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Chapter 29 : Don't Go!

My Obsession

Yang Tian-Xu could never allow her to call Jin Qi-Long by his first name. No, how could he ever like her call anyone else by their first name, while she's calling him President Yang? Yang Tian-Xu felt ashamed at his own jealousy, and he thought to himself, "When did I so pitiful?"

Even though Yang Tian-Xu can frustrate about it, however, it only made sense for Wang Yi-An because she is an employee at Yang Corps, and she is not close to Jin Qi-Long. Wang Yi-An still prefers to address Jin Qi-Long as Mr Jin. Yang Tian-Xu gave Jin Qi-Long a stare, and Jin Qi-Long would give out a smirk.

"Okay, how about we go to a nice restaurant?" said Jin Qi-Long as he finally leads them out to his mini-van. The van is large and can fit everyone. Lee Yin-Yin tried to stick close to Yang Tian-Xu. Meanwhile, Tong Yue-Yan attempted to do the same. They can sense each other threats and stare at each other in the eyes vigorously.

Assistant Tseng must have been the only one that can feel the intensity, as he offered his seat in the back to sit in the front role with the driver! And then so the two girls started to fight over who can sit next to Yang Tian-Xu.

"It is only right for me to sit next to Tian-Xu, after all, I have a lot to tell Tian-Xu when I visited Ye-Ye today." Said Tong Yue-Yan.

"I just sighed the contract with both Yang Corps and Faithful Gold Enterprise, and it is only right for me to sit with them." Said Lee Yin-Yin as she told her manager to show her the contracts.

Jin Qi-Long could only sigh and thought, "Oh lord, why is it that everyone is always after Yang Tian-Xu? Am I that bad compared to him?" and so he went ahead and changed his seat, and instead of sitting with Yang Tian-Xu he went to the backseats to sit with Wang Yi-An.

How could Yang Tian-Xu let those two be together at the back? Yang Tian-Xu was twice annoyed and irritated as he shouted at them. "You two can sit in the first row yourselves!" and he went in the back to sit with Wang Yi-An.

Wang Yi-An was already inside the back row seats, and with Jin Qi-Long sitting there, he could only tell him to move. "Move it!" he demands as he pushed out Jin Qi-Long to finally sit beside Wang Yi-An.

"What? I was getting comfortable!" he cried, even though he knew Yang Tian-Xu was jealous. He smiled and couldn't believe how childish Yang Tian-Xu can be. He thought to himself, "When have Tian-Xu ever been this cute?"

"I don't want you to have a chance to harass her sexually." He said out loud. Assistant Tseng thought it would be better if he can cover for the President, as he laughed out awkwardly, "Ha, ha, President Yang really likes to protect his employees!" Assistant Tseng prefers not to have to deal with Tong Yue-Yan's or Lee Yin-Yin's jealousy, after all. It is only better for Wang Yi-An if they don't find out that President Yang has a crush on his intern.

The entire ride to the restaurant was overall awkward, with Tong Yue-Yan and Lee Yin-Yin and her manager sitting in the first row. It can feel like they were at each other. While Wang Yi-An, Yang Tian-Xu and Jin Qi-Long were in the back row seat, you can feel the heated jealously of Yang Tian-Xu whenever Jin Qi-Long would ask Wang Yi-An some

Of course, Wang Yi-An doesn't like to engage in a with anyone. She answers a simple, yes or no. And then Wang Yi-An would say, "Excuse me." And so she would pull out her sketchbooks again, as she draws the scenery that passed by.

Yang Tian-Xu was watching her as she was drawing, and he was amazed at how incredibly talented she is. He let out his smile the entire ride as he thought to himself, "If only I can hold you know, that would be the best thing that ever happens to me." Yet, how could he? Yang Tian-Xu's heart started to beat rapidly, and it was like he couldn't breathe, however, without her he felt like he won't be able to go on.

After a short 10-minute ride to the restaurant. They all stepped out of the mini-van. Jin Qi-Long had taken them to a famous and expensive restaurant call, Seasons. Yang Tian-Xu and Jin Qi-Long are both VIP members of this restaurant, and they frequently hold parties and events at this fancy As they walked in, they were by the staff members of the restaurant and was lead to a private room.

The looks enormous and grand, and it seemed as if the site can be used as a wedding banquet hall. They went into the private room, and there would be a large enough table to fit everyone. Tong Yue-Yan and Lee Yin-Yin both wanted to sit next to Yang Tian-Xu, so they told him to come to take a seat with them.

Yang Tian-Xu was annoyed by the two, and the moment when Wang Yi-An sat down, Yang Tian-Xu would sit next to her, and Assistant Tseng would immediately sit on his other side, making Yang Tian-Xu be in the middle. Assistant Tseng said, "It better if we Yang Corps member stays together."

The table was round, and it did not matter where anyone sits however Tong Yue-Yan was mad that she could not sit next to Yang Tian-Xu and so she asked Wang Yi-An to switch seats with her. However, how could Yang Tian-Xu let her leave? As Wang Yi-An got up, he held on to her hand. "Don't go."

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