am sorry but I don't have this object in my shop."the Shop owner firmly said.

frowned for a bit than asked" Can I at least look for myself."

This is the object he spent the past two years looking for he wasn't going

to just give it up.

"HM.. okay how about this if you can find it you can have it for free just think of

it as my way of thanking you for helping me clean up." Said the Elderly man after some


"Really. Thank you very much sir." said trying to hide

his excitement.

The elderly man just smiled.

Not wanting to waste anymore time

went to search the shop starting with The bottom shelves

worked his why up repeating that over and over looking in

ever nook and cranny.

Watching searching his shop the Elderly man smiled faintly.

And said in a quiet voice " Just searching won't be enough."

The Elderly man then frowned for a moment

and then Mumbled to himself." Will you be the Luck one young man."

Just like that 2 hours past while was searching for the Valeria Stone and

so far he could even find a trace of it.

looked toward the back of the shop

and said in a depressed tone." damn there are only 2 corner shelves and 1 bookcase."

walking toward the bookcase to picked up a book tripped on his own foot

and body the bookcase falling face first on the floor in front of the bookcase

causing all the books to fall and drop on him.

"....OUCH.." Said while rubbing his face and head.

"Damn that hurt like shi...." didn't even finish his sentence

as he stood up and walked toward a book laying on the floor,

the book had a looking emerald green cover with no picture and look old like its been around

for ages.

"Hmm..." scrutinized the book closely.

He tried to Flip to the first page but the book wouldn't flip.

He put both his hands on both sides of the book the pull it a part,

But the book wouldn't budge. Frustrated Threw the book to the

floor hard.

"CLICK.." the Book opened in the Middle.

who heard the clicking sound look over to where

he threw the book. Looking at where he threw the book

;s face was filled with shock and astonishment, But was soon

with a look joy. Right there in the book was a emerald

green Stone the size of a baby's fist with multiple runes craved onto it's surface.

walked over to the book and picked up the Stone with clear

joy shown on his face he said." Yes Yes i finally found it after all this time searching". Than remembering the mess he made put all the books back into the bookcase and than walked toward the front

desk to show the Elderly man the Stone.

" Hey sir Hahahaha I found it i really found it." said while Chuckling.

The Elderly man stood there shocked than he smiled and said."

Well since you found it it's yours."

"But young man." The Elderly Man said solemnly.

"yes ." said pulled in by the solemn look on the mans face.

The Elderly man looked at and Said in a clear voice."

You need to remember one thing and That is everything comes with

a price even that stone."

looked at Elderly man quietly then nodded and said politely."

I'll try my best to remember that sir"

bid farewell to the Elderly Shop owner and left the shop hold the Valeria stone

in a death grip. ran toward the closes Bus not even stopping to look at the

traffic completely absorbed in his own ecstasy when out of nowhere a bus appeared

in his side view time seem to slow down and then speed up as the bus collided with ;s body

sending him flying to the other side of the street while at the same time crushing his chest cavity.

The bus made a huge stop and the bus driver came out.

" OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED!!!" a scream was heard.

Soon after a crowd was formed and an was called but it was too late.

in his last moments laughed and said" hahahaha after all this searching i'm i going

to die right when i found this stupid rock Haahaahahaa i don't even know if the legend

was real or if this thing even works." As plunged into despair the light in his eyes started to dim

,But before he died a small green light that could not be seen by the naked i glowed from the Valeria

Stone and the went dim. Like that left this world.

In the Crowd a Elderly man could be seen Shaking his head whether for the lost of a life or for the death of youth in his prime nothing could be said for certain. The Elderly man Mumbled something

and than disappeared into the crowd. His words could barely be heard.

".... Everything Comes with a price...."

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