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Chapter 26 : It's Okay, I Would Wait...

My Obsession

It was in the week of May, and May is the month where the temperature is starting to rise. It might still be spring, but the summer's heat is getting to the citizen in the Country.

It was also the time when hot supermodels would dress in shorts or summer dresses. Perhaps this is the reason why all the men at Yang Corps were so excited.

Today is the day when the famous singer, Lee Yin-Yin was to come by to sign the contract as the spoke-person for Faithful Gold Enterprise's new perfume, Grace.

Faithful Gold Enterprise was owned by Yang Tian-Xu's friend, Jin Qi-Long. He is an extreme fan of Lee Yin-Yin. It's like he was devoted to her his entire life.

His company had offered her a lot of money, but her only request to be able to come to Yang Corps to sign the contract. She said wanted to see the design for the packaging for the perfume.

This is the week of Wang Yi-An's internship. Nothing could excite Wang Yi-An as much as finally getting her hands on a big project. She can do anything art From designing a logo and packaging designs to animating the entire rough draft of the commercial.

Her work requires a lot of time, with a deadline. She needs to work closely with her supervisor, Yang Tian-Xu. As well as the client, Jin Qi-Long and the model: Lee Yin-Yin. They were to meet up and come up with a commercial that they all can agree on. Wang Yi-An was just there to take notes for Yang Tian-Xu and make the rough drafts.

Lee Yin-Yin was not only famous, but she also has a wealthy family background. The way she walked was like a princess. She was wearing a beautiful long summer dress. Lee Yin-Yin has and long slender legs.

The bottom of part of the skirt was a bit see-through were you can catch a glimpse of her beautiful legs. It has a floral design with light pink and yellow flowers that match well with the spring or summer. With confident and beauty as she walked, every man that sees her would take a look, or stares at her like the abyss.

The greeted her, and the elevator girl felt ashamed to be standing next to her. She refrains herself from asking for her autograph. As soon as she got off, she was greeted by Jin Qi-Long who got there early in the morning just to her. The contract signing and were at 10 AM, yet this guy got here at 8 AM.

"Miss Lee!" He happily greeted her. The time was 9:58 AM. "It is such a pleasure to be meeting you, and having an opportunity to be working with you." He said as he reaches out a hand to shake with hers.

"And you are?" she said as she reluctantly reaches out her hand to shake his.

"Oh, I am the owner of Faithful Gold Enterprise. Jin Qi-Long." He said.

"Oh… I heard you are Yang Tian-Xu's best friend."

He laughed and replied, "Yes, I am his best friend. We are also partners."

"Hmm…" She nodded her head, she didn't seem to impress by Jin Qi-Long. She only cared about his with Yang Tian-Xu. Of course, she heard about them being good friends, and about how well they partner up in the business industry.

If Jin Qi-Long was known to be the best young entrepreneur. Than perhaps Yang Tian-Xu would be the number one. Why go for the best when you can aim for the best? Yang Tian-Xu was even featured in the World's hottest and talented Young Entrepreneur of the country.

It's not like Jin Qi-Long wasn't an attractive man, however, if you were to compare the two. Yang Tian-Xu was a tiny bit taller, and have a more distinctive facial feature. The two family was somewhat equal, yet. Yang Tian-Xu was more regarding business. The Jin Family couldn't really be compared to the Yang family, after all. The Yang Family has more in the business industry.

It was more what the differences between them were when Yang Tian-Xu walked over to greet them, and you could see the difference in their looks, heights and persona. As the two stood side by side. Lee Yin-Yin seems to be only looking at Yang Tian-Xu.

The apparent treatment she gave to Yang Tian-Xu compared to how she treated Jin Qi-Long was like Heaven and Earth. Everyone in the office could tell. This famous singer/actress/model has a thing for their President Yang. Then again of course who wouldn't?

Just as they were about to be led to the meeting room, the elevator door open up with a chime. As Wang Yi-An quickly rushes out with heavy breathing. "I'm so sorry I'm late!" She said as she rushes over and bows down.

"It's okay. You're not that late, it's only 9:58 AM," he said. "I would wait for you no matter how long you need."

The entire office was in shock to hear their President Yang said that. Generally, if they aren't in time for at least 10 min earlier. He would have been irritated. Yet here he said, "Its okay." Wang Yi-An was almost two hours late for work.

The thoughts that ran through everyone's mind was, "Is this even our President?"

Jin Qi-Long was shocked he couldn't believe his eyes. "This is the An-An…?" he thought to himself. He looked at her up and down, and still. "What the hell…?" he turned to look at Assistant Tseng and pointed as he'd mouth-out the words without a sound. "Is that her?" Then, Assistant Tseng would nod.

Wang Yi-An was a bit sweaty from the panic and running. She saw Jin Qi-Long and Lee Yin-Yin; she wiped the sweat off her hands and offered it out to shake theirs. But none of them reciprocates and completely ignored her.

Her hand was still in the air, and as she looked at her own hand, she wondered… Is my hand still sweaty? Yang Tian-Xu quickly grabbed at her hand and pulled her towards him. "Come on, let's not waste any time."

He his hands on her shoulders and led her into the meeting room. They closed the door and sat down in their respected seat.

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