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Chapter 4 : A Pretty Child

Becoming A K-pop Idol

"Hahahahahahahaha, I'm finally out!" thought Jaemin.

He was born in 1995 on January 2, in Daejeon - Korea, just like in his last life And he was a perfectly healthy baby boy

He was finally out of there.


















5 years have passed since that day.


My god.

Kim Min-jae looked at his small self in the mirror, with his mouth wide open. Every day since his birth he had looked at the mirror, it was a new habit of him. Why? Because he enjoyed looking at himself. It sounds narcissistic, and it probably is, but it's true.

No matter how much he looked at himself, this wasn't him, he couldn't even himself. How he looked right now compared to how he looked in his past life, is too much of a change. He was only five years old, and he could already be compared with super models or idols on tv or in magazines. During these years, he had invested even more points into appearance. But it came to a stop approximately a year ago because of this message...

[ Ding! ]

[ limit reached, cannot be leveled up anymore! ]

His appearance stopped at 113, and changed to MAX. this was probably the limit of the human race itself, not himself. He was just too damn pretty.

It was crazy, he knew.

But it was so, so worth it.

His hair was midnight and rested on top of his forehead. His eyes were a deep dark brown, framed by graceful brows. He had smooth, white skin, which was like a sheet of well done cloth. He had prominent, sharp cheekbones and a well-defined chin and a small nose. On top of that, his soft sharp lips were very attractive and captivating.

He was incredibly pretty and cute.

It was to the point that he blushed because of himself. To the point he was considering if he could marry himself.

His parents also looked at him differently, but they got used to it overtime. They were very happy about it, who didn't want to have a pretty child?

Luckily, he didn't get different parents, everything was still the same. His name, his house and his parents. Only he himself was different.

His childhood was basically perfect.

His time at school was naturally easy, since he had already experienced school in his last life. He even had put a few AP in his intelligence. Which resulted in him getting a better memory, and his thoughts processed faster than before. His at home was also one out of a movie. His parents loved him with all of their hearts, and they were always worried about him. They simply cared a lot for him.

That hadn't changed, luckily.

The teachers at school also treated him different compared to his last life.

Very different.

Especially the female teachers.

His grades were top notch, he had even skipped a grade, which is very rare in Korea. And he was super pretty, no wonder they looked at him specially. They treated him very well. He didn't want to skip anymore grades though, he had felt that one was enough. He still wanted to have a bit of a normal childhood after all.

His system had also changed:


[ Kim Min-jae ]

[ Male ]

- Attributes -

Body Fitness: 9 (10)

Intelligence: 21 (10)

Health: 33 (10)

Appearance: MAX (10)

attribute points: 0

- Skills -

Dancing: 6 (10)

Acting: 8 (10)

Singing: 5 (10)

skill points: 0


No wonder he wasn't good at dancing and singing, his stats were half of that from an average person.

He hadn't gotten any quests for SP, which was weird. He really wanted to upgrade those things, they were his ticket to a k-pop idol. But he had an idea on what he could do, he could try practicing, he hadn't tried that before. Probably because he was lazy, or he was doing quests to gather AP.

The system also gradually gave him less quests, and with lesser rewards. To the point that the reward was simply nothing compared to what he got in the beginning.

Like this:

[ Quest: Running Man ]

{ Go for a run for atleast 30 minutes! }

[ Reward: 0.1 AP ]

He needed to do ten of these quests to eventually get only one attribute point. And one AP had almost no effect in the later stages of upgrading attributes, at least that was the case with his apperance. His looks hadn't changed so drastically in the beginnning as in the end.

He realised that there is a long and tough road ahead of him.

And he will follow that road, until he reaches his

No matter what.

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