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Chapter 11 : I'm Rich

Becoming A K-pop Idol

He had come to a

He knew how he should act in front of his grandparents from now on.

They were actually great fans of k-pop. He truly hadn't expected that from them. They both looked like officials, cold and elegant.

It turned out differently though, they were very nice people and genuinely pleasant to talk with. His grandparents were a huge fan of SNSD, so they had talked about their biases, favorite songs etc. He also told them both about his experiences when he

Their smiles only became wider and wider, and their eyes contained more light than before. They often laughed as well.

He still had to hurry though, even though it went this well.

He only had ten minutes of time left before he would fail the quest.

So he made the first move.

"Harabeoji, I am truly happy that you two have decided to visit us, but your visit isn't without purpose, is it?"

His grandpa looked , he was sure smart for a fourteen year old, he thought. And he was mature for his age as well. He truly had a good grandson.

He seemed fit for what he had

"Hahaha, you're right my boy. I have had something on my mind for a long time now, and I think you're quite fit for what I was wanting to give to you."

"As you know, this sack of old bones doesn't have that much longer to live. And the things I posess, they don't matter to me as much as before, and it seems you are in greater need of those."

Did he do it?

"I have a few buildings in Seoul, they are my main source of Through the rent from those buildings alone, I can live my life in luxury, and I have for a long time now."

So he was a building owner.

That's so cool...

"I have given your father some money every month to let you lead a good life, since he doesn't earn that much. I had first thought to give it to your father, but he had no of my offer. He probably wanted you to have it, and now that I know you a little better, I think so too."

So he was nervous for all that time of the possibility of him failing the quest, while it was this easy? The only thing he had to do was ask why he was here! Even an could do that!

Why was the reward so high when the quest was this easy? That doesn't make any sense at all!

[ Ding! ]

[ Quest Completed! ]

[ Rewarded 20 SP, 20 AP ]

[ Rewarded: Inheritance ]

[ Requirements met: ]

[ New : " Reality" Unlocked ]


"A new ;

That's good news.

He checked to see the

[ Automatic : Reality ]

{ Your appereance has broken the original flow of reality, the universe is trying to remove you, as it sees you as a defect. This will let reality tend to take it's normal course, even though you are changing it. Your impact on reality does not fall under the category of this This cannot be turned off. }

What the...

The universe was trying to remove him?

Luckily, he had the system.


What is the system?

How can it ignore the universal laws, even changing them? Such a thing shouldn't exist.

This is basically a life saver for him, since the smallest moves that he made now could already drastically change the future. This way, he still had the advantage of knowing most things that would happen in the future.

But how was it supposed to do that?

Well, he shouldn't think too much about it, such things were out of his grasp.

"I will hand the ownership rights over to you, but I'll let my secretary handle the more important matters. Since I don't think you will have enough time to do that. Don't worry, she won't do anything that is not beneficial for you, I'll introduce her to you later, she will also tell you a bit more about the business." said his grandfather.

He had no

He could receive plenty of money from those buildings through rent alone, and he didn't have to do anything for it. Isn't that amazing?

His grandpa requested that they'd go to one of his biggest buildings right now, to show what kind off "assets" he had. It was in the heart of Seoul, so they had to drive for a while.

They got into the van, and started talking more about the real estate business.

You don't normally talk with kids about that stuff, but his grandfather knew of his intelligence and maturity, which is also the reason why he trusted him this much.



His mouth was wide open, he couldn't believe what he had heard, and what he currently saw. His saliva was basically dripping out of his mouth.

He thought that his grandfather only had one or maybe even two buildings.

But he was wrong, very wrong.

He actually had four buildings! Four freaking buildings! In total, it was worth more than 10 ! That's 10 for gods sake!

If he sold it all, he could live in extreme luxury forever! He didn't want to do that though, the rent and interest received from those buildings in a month is already enough money to do everything he wants to do. It was a steady source of , which he really needed when he an idol.

And the building he was at currently, was the most expensive one out of them all, and also the biggest, highest and prettiest.

It was a high rise building, known for it's apartments and amazing view of the city. It looked very modern, and tall.

He was currently at the top floor, where the penthouse was located.

It was amazing. His grandfather showed him around, and the more rooms he looked at, the more in love he fell with it.

The apartment contained five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two living rooms, a gym, a jacuzzi, a kitchen and a lot more. And the size of them all, was just stupid. The of all of those rooms, was even more stupid

There was no way he needed this much space! But he liked it though.

Who didn't want to have a large house?

He knew he wanted to.

He liked one in


The view was just.....

He couldn't even express what he felt in words, he had never thought he would ever see such a scene. He didn't have a lot of money in his past life, so he had never seen such luxury before, aside from pictures.

His grandfather had lived here in his younger days, and he told him that he and his wife had gotten too old for it. They just wanted something simple, preferably at the countryside.

That meant that this penthouse, in the middle of Seoul, had no people living in it.

His grandfather's words directly disrupted his thinking.

" to your new home."

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