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Chapter 10 : Family Matters

Becoming A K-pop Idol

Jaemin just came out of school, still about not knowing when exactly he would get the reply from JYP. He didn't have a lot of friends at school, since he couldn't socialize with people so much mentally younger than him, which is also the reason why he was walking to his house, alone.

His and other students had tried multiple times to approach him before, but he gave them the cold shoulder.

The students had already gotten used to it, so they just looked at him from a distance, or they just ignored him.

"It should be one more week right?"

He couldn't help but count the amount of time has passed since the

His parents this past week had already told everyone in the family that he had been by JYP, including his grandparents that he had never seen, or talked to before. His aunts and uncles were very proud, they thought it was quite logical as well, regarding his looks.

But why hadn't he seen his grandfather or grandmother before?

He didn't know, it was like this in his past life as well. His dad just completely refused the idea of him going to visit them.

He had just it, he couldn't do much about it anyways. His dad had taken an absurd amount of with everything his grandfather could contact him with.

He just left it up to fate, he didn't know his grandfather, but his father must have a reason why he didn't want him to meet him.



He just bumped into a street pole, gosh. So embarassing. He should really stop day dreaming while walking.

He was very close to his house, so he decided to just run the last bit. His stamina was stupidly high, so it wasn't tiring at all.

After two minutes, he was there.

But, there was something wrong.

A completely van, was right in front of his house.

It was all , windows, wheels and everything.

Was it the secret service or something?

Was it an idol group van?

He was , so he decided to just go in his home and ignore the car for now.

He casually put his jacket on the coat rack, and walked to the living room. Because if there were visitors, they would naturally sit in the living room.

He walked in.

He saw two unfamiliar people, an old couple to be exact. They were having tea with his parents, discussing their matters quietly.

[ Ding! ]

[ Main Quest: Inheritance ]

{ Your grandparents have something that can change your life completely, making it a lot easier for you during, and after your days as an idol. They are a bit hesitant though, since they don't actually know you. Try to convince them. }

[ Time limit: 1 hour ]

[ Reward: ..?.. - 20 SP - 20 AP ]

"What?!" Jaemin's facial inmediately changed.

So they were his grandparents? He hadn't even seen them in his past life before, even when he was over twenty years old. Now, he was only fifteen, but he was currently standing face to face with them.

Moreover, they seem to have something valuable.

It should be worth a lot of money.

Idols usually have a big debt, since they don't get paid a lot in the beginning. They have to pay for all the costs etc. They will also eventually spend money for personal stuff, making the debt even bigger.

Having lots of money is convenient for everyone, for idols it's something more important.

Those points as well....

He needed those.

"Ah, you are Min-jae?" His grandfather spoke to him first.

He couldn't let them know that he already knew who they were, that seemed a little So he just acted like he was unaware of it all.

"Yes sir, and who might you be?" He did a 90 degree bow, respecting the elderly in Korea was something very normal. He also had to make a good on them, to complete that quest,

"What a handsome young lad, you have a truly beautiful child Min-seo." His grandmother had a warm smile on her face.

His looks always come in handy.

"Min-jae, we are your grandparents. My name is Kim Chung-ho, my wife's name is Lee Ae-cha. It's nice to finally meet you."

His grandfather looked more distant, he had to fix that.



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