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Chapter 36 : What Do You Feel About Me?

My Obsession

The moment when Yang Tian-Xu slowly slides Wang Yi-An down to a lower height; her feet remains off the ground. She was still in his embrace and slowly, he could feel his heart beating swiftly. Yang Tian-Xu felt like his heart would jump out of his chest, his face was flushed red. Yang Tian-Xu stared into Wang Yi-An's eyes.

On the other hand, Wang Yi-An was embarrassed about her weight, as she thought to herself, "Perhaps, I'm so heavy that he can't seem to hold on to me properly?" Wang Yi-An knew she was a bit heavier than most people her age or height. At five feet nothing, she was considered to be quite fit, however. Her breast was full and round.

Yang Tian-Xu could feel the fullness of her breast as she was press onto his body. Wang Yi-An didn't notice it and was only concern about her weight. Yang Tian-Xu's face was boiling red because he could feel her breast pressed on to his chest. The feeling had aroused his desire for her.

However, Wang Yi-An still thinks that it was her weight that causes his face to turn red, and so Wang Yi-An told him, "I got the ink supply now. President Yang, you can let me down."

Yang Tian-Xu couldn't possibly let her go just yet. In fact, he wanted to hold onto her longer; much longer. In Yang Tian-Xu's mind, he tried to keep her like this forever.

Just like this…

Yang Tian-Xu thought that if he needed to die now; he would still feel like he would be the happiest ever. He wanted her to remain in his arms. "Isn't there anything else you'll need?" He asked, hoping that he could hold on to her for a few longer.

"Nope…" she answered, "You can put me down now." Wang Yi-An felt a bit about her weight. Wang Yi-An can only look away from Yang Tian-Xu's stares because she was too embarrassed.

While Wang Yi-An was concern about her weight; Yang Tian-Xu felt like he was in heaven. When Wang Yi-An thought that perhaps she had lost her once before, President Yang probably wanted to make sure she was safe before he let her down.

However, it would never cross her mind that the reason why Yang Tian-Xu refused to let her go was that he wanted to remain like this. Yang Tian-Xu wanted to stay this way until the day he dies, and so he asked her once more, "Are you sure you don't need anything else up there?"

Wang Yi-An shook her head, "No." Nevertheless, Yang Tian-Xu had no other choice but to slide her down lower slowly; her feet finally touch the ground. Their bodies weren't as pressed upon each other anymore. However, his arms remained around her waist.

It was a short moment when Wang Yi-An and Yang Tian-Xu stared at each others' eyes. Yang Tian-Xu couldn't help but be captivated by her eyes. If he could, Yang Tian-Xu would want to spend the rest of his life; looking into her eyes endlessly.

At the moment as he stared into her eyes. Yang Tian-Xu couldn't help himself anymore, as he leans in closer and closer to her face. The distance between his lips and hers was so close, that only if he could lean in just a few inches closer, his lips could have touch hers.

Just as Yang Tian-Xu continued to close in on her, Wang Yi-An was feeling a bit "President Yang!" she cried out as she closed her eyes, "You're getting to close to my face!"

When Yang Tian-Xu heard her voices, Yang Tian-Xu finally snapped out of his "Sorry… Um… There was something in your eyes!" he lied. Yang Tian-Xu felt the need for his because he can't possibly bring out the courage to tell her the truth. The truth was that he wanted to kiss her.

Yang Tian-Xu is a coward, the fear of overwhelmed him. It was a good thing that Yang Tian-Xu was quick at thinking on his feet. Yang Tian-Xu had hidden his for her well.

The excuse made Wang Yi-An felt like it was reasonable for him to stared at her weirdly, and so she rubbed her eyes. "Is it still there?" She asked him, and Wang Yi-An has a lovely voice. It sounded a bit childlike, but it was innocent and beautiful to Yang Tian-Xu's ears.

Yang Tian-Xu quickly grabbed on to one of her hand to stop her from rubbing her eyes. "Don't!" He said out loud, and his voice was deep but soothing. "It's bad for your eyes if you rub them too much."

"Right…" Wang Yi-An agrees with him. Nevertheless, for Wang Yi-An having something in her eyes that she can't see; it bothered her. "Is it gone?"

"Not yet!" he said as he took both of his hands to hold her head. He looked deep into her eyes, and of course, she would stare right back at him. Yang Tian-Xu doesn't know if he was ready to confess his love yet; but for sure, he only wants to look into her eyes this way.

"President?" Wang Yi-An was feeling impatient. Her thoughts were all about the thing he said he saw in her eyes. "Is it gone yet?"

Yang Tian-Xu knew that if he confesses now. He'll surely get rejected. He can't let that happen. And so he told her, "It's gone." And he let go of her, and then finally he distanced himself from her. Yang Tian-Xu turned around to face away from her. Wang Yi-An would thank him for his help, but for a he didn't give her a response.

From the look in her eyes, he knew that to her; he was nothing more than just her boss. Perhaps even worst, nothing more than a co-worker? In her eyes, he felt that she has no feelings for him. However, in his eyes, she was the only one that can make his heart feels tight, and it slowly suffocating him inside.

While Yang Tian-Xu was deep into his thoughts, "Wang Yi-An, just what do you feel about me?" he blurted.

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