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Chapter 11 : What If She Saw It?

My Obsession

Yang Tian-Xu kept looking outside, he could watch her draw all day because she had such a peaceful on her face. He would sit in his chair and watched her with a smile on his face. He didn't to thank the Lord for letting them meet.

"Perhaps this is destiny?" He thought to himself. A chance of a lifetime had arrived. Yang Tian-Xu excited about it, he thought to himself, "How do I make her like me?" The computer was filled with her name on it, and he quickly selects all and deleted all.

He began to make a curriculum for her. After all, this was a part of the Yang Corps promise to their interns. Hand-on experience is essential, and he need make sure she gets the most of it. So he started at work, the schedule for her.

Wang Yi-An's work schedule was made by Mr Han. However, because he had practically stolen her from Mr Han. He decided to message Mr Han on his phone. "Can you send me the curriculum you had for Wang Yi-An?"

Mr Han quickly received the message. The man had worked for the Yang Corps for years. He is more than happy to send the schedule he had In Yang Corp, every has their own projects and clients. Once Yang Tian-Xu received the timetable, he changed the and time to the ones his team is on.

Yang Tian-Xu's team consist of him as General Manager. With him, and his assistant, Tseng Kuan-Yin, there is also the art director; Gu Huan.

The first month would focus on Jin Qi-Long's company new product, called "Grace". However, Gu Huan is currently on a three-month He won't be back until June. Yang Tian-Xu to have the other Art directors take over Jin Qi-Long's contract. And so, he now has an intern with no mentor for her. He would only be her supervisor, but how must does he knows about art?

Not so much, but enough to know a bit. Yang Tian-Xu has good taste in art is what others usually tell him. However, he is not an artist. Yang Tian-Xu looked at Wang Yi-An's art and thought that she is indeed talented. Perhaps she could assume the responsibility. With this in mind, she will undoubtedly receive plenty of hands-on experiences.

Grace; the perfume that carries a sweet fragrance. The fragrance smells like a beautiful angel. The moment when a person first inhales the aroma, the scent gives off a feeling; as if an angel had ascended from above. The after effect of the smell seems to give those who believe; hope. The perfume truly deserves its name.

They first needed to produce the logo design, packaging, and then start shooting the commercial. Faithful Gold Enterprise had emailed him the requests. Jin Qi-Long wanted the packaging colours to be purple.

The rough draft of the logo was a single feather, and as for the bottle design of the perfume? He wanted it to be in a shape of a heart with two wings on the side of it. The image looks like something very inappropriate, Yang Tian-Xu can't even look at it anymore.

Yang Tian-Xu stares at the documents, and he felt like it was off. Completely unsatisfied, he messages Jin Qi-Long. "Your designs look horrible for a product this elegant. Are you trying to make a condom brand or an energy drink?"

Jin Qi-Long message him back with a sweat-laugh emoji, "Is it that bad?"

"Not for a condom or an energy drink!" Yang Tian-Xu looked back at the design, then he turned to look at Wang Yi-An's art , and soon decided. "I have a new intern, perhaps she can design something better for you."

"Okay sure, I trust your wisdom, my friend!" Jin Qi-Long felt like he needed to tell Yang Tian-Xu the news, " Also I told you who I wanted as the spoke-model right?"

"Yes," he sighed at his friend, "had she agreed?"

"Her manager told me that she would be interested only after she sees the product herself. Can we both come in on Monday next week? Because of her busy schedule this week I can only get her to come in on Monday next week."

"Yeah, that is fine." Then he ended the text-messaging Although Jin Qi-Long continued to message him back, he flooded his smartphone's mailbox with messages about Lee Yin-Yin and posted her pictures.

Naturally, Yang Tian-Xu had already disregarded those message and never read them. Yang Tian-Xu looked over at Wang Yi-An's on the computer, then he added Wang Yi-An's name into the schedules, now that he has her contact

He saved it in his smartphone as, "Future Mrs Yang." Yang Tian-Xu continues to look at the "Future Mrs Yang" on his phone and smiled. Suddenly he felt like, "No, too soon." Then he quickly erased it, and type. "My secret crush." Yang Tian-Xu looked at it for a moment and shook his head "No, no… What if she saw it?"

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