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Chapter 16 : Karma's A B*tch...

My Obsession

The feeling of contentment and happiness filled him with every bite he takes, her homemade lunch suit his taste very much. Even if her food tastes awful, he will continue to eat every bit of it! Perhaps his love for her had made his taste buds crass?

At times Wang Yi-An would take a spoonful from her meal, then she would divert all her back into the computer. Yang Tian-Xu told her, "You don't have to work so hard. Finish your meal first." She would say one word to him. "Later." Wang Yi-An's focus remains on the computer screen.

Yang Tian-Xu felt like crying as he thought to himself, "How can you treat me like this? I'm your boss! I am the Yang Corps President!" However, he could only remain his cool, and just smile back and said, "Don't overwork yourself. You should take better care of your health."

Wang Yi-An nodded, "HM!" And then she stops for two minutes and swallows her whole lunch. Yang Tian-Xu cannot believe how fast this girl can eat! It takes her to finish her meal.

Then she said, "Done!" Then went straight back to the computer. If Yang Tian-Xu can use an emoji to express his feeling, a sweating-grin face emoji would be the best one.

Nevertheless, he was still happy and contented to be able to enjoy the meal with her. He enjoys every bite he takes slowly, as he sneaks at her from time to time.

The new designs she made was a total makeover. Because the container design seems to her view, no matter how much time she tried to change it, she can't seem to be satisfied.

She thought of having the design remade utterly, it became heart-shape teardrop, with a hollow centre. In the centre, she would a beautiful gemstone in it to give it more elegant beauty.

Then, she wasn't sure if the client would like to have their idea redesign entirely. So she made another design. By using the old one she had the wings resized, they were , and gave to the crease, to make them pop-up, looking like actual wings.

This time the wings on the bottle seems much better. The rounded bottle-shape container looks terrible to Wang Yi-An, and so Wang Yi-An had changed it into a cylinder instead, still keeping the pattern.

Just like that, she had spent most of her time working; she wouldn't notice that Yang Tian-Xu would look at her the entire time as she worked.

Wang Yi-An has another talent, and perhaps it was with the aid of her photographic memory. However, she could easily reach out her hand and take her water bottle and guzzle it down without her eyes remove from the screen.

"That must be some kind of talent!" he thought to himself. "Girl, you need to take a break!" However, everything he wanted to say he can't tell. He doesn't want to make her hate him. He wanted her to like him. So he stood there silently by her side.

If Yang Tian-Xu believed in karma, this is perhaps his punishment. After all, he used to be the one to ignore others. He used to be the one who never pays to anybody else.

Yang Tian-Xu was the only child and used to having everything given to him on a silver And because of his good looks; he would receive everywhere he goes. This cold treatment he received from Wang Yi-An would be a type of punishment and a test of his patient.

The was quiet as it remains the just the two of them. The other staff in this had all gone out for lunch. Another reason why Yang corps was voted as one of the best company to work for, was because employees would have a paid two-hour lunch break.

The rest of the staff in the had all gone for lunch, leaving only the two of them, just until Assistant Tseng came back in.

Assistant Tseng had finally come back after he spent three hours trying to console Tong Yue-Yan. He spent the three hours defending Yang Tian-Xu's cold attitude towards her, or anyone.

Assistant Tseng reassures her that, "President Yang has always been a very strict and President. He has been stress lately because he has to do both the work of a CEO and a GM (General Manager). Please don't take everything he says to heart!"

It was the Vice-President's job to find a for the However, Vice-President Ma has been a good friend of Yang Tian-Xu's father; and so he could only be picky about who he should promote to the GM

They could only rely on Yang Tian-Xu's help until they do find one, and so Assistant Tseng about how much work he has as well, and so Tong Yue-Yan understands his reasoning, she felt better and left the moment her driver came back to pick her up. Assistant Tseng bid her fair well, as he personally sent her in her ride home.

The moment when Assistant Tseng finally came back, as he steps in, he could smell the food. As he walked further down, he saw Yang Tian-Xu sitting across from Wang Yi-An eating a shared lunch box together.

His face dropped. He couldn't believe his eyes. He thought to himself, "What in the world is going on?" he froze. He couldn't even take another step closer! He stood still, and it was like he was having a stroke!

Yang Tian-Xu is actually having his lunch at work, at a working , with an intern. Assistant Tseng knew just how much President Yang hated that people do it and always tell them that it is not suitable for their health. Right now at this moment, he saw it with his own eyes.

After he pulls himself together, he called out "President Yang!" and so he came and reported to him, "I have sent Miss Tong home."

Yang Tian-Xu heard Assistant Tseng's voice and turned to look. "Hey, you're back early."

"Early?" He was shocked and thought "Boss I have been away for over three hours…"

Yang Tian-Xu still doesn't seem to care about how long Assistant Tseng had been away. "Okay, you can go into my office and take the documents I had already sign and sent them off to their department." He demands.

"Yes, sir!" he replied instantaneously. Assistant Tseng, never minded President Yang's cold attitude, because he has always been that way.

Assistant Tseng passes by them and into the office, but before he went inside, he twisted around to sneak a peek at them and saw the empty lunch box.

There was one last bite before Yang Tian-Xu finished it up. However, he was reluctant to finish it, on the other hand. Wang Yi-An had already completed her share long ago. She was about to put the empty lunch box away, but saw Yang Tian-Xu still unfinished she said, "It's okay if you can't finish it."

"Oh, I will! Your cooking is very ; He said, as he quickly takes the last bite in his mouth. His was like a child that doesn't want his favourite toy to be taken from him. He smiled as he chewed, and swallowed. "Thanks for the meal." He said as he smiled at her again.

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