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Chapter 50 : Yes, Yes

Becoming A K-pop Idol

2 January 2014

Jaemin was diligently practicing his lines while his make-up got done by his newly-appointed stylists. It wasn't very comfortable, being treated like a celebrity wasn't really something you could get easily used to.

But because he was an actor, he had.

All seven of them were preparing for their first variety show together, Weekly Idol.

Weekly Idol was a show all and relevant boy and girl groups appeared on at least once. The best groups come back every year, or when they release a new album/song.

It is one of the longest-running variety shows to air on satellite TV in South Korea. It is hosted by two MC's, Jeong Hyeong-don and rapper

The main purpose of the show was to let the viewers know more about the comeback of the guests, which were in this case, GOT7.

There were a few very segments that would go viral among k-pop fans on that show, as well as more about the idols. There was the Random Dance, where the guests had to dance and follow the correct choreography to different k-pop songs.

There was the 2x Speed Dance, Profile , Magic Choreography and a lot more.

It was a very exciting and special show, and it would be the first time for GOT7 to be appearing on it. Their outfits followed the same concept as their group, a bit of a bad boy/gangster style.

Jaemin's outfit consisted of a leather jacket from , a long white t-shirt, jeans, and white Vans and also, a silver chain

The rest of the members all had something , they looked great and intimidating at first Especially Jaemin, as he was the tallest member of the group, standing at 183 centimeters tall. Just a little bit taller than Yugyeom.

He was also the most ; his high Body Fitness was the cause of this.

After their make-up and everything was done, they headed to the "white room" where the show was aired. They waited until the MC's had finished introducing the show and appeared shortly after.

They all shook hands with the MC's; what all rookie groups would've done.

[ Hyeongdon: "So everyone! How is it, appearing on Weekly Idol for the first time? ]

[ Jaebum: "It's great, we've always wanted to be here, we're a-all fans of this show s-so..." ]

[ : "You all don't have to be nervous, we don't bite." ]

They all laughed in response.

Mark and Yugyeom were a bit akward, as they hadn't really been on tv all that much. Mark was also a bit of the quiet type, so he wasn't really a fan of appearing on variety shows.

Jaemin, acting like a real leader, introduced their first album in a textbook-like manner. He didn't stutter, nor did he avoid any eye contact with the MC's.

It was something which he had to do.

His character, or his image to be more exact, was the one of a cold and cool guy. It wasn't necessarily a gangster or bad boy, but it definitely came close to that.

It didn't bother him in the least, it was actually very close to his personal temperament. Others had it way worse, especially those in girl groups. They had to act all reserved, feminine and cute. When in reality, they weren't at all like that.

The MC's noticed this fact and they subtlely took it as an opportunity to praise him,

[ : "Ya~ Jaemin, you're quite good at talking aren't you? ]

[ Jaemin: "A bit, It's jus-" ]

He was about to continue his sentence, but a popped up,

[ Ding! ]

[ Sin Detected! ]

[ Sin(s): Pride, Weak Attack ]

As the said, a great sense of self-pride welled up inside of him.

Jaemin frowned and clenched his fists, thinking, 'Fucking hell, why now?!'

To quickly get rid of it; he started bragging,

[ Jaemin: "It's just that I learned to talk so well because I have experience in acting. Moreover, I can speak multiple languages as well. ]

[ Hyeondon: "Oh, what languages can you speak?" ]

He responded proudly, "Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. So four in total. I am the smartest out of us all...." ]

Jackson looked suprised, he had no idea that Jaemin could speak Chinese. He was from Hong Kong, so he spoke a bit of Mandarin as well.

[ Hyeondon: "Oh really, are you fluent in all of them?" ]

[ Jaemin: "Yes, I could even do a freestyle rap in English if I wanted to. ]

[ : "Really?! Go ahead then!" ]

Now they were really suprised, including the members.

They had never heard him rap at all before, let alone rapping in English. Jaemin was the main vocal, not the main rapper.

Jaemin waited a bit for the beat to drop and started making up bars on the spot. It took him about ten to come up with good lines.

He asked, "Am I allowed to curse?"

[ : "You actually aren't, but we will bleep it out, so go ahead, if it isn't anything too bad at least." ]

He his hands, walked boldly upfront and said, "Ok, I'll start now."

"Huh~ Yea~"

"Yes, Yes, I got all this on me baby did you guess, guess. Met her at the club she told me that I'm the best dressed. Diamonds on me water feel like I am in the SS. Asked if I'm a savage told that bitch to take her best guess."

"Now these bitches mad, my money gigantic. Went to the jewler hit the ice like the titanic, aye."

The beat ended, and both of the MC's looked absolutely lost, as well as his members.

They couldn't even make out a single world, due to his near-native Or basically, his native way of speaking.

Only Mark, who lived in the US for a while, could make out a few words, but that was it. Koreans speak English in this weird that would make it hard for even Americans to understand, it was called Konglish.

An exampe of Konglish: Bodyguard, would be spoken as, Bo-di-ga-deu.

Complete nonsense, but it worked somehow.

Just like how he made his rap work, on Weekly Idol.

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