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Chapter 18 : Overall Improvement

Becoming A K-pop Idol

His first month of being a JYP trainee had ended, thereby making an official start of the one. This past month, was one of the best in his whole life.

Even though the only thing he did was train, go to school, talk with friends, eat, train and train again, it was still satisfactory. In his past life, he hadn't done these kind off things a lot.

And now, he could do all of them.

He had also been asked for a lot of other modelling tasks as well. Even a few famous brands had asked him to go and let him represent them. This resulted in him finally well-known. He had even appeared on tv for a commercial!

He wasn't famous though, yet.

But you could say he was very amongst the people in his company, and even in other companies as well. Especially the trainees from those other companies. Even some random people on the street could him, but only a select few.

A lot of trainees from SM knew him as well, since he had visited Sehun a few times. And as for YG, Big Hit Entertainment and the rest, he didn't really know.

He had also met some of his sunbaenims (~), since JYP uses it like some sort of so that trainees without gain morale, so that they can like them.

He had met almost all the members from 2AM and 2PM, and a few from Miss A and Wonder Girls as well. He had to say Miss A's Suzy looked very good in real life.....

And if things go to , then he should be able to interact a lot more with her. The thing he was was something very shameless, but he would make it up to the world and the original actor by doing it better than the him.

His was, to basically steal Kim Soo-hyun's career, and a part of Lee Min-ho's career.

He wanted to act in Dream High, My Love From The Star, Moon Embracing the Sun, The Heirs....

He will it, somehow. And if he did, it would really be stupid. The amount of and fame he would get after My Love From the Star, would be insane. And the amount of work he had to put in his career, would triple.

Put in mind, My Love From The Star airs in 2014, and he will debut that year. Luckily, filming still takes before his debut.

2012-2014 would be a crazy for him, but also his rise to fame.

He would basically be the symbol of fame in South Korea

He would also have to act in multiple dramas at the same time.

That's why he needed to satisfy JYP with his as a trainee, so that he would be allowed to do things like acting and skip practice and language Moreover, Dream High was filled with people from JYP, like Miss A's Suzy.

He decided whether he could make his acting debut in there.

So far, it was going very well. He was 90% sure that JYP would agree with his , since he liked him a lot.

Besides from that was the fact that he had trained like hell this past month.

He didn't off with body exercises or anything else for that matter. The System had given him for that, giving him a lot of quests to training and the like.

His stats were now, pretty crazy.

In only a month of trying everyday, he was already so much better than he had been. It was basically impossible to compare between the two.

Even JYP himself, knew that his improvement was shocking.

They had both gotten pretty close, the other trainees could only stare with envy due to this. His enormous talent and good won him the of everyone, including JYP.

Everything that he wanted, he was getting close to it.

He had created a lot of different skills as well, since he basically had too much points. Dancing, singing, acting, modelling etc. went up naturally because of his training, which saved him a lot of points for other skills like cooking or a new skill that he had created, songwriting.

Songwriting was essential for himself, and for GOT7.

famous eventually lied on making good songs that would be loved by the public, and BTS was way better in this aspect than GOT7.

GOT7 has a very different style compared to BTS, their choreographies were way more difficult, and the lyrics were a lot more deep.

But the beat or music, most of the time, wasn't that catchy.

For example, the most GOT7 song is Just Right, and the beat of that song was super catchy.

To that gap, he had to max his songwriting skill and other skills, so that he could create songs that were even better, and more catchy than those from other more groups.

He had to better than everyone else.

JB, the leader of GOT7, also created a few songs, and they were pretty good.

He could do better though.

Moreover, he would also go solo.

All these dreams of his...


All these goals of his, he had to achieve them, he will achieve them.

His status currently looked like this, but he had sorted it out, since there were so many skills on it. All the Attributes and Skills he had maxed out, would from now on dissappear from the status. He had maxed both Appearance and Flexibility, so they didn't show.

He was also suprised, flexibility stopped at 54. He was already very flexible, anymore would be a bit too much.

He now concluded that this system was indeed made to create the perfect idol, something that fitted him completely.


[ Kim Min-jae ]

[ Male ]

- Attributes -

Body Fitness: 65 (10)

Willpower: 30 (10)

Intelligence: 44 (10)

Health: 30 (10)

Charisma: 35 (10)

Spirit: 30 (10)

attribute points: 0

- Skills -

Dancing: 73 (10)

Acting: 50 (10)

Singing: 64 (10)

Modelling: 51 (10)

Songwriting: 26 (10)

- Misc -

Piano: 42 (10)

Guitar: 37 (10)

skill points: 0


He had experienced an explosive growth, his body fitness was already 65.

He could do multiple pushups with two fingers at the moment, his strength was really reaching the limits of a human. And his body didn't look super buffed at all, the only thing noticable was that his muscles were so defined that looked that they were made from steel, especially his abs.

Girls would go crazy over that, probably guys as well.

He had a broad back and shoulders though, everything looked perfect. He had both the charms of a boy, and a man. He would be the ideal type of many idols, :)

[Author-nim smiling perverted]

BTS's Taehyun was to be one of the most handsome idols...

He was simply child's when compared him.

And finally, he had made friends with two of GOT7's members, JB and Park Jin-young

They were also to JYP, but they passed through open , while he was someone who was He had to pass through that open too, but it wasn't needed in the end.

They both were very nice people, and they quickly became friends.

And during this month, they almost reached the state of brothers. His friendship with Sehun was still the most intimate though. But these two were his best friends in his own company, while Sehun was from another company.

He was building his with his future members, since his debut was only four more years away. It would only help them in the future.

He couldn't wait.

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