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Chapter 31 : Can You Give Me Some More?

My Obsession

Although, Lee Yin-Yin's performance was good, however inside Tong Yue-Yan's eyes. She was nothing more than just a singer. At times, Tong Yue-Yan would look over to Yang Tian-Xu side and notices that he had been food on Wang Yi-An's

Tong Yue-Yan never thought that there was anything more to it, and only believed that Yang Tian-Xu was nice towards his employee. After all, Yang Corp was voted as the best employer of the year.

Tong Yue-Yan thought that perhaps he was trying to show this new intern why Yang Corp is the best to be employed. Of course, Tong Yue-Yan didn't want to miss this chance to show her "Future Mrs Yang"

And so she had used her public chopstick to take a piece of fried chicken and it in Wang Yi-An's bowl as well. "Here try this one as well, the favours are very ;

"Thank you very much, Miss Tong." Wang Yi-An sincerely thanked her and the food in her mouth to eat. Yang Tian-Xu would frown his brows, he wanted her to eat only the food that he picked for her. So then he said to Wang Yi-An, "Here try some of these as well." As he more food for her to eat.

"Thank you, President Yang! You are all very kind! Here why don't you have some of these too." Wang Yi-An said with a smile on her face, as she picked some food with her private chopsticks for both Yang Tian-Xu and Tong Yue-Yan.

Wang Yi-An clearly does not know what the difference between a Public chopstick and a Private chopstick.

Wang Yi-An was born in a single family home. Her mother wasn't wealthy, how could Wang Yi-An know that there is a difference.

At home Wang Yi-An and her mother would use just one kind of chopstick, she never has a public chopstick there was no such thing as family etiquettes when she's with her mother.

They would take food from each other and feed them directly into each other's mouths. Wang Yi-An was raised like that at her home, and it shows it out in her table manners.

However, for these wealthy families. Public chopsticks would be the ones where they use to pick foods on the dishes and on their own , and then they would take their private chopsticks and use it to foods in their mouths.

Tong Yue-Yan wasn't so happy, and find that it was disgusting of her to do so, and so Tong Yue-Yan wouldn't even touch the food given by Wang Yi-An, and she would merely push the away.

However, as for Yang Tian-Xu, he smiled as he took the food and it in his mouth and smiled. "This one tasted ; He chews and smiled as he continues to eat, and wanted her to take more food for him. "Can you give me some more?"

"Ah, sure. You want these ones?" She asked, and he would nod, and then she would still continue to use her own private chopsticks to take some food and it in Yang Tian-Xu's bowl. Tong Yue-Yan felt disgusted by it, and could only shake her head and told her, "Don't you know how to use a public chopstick? You're feeding everyone your saliva."

Wang Yi-An looked at everyone and finally notices that people are taking food with another pair of chopsticks. "Oh, sorry, I didn't know we have to use a separate pair of chopsticks." Wang Yi-An felt embarrassed. However, Yang Tian-Xu didn't mind. In fact, he was happy to eat her saliva.

Yang Tian-Xu felt like he had an indirect kiss with her, so he speaks up, "It's okay, you don't have to be so formal with me. I don't mind if you used your private chopstick. Just eat comfortably."

How can anyone else after hearing Yang Tian-Xu said those words. Yang Tian-Xu is a man of high , born and raised in a wealthy powerhouse. The Yang family was all about table manners and etiquettes.

Yang Tian-Xu continues to use his public chopsticks to take some food and it on a separate for Wang Yi-An to take from.

Yang Tian-Xu acted like he was helping her taking food from far away and it closer to Wang Yi-An. However, Yang Tian-Xu was personally afraid that she'll share her saliva with the rest of them and wanted her all to himself.

"However, it's better for these guys if you use a public chopstick, or better I'll take some food for you. How about it? Here, let me the food closer to you here, so you don't have to worry about public chopstick or private chopstick with the rest of them." Said Yang Tian-Xu as he more food on her

"Thank you, President Yang! You are indeed a kind boss!" Wang Yi-An smiled at him and continues to use her own private chopstick to pick the food off the separator

Yang Tian-Xu had taken a lot of food, she couldn't possibly finish it herself, so she grabbed some food and it in his bowl. "President Yang, you have given me too much food, I can't possibly finish them all."

"Oh?" Yang Tian-Xu let out a smirk, and said, "How about we share them together."

Jin Qi-Long and Assistant Tseng could both feel the goosebumps on their skins as they watch the on Yang Tian-Xu's face. Yang Tian-Xu was happy, and he couldn't be any more delighted that he is sharing food with Wang Yi-An.

Yang Tian-Xu and Wang Yi-An would exchange food into each other's bowl. However, this did not make Tong Yue-Yan or Lee Yin-Yin jealous.

All they thought was that perhaps Wang Yi-An is very closed to Yang Tian-Xu, or because she is his intern that he was so nice to her? And so they thought that perhaps Wang Yi-An is their key to get closer to Yang Tian-Xu.

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