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Chapter 13 : Speak to me.

My Obsession

"Hello Miss Tong, it is so nice to finally meet you. You look prettier in person!" Assistant Tseng hoped that he could break the ice, and calm the intensity in the air. But, Tong Yue-Yan remain the same.

She looked sad and seemed as if she could break out crying. Tong Yue-Yan felt sad, and as she compressed her lips together, she looked away from them. Tong Yue-Yan was trying to control her

Yang Tian-Xu was unaffected by Tong Yue-Yan's , and shoot a look at Assistant Tseng and demands, "You brought the card?"

Assistant Tseng nodded his head. "Yes, sir!" Then he rushed over to the desk and give the card to him. Assistant Tseng looked over at Tong Yue-Yan and saw her wiping her tears. He thought, "Oh, how could anyone still look this pretty when they cry?"

Assistant Tseng has worked for Yang Tian-Xu for so long, that he the guy would make countless girls cry.

Nevertheless, Assistant Tseng thinks to himself, "Why did Miss Tong cry? I'm sure he had said something mean to her…" Although he moves on from his thoughts, he could never pry into their business.

Tong Yue-Yan was apparently trying to contain her tears, but how could an heiress like her take the verbal abuses? She determined not to construct a sound, and she knew that Yang Tian-Xu wasn't even paying to her. Was she really that worthless to him? Does he hate her so much that he refused to look at her?

"You may leave now." With insensitivity, he told Assistant Tseng, "Also show Miss Tong her way out," Tong Yue-Yan was depressed, how could he treat her so poorly? Then just as they were about to leave, he called out, "Wait!"

Assistant Tseng first thought he must want to apologise to Miss Tong. "Yes, boss?" He asked as he stopped himself from opening the door.

Tong Yue-Yan had thought that perhaps Yang Tian-Xu had changed his mind and wanted her to stay with him. Nevertheless, he demanded. "Can you tell An-An to come to visit me in my office?"

Assistant Tseng was , as he thought to himself, "Can't you see Miss Tong's eyes? It's bright red. She still has tears in the nook of her eyes!" However, he could only obediently nod and said, "Of course, sir, I will pass along the message." And so he forcefully let a smile out and opened up the doorway.

Tong Yue-Yan heard and thought to herself, "That girl must be in trouble now! How dare she send me just so I can make a fool of myself in front of Yang Tian-Xu?" Tong Yue-Yan wish she could stick around to see him yell at her! That would have made her feel a lot better after being called, "stupid" by Yang Tian-Xu. She wanted him to like her, but now that she angered him; this possibility seems distant.

Assistant Tseng opened the door for Tong Yue-Yan. The two of them walked out of the office, and Assistant Tseng calls Wang Yi-An, "Little An, President Yang would like to speak to you."

"Okay!" She said and got up from her seat. Exactly when Tong Yue-Yan and Wang Yi-An passed by each other, Tong Yue-Yan looked at her with contempt.

Wang Yi-An could sense the arrogance in her ; Wang Yi-An saw her eyes and could tell that she had cried. Her eyes were all red and swollen. All the same, she wasn't the one who wish to pry. So Wang Yi-An could only let out a gentle and smile.

However, Tong Yue-Yan thought that she was mocking her, and she did not see the concern and care that Wang Yi-An was trying to express through her smile.

Assistant Tseng walked passed her and whispered into her ears, "Boss seems to be in a bad mood right now, so be careful okay? He might be spiteful, but don't mind him. He has been a bit irritating lately."

Tseng Kuan-Yin is a decent man, he likes to take care of newbies as much as he could. At often times he could feel something odd with President Yang and warn others about it.

Wang Yi-An nodded, and persist in silence. She knocked on the door lightly. "Come in," he called out from inside.

Wang Yi-An opens the door, and as she walked in Yang Tian-Xu gave her a gentle smile. Wang Yi-An did not say a word and headed towards the desk. Yang Tian-Xu got up from his seat and went over to move a chair back for her. "Here, take a seat."

Meanwhile, Assistant Tseng would turn his head to Tong Yue-Yan and told her, "I'm sorry for the trouble. The workload had made him irritable lately. I hope you can understand his reasons."

Tong Yue-Yan was an understandable girl after she heard him defended Yang Tian-Xu. She no longer felt the agony and smiled at Assistant Tseng, "Thank you for letting me know."

Outside the office, Tong Yue-Yan had her front facing toward Assistant, as they engaged in their about Yang Tian-Xu's and his busy schedule. Tong Yue-Yan had her back towards the office, but Assistant Tseng however, could look inside from the window.

He became confused and thought, "Did I just saw that right? The boss pulled a chair for an intern?" He was dumbfounded indeed and thought, "Wasn't he in an angry-mood just now?"

How could Assistant Tseng know the reason why Yang Tian-Xu had been aggravated for the past two weeks was caused by Wang Yi-An?

Tong Yue-Yan was busy listening to Assistant Tseng, also with her back facing the window, she could not see that Yang Tian-Xu had moved a chair back for Wang Yi-An.

Perhaps it would be a good thing she didn't see him expressing his smile and concern towards Wang Yi-An. Tong Yue-Yan just assumed that Wang Yi-An would be receiving a good berating

, there was no way Yang Tian-Xu could berate her. Wang Yi-An saw his smiles, her and thought to herself, "What is he smiling about? Did he have a good time with his girlfriend? Why was she crying so much? Maybe she didn't want to part with him?" She was unpledged and and thought, "Oh well, not my problem!"

Wang Yi-An went over to sit down and ask him. "You needed me for something?" She asked as she her focus on her

"Yes, here is your new card." He said as he handed it to her. He didn't return to his desk and stood by her as she sits in the chair. He wanted to be as close to her as possible.

"Thanks," she reached out her hand to it.

"Were you told about how to use it?" He asked, showing his concern for her.

"Yes." She nodded and inquired. "Can I start work now?" Wang Yi-An had been feeling unproductive since the in her agenda.

The agenda she had set up in her email was a schedule sent to by Mr Han. If she were still with Mr Han, the interns would be extended to a photo-shoot right around now. However, she sat at a desk doing nothing, and out of boredom; she drew sketches of her environment.

Yang Tian-Xu smiled at her, and said, "Yes, I had printed out a copy of your schedule. I will also email it to you later today as well."

"Thank you." She replied as she received the single piece of document. "But, I don't need a copy of it." Wang Yi-An has a photographic memory. She only needs to see things once, and never have to look at it again.

"Ah, right. I you have a photographic memory." Yang Tian-Xu paused for a minute and soon continued, "I guess I could to you the on the schedule."

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