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Chapter 41 : Sin Detector

Becoming A K-pop Idol

"Ugh, what in the world was that all about..." Jaemin woke up grumbeling, with his head having a slight ache. He his cheeck once to get to his senses, since he was quite out of it.

[ Ding! ]

[ New Unlocked: Deadly Sin Detector! ]

{ You will face mental attacks from one, or more of the Seven Deadly Sins almost twice every week. It could however, be more, or less frequent than this. These attacks have four different ratings, Weak, Normal, Strong and Supreme. This warns you in advance which Sin(s) will show up. These attacks only come after a event that triggers it. You can partially resist through them only because your willpower is so high, but the after you have resisted it will worsen, making you extremely vulnerable, and possibly dangerous. }

'Wow, it actually created the just as he promised he would', he thought.

So, basically, he will get mind fucked softly if he received a mental attack in the Weak catogory and intensely if he received an attack in the Strong or Supreme catogory? In different ways, and probably about twice a week at that?

"That's fucked up" He already got scared just thinking about it

Image if he was in the middle of a broadcast in a variety show or some other event, and suddenly, Wrath shows up out of nowhere. How the hell was that going to look like? Would he destroy the whole set and scream at the staff, or maybe he would even beat the crap out of them?

And what if he was shopping, and had actually his wallet, and Greed shows up? Would he rob the whole store empty?

And maybe the worst out of them all, Lust....

If Lust shows up when he is with a female, and his lower body would have a

He would get , or screamed at.

He already saw it coming....


"You sex maniac!"

He shuddered for a bit, that would be his worst nightmare.

If all of this could happen, then he was in some deep shit. This was basically no different then a mental disorder, or maybe even worse than that.

There was a way out of it though, in the it clearly said he could partially resist through them since his willpower is quite high. If it was higher, he could resist through it longer.

He would have to test that out once, about how long he can endure. And how he would endure.

He decided that he must invest his AP only into willpower from now on, until it maxed out. Every bit of strength that was needed to resist these brutal attacks would probably come in handy.

But the negative side about resisting an attack, is the fact that the attack will come back stronger after he'd resisted. It would probably jump to the next rank, for example: from Weak to Normal.

So if he somehow received a Supreme attack, and resisted it....

What would it , Super Supreme?

Also, he could probably prevent these attacks if there was no event triggering any of the Deadly Sins. But that would be very hard, impossible even. Which meant that he had to endure.

How is he going to deal with this without the whole world figuring out?

It's going to be very troublesome, but if he was correct, there are ways to resist it. In ways that even the System hadn't said it could. The only bad thing about that though, was that he had no idea what those ways are, and to find out.....

He'd have to experiment.

To do that, he needed to create an event where one, or more of the Sins could show themselves, since the said that it would whenever he one. The easiest Sin would probably be Gluttony or Sloth, he just needed to eat something that he loved or go without sleep for a day.

And because of his body fitness, he could eat about as much as he wanted to. If he ate too much though, his body fitness would go lower, but he'd invest points in it again so he stayed in shape. So he didn't need to worry about that.

So he eventually came to the , that he'd try and activate Gluttony.

He walked over to his fridge in his hotel room, grabbed a cup ramen, and prepared it.

He hadn't eat anything except for two slices of bread in the morning, and it was almost midnight already. Him fainting was the reason for that, but that didn't matter.

He was hungry as hell right now, so it should show up. He already began feeling the desire to completely devour that ramen like it was nothing.

His mouth was watering while he was cooking the noodles, it was finally done.

He the ramen right in front of him, and resisted eating it. He was hungry, but he could still hold on.

He waited...

And waited...

5 minutes went by, and the Sin Detector finally gave a

[ Ding! ]

[ Sin Detected! ]

[ Sin(s): Gluttony, Weak Attack ]

"It's there!"

His stomache began rumbeling like an internal earthquake, and drool almost started dripping out of his mouth because of how much it watered.

[ Wow, so it's like this.... I hadn't thought that just a Weak attack would be so bad already. What in the world would happen when it is a Strong or Supreme attack... ]

He tried holding back at first instance, but it became harder and harder to not eat.

He knew that if he kept resisting to eat these noodles in front of him, that he'd receive a stronger attack instead, so he just dug in straight away.

He ate like Goku, swallowing all of it without even chewing more than once, and he did all that at the speed of light.

The noodles and broth that were in the pan just a minute ago was gone, there were no leftovers at all.

He was still a bit hungry, but most of it was gone, so supressing that wasn't a problem. And since he already fulfilled Gluttony, a stronger attack won't come.

In the past, he wouldn't have been able to deduce it by just reading it once, he would have had to studied it before in advance for quite some time.

So he was happy, that he still had the System, even if it did this to him.

And the other problems these Sins can cause in the future, he will them.

For sure.

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