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Chapter 22 : Failure is The Mother of Success?

My Obsession

"Boss, don't tell me you're…" Assistant Tseng had worked for Yang Tian-Xu for a long time. He notices the changes in President Yang's mood. Assistant Tseng thought to himself, "Maybe I am wrong… Maybe it's someone else."

And so Assistant Tseng just had to ask, even when he thinks he knew the answer. "President Yang, just...Who are you in love with?" He inquired.

Yang Tian-Xu looked outside the window for a brief moment and looked straight into Assistant Tseng's eyes, and with a voice loud enough for him to hear, he said. "Wang Yi-An."

Assistant Tseng's eyes pop out wide open, his mouth dropped, and he thought to himself. "Did I hear that right…"? Then he shouted, "Wang Yi-An!?" Yang Tian-Xu jumped, and he hurried to cover up Assistant Tseng's mouth as he hushes him.

"Shhhh… You are too loud!" He whispered, he looked outside to make sure that the people outside haven't heard anything, as he slowly removed his hand from Assistant Tseng's mouth. And so Assistant Tseng lowered his voice and whispered back, "Wang… Wang Yi-An?"

Yang Tian-Xu nodded, he sighed and looked back outside to watch Wang Yi-An as her focus glued to the screen. Then he sighed again, and turned back and asked Assistant Tseng, "Tell me how can I get her to fall in love with me?"

Assistant Tseng was shocked and said, "Boss… Why are you asking that?" Assistant Tseng couldn't believe what he had heard from his President.

Yang Tian-Xu is the company's president! How could he have such low self-esteem when it comes to an intern? What is so great about Wang Yi-An that makes our President Yang Tian-Xu such a… Girl?

Yang Corps is a busy company, and Assistant Tseng has no time to wonder about his boss love's affair. Yang Tian-Xu was also working as well, and he had to prepare his documents for the board meeting today. Everyone in the office was busy.

However, it doesn't mean that Assistant Tseng can't take a at Wang Yi-An and wonder, "What is so great about her?" He thought to himself, "Miss Tong is so much prettier. Not only that, but she's also the Mayor's daughter from city A…" Assistant Tseng may have a reasons why Tong Yue-Yan would be a better choice to be the President's bride. However, Yang Tian-Xu is dead set on Wang Yi-An.

No matter how busy Yang Tian-Xu maybe, he made sure that every day at 12:00 PM he would ask Wang Yi-An "Would you like to go for lunch?" Of course, she would reject him and told him she had already brought lunch. And again, every day at 5:00 PM he would ask Wang Yi-An "Would you like a ride home?" Again, she would reject him, saying that she can get home herself.

Assistant Tseng could not believe what he had witnessed and could only shake his head to pity his president. Assistant Tseng ponders about Yang Tian-Xu's taste in women, everyday Assistant Tseng would see the look on Yang Tian-Xu's face as she rejects him for lunch, and a ride home, if anyone in the building finds out. They would be the one to be jealous. Heck, even Assistant Tseng himself is jealous.

Meanwhile, Tong Yue-Yan was feeling in a new low after she was mistreated by Yang Tian-Xu. His cold attitude towards her made her sad, and Tong Yue-Yan had liked him ever since she was nine years old. She remembered that he had given her a music box. She would always bring it with her on her travels.

Yang Tian-Xu was only three years older than her, so she felt like she matches with him well. Tong Yue-Yan believed that no one could look as good as she could when she stood side by side with Yang Tian-Xu. However, he was angry with her that day, and it was all Wang Yi-An's fault!

Tong Yue-Yan was so angry about it that she had even asked Assistant Tseng for her name. Tong Yue-Yan would remember it for sure, and the next time. She wouldn't be so kind to her! Tong Yue-Yan lays in bed all day feeling depressed about the incident with Yang Tian-Xu.

However, Tong Yue-Yan's aunt told her, "You don't need to win his heart. Yang Tian-Xu is a filial man; if you get Grandfather Yang to like you, and make Grandfather Yang want you as his grand-daughter-in-law, he won't have a say in it!" Tong Yue-Yan listened to her aunt's advice and nodded in agreement.

And so every single day, she and her driver went to visit Grandfather Yang for about an hour or two, and she would tell him just how much she admired Grandfather Yang and wanted to hear more of the Yang family heroic stories.

Of course, the man was happy to get visitors. Grandfather Yang her with open arms, she visited him quite , even on the weekends; when Yang Tian-Xu came to visit his grandfather, he would see her there.

Friday was when Yang Tian-Xu and his parents would come to visit Grandfather Yang, and so they could stay for the weekends. Yang Tian-Xu was not happy to see Tong Yue-Yan. However, his parents were delighted to have found out that she would visit Grandfather Yang every day.

At 7:30 PM, Grandfather Yang requested for her to stay for dinner, and after they had their meals, Yang Tian-Xu and his grandfather went to have a chat together in their family garden. This time he his thoughts to Yang Tian-Xu.

"Tian-Xu, Ye-Ye is getting older now. If you can't find a woman suitable enough, you should really consider Yue-Yan." He said while they were sitting under a Chinese gazebo. Surrounding them was a beautiful scenery like that of an imperial

Yang Tian-Xu might be a filial child, and however, when it comes to who he should marry, he was dead-set on Wang Yi-An. However, how could he tell his grandfather that it was still only a crush? He wanted to say to his grandfather that he already has someone he likes, however, they were rudely interrupted by Tong Yue-Yan as she brings them over some fruits.

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