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Chapter 6 : Unexpected Answer

Becoming A K-pop Idol

Jaemin quickly got out of bed, put on some clothes, fixed his hair and rushed downstairs.

He was too excited today.

He had waited for so long, and he had now finally gotten the chance to try to an idol again. And it was even the one for his his favorite group! The open in 2009 for JYP was only a few weeks away. Two future members of GOT7, and Jinyoung are also participating, so he absolutely had to go. He couldn't miss this oppurtunity.

He was now standing in front of the living room door, full of

The house that he lived in was quite big, which you wouldn't suspect since his family isn't even close to being rich at all. The living room was divided into two spaces, he was currently in the main space, while his parents usually sat in the other space, drinking coffee or reading magazines.

But that wasn't important.

The only thing he needed to focus on is the

He his hand on the handle.

And when he was about to open the door....

[ Ding! ]

[ Quest: Finding The Way ]

{ You have something that you want, desperately. But your parents don't agree with you. They think it's best to choose something else to desire. Try to find another ! }

[ Time limit: 2 weeks, 5 days ]

[ Reward: 20 SP ]


They don't agree with him?


In his past life, they had agreed with him!

Why is it different now?!

"Guess I'll find out..."

And he walked in.

He saw his father laying lazily on the couch. His hair was a bit messy, like he had just woken up. You could smell that he hadn't showered in a while. He hadn't noticed Jaemin coming in, and continued watching tv.

"Appa" (Korean for father) Jaemin looked a bit flustered, he hadn't even asked his , yet he already knew what the answer was. And it wasn't even a positive one. This was clearly visible on his face.

"Mmmmm? What is it son?" His father looked at him, saw his and inmediately paid more to him. He had never seen this kind of from him, so he was worried about what was going on.

"I want to ;

"For what?" His dad frowned, he seemed to know what he was going to ask.

"A K-pop group."


His father had already seen this coming from a mile away, he knew that someday, his son would come and ask him this Never had he thought it would have been so soon though. He was only fourteen years old, would he let him waste his entire childhood for just some foolish dream?


Even if he did pass the , it wasn't guaranteed he would debut. And even if he debuted, it wasn't guaranteed that he would !

The chances were simply far too low.

"You can't."

And then the arguing began....













Jaemin the door behind is back and got on his bike to go to his dance Anything was better than staying inside that house.

He was , and helpless

He didn't know what to do. He could curse and cry all he want, but it wouldn't change his parents'

He wasn't allowed to make this choice all by himself, his parents still had almost absolute control over him. His father was strongly opposed to him an idol, while his mother still considered it, but she'd rather let him go to a good university.

So they eventually decided that they wouldn't let him They thought he should focus more on his studies, find a suitable school, future , etc.

That was entirely understandable, but why didn't they even give him a chance?

Was he too young? Did they think that he couldn't make That this would be just another one of his childhood dreams?

What was he supposed to do? He couldn't do anything but about it, and that hadn't helped at all.

He told his parents that this is what he really wanted to do, he loved dancing and singing so much. Noticing his improvements in both was very thrilling, and the better he got, the more fun he had.

His dance instructor even asked him if he wanted to idol, and if so, that he should try. He believed that Jaemin had, at least, a 90% chance of a trainee for one of the big agencies.

"I'll ask my instructor for advice, maybe he knows a way."


(Instructor POV)

Lee Beom-seok was very satisfied about his new students that signed up for his , especially one in :

Kim Min-jae

Min-jae was above average in both singing and dancing, and he improves fast. His personality is also amicable, he is very social, funny and polite. On top of that, he has an adult sense of humor, the same as him, which made him like him even more. They had quickly friends, which is pretty odd since he was a lot older than him, but he noticed that speaking with Jaemin was almost the same as with his other friends.

Like he was talking to a young adult.

The thing that most people noticed about him though, is his looks.

Even he himself blushed like a little school girl when he saw Jaemin coming into his for the first time, he was literally too pretty and handsome. He was a bit jealous, who didn't want to look like that? He often made jokes with him about it.

The other girls in his were even more shocked, they tried to approach him almost everyday in every way possible. They were clearly interested in him.

If he was a girl, he would probably also want to get closer with him.

"Gosh, what am I thinking about." said the instructor while laughing.















Jaemin walked into the building where his were held, and the first person he saw was naturally his dance instructor.

1~ "Beomseok-hyung!"

2~ "Ah Jaemin-ah, you came? How did it go?" Jaemin had naturally told his instructor that he would ask his parents, cause this instructor is the only person he was close with. Making friends with kids at school who are mentally a decade younger than you is pretty hard.

He made a sad , and the instructor instantly knew what he meant.

The instructor grinned.

"Huh, why are you laughing?"

"You're in luck you little brat, I have some news for you."

Now he was suprised, did he truly have a

He hadn't even spent one hour and he had supposedly already found an alternative. That's truly lucky.

"Today, in about three hours, a will come by."

"Ohhhh! For what agency?"

"A few weeks ago it was YG, after that SM, a few smaller agencies after that. And now...."

"Tell me!"


My god, it was truly the case.

If he got , then his parents would most likely agree. Being and passing an were two entirely different things after all.

He had to give it his all, he had to get noticed, he had to get

[ Ding! ]

[ Quest Completed! ]

[ Rewarded 20 SP! ]

"This timing is perfect!"

He spent 10 SP in Dancing and Singing. He could feel the change, though he couldn't describe how it felt. It felt like some sort of a removal of the old being by the new.

"I know you want to an idol Jaemin, and I believe you can make it. So let us start practicing!"

Jaemin had come way too early to , so he and the instructor were the only ones in the He had often done this in the past few months to practice special routines and ask for pointers, or have a chat with his friend.

When Beom-seok was instructing Jaemin, he noticed something strange. Jaemin's movements were more fluid and refined. His robotic dance looked almost like an actual robot and he quickly caught up with the new routines. He also had more diversity in his dance moves which made it far more interesting to look at. He was pretty much dancing on the same level as himself when he was a teenager, if not higher. And he had danced for his whole life.

He got...


But how?

How did he get so much better in such a short amount of time?

It's only been two weeks since he last saw him!

Did he gain enlightenment or something?! Had the God of Dancing given him a blessing?!?! He remembered that at the beginning, this kid couldn't even move on the beat!

And now, the dance floor was like his backyard!

"This..." He couldn't help but stare in shock.

This brat...

What a monster.

(Current Status)


[ Kim Min-jae ]

[ Male ]

- Attributes -

Body Fitness: 20 (10)

WIllpower: 20 (10)

Flexibility: 21 (10)

Intelligence: 21 (10)

Health: 20 (10)

Appearance: MAX (10)

attribute points: 0

- Skills -

Dancing: 35 (10)

Acting: 12 (10)

Singing: 35 (10)

skill points: 0



(Referring to an older guy friend) ~ 1

(Referring to a friend younger than you, or the same age as you) ~ 2

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