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Chapter 10 : Smile At Me Again.

My Obsession

After Yang Tian-Xu went back into the general manager's office, he messages Assistant Tseng, "After you obtained the card, bring them to me first."

"Yes, boss!" Assistant Tseng quickly messaged him back, although he wonders, "Why don't I just delivered it over to Wang Yi-An directly? I had to walk by her first before I go see him in his office." Assistant Tseng disregards his He puts down his belongings in his office, and he quickly rushes to the HR department on level six.

In the Human Resource department; he a request for Wang Yi-An's new card, and because everyone knew he is the president's assistant. They finished his quickly; his wait time was only ten minutes while others would have waited longer. The moment when Assistant Tseng had received the new card, he went ahead to message Yang Tian-Xu. "Boss I had just received the card. I am on my way back."

The messages appear on Yang Tian-Xu's smartphone, and he messages him back. "Remember to give it to me first!" Assistant Tseng saw the message and wanted to send a sweating emoji, but he did not. He sent him a simple, "yes sir!"

Yang Tian-Xu put down his smartphone on the table and smiled, he desired to be the first to get her card, and he wanted to be the one to give it to her. Today might be the happiest he had felt all week long! He looked out the small window from his seat. He looked at Wang Yi-An he saw her sitting there at the desk.

Concurrently, Wang Yi-An was still outside waiting; as she sat in the secretary's desk. She did not like to sit around and do nothing. And so she stood up and went too knocked on the General Manager's office door. Yang Tian-Xu saw her walking to the door, he panics for a bit, but then he briskly regains his composure.

"Come in." He said, he sat like a king. Wang Yi-An opened up the door and walked in, and then she asked him. "Is there anything for me to do President Yang?"

Yang Tian-Xu tried to remain calm as he replied to her. "Not at the moment, we need to provide you with a new card first."

When Wang Yi-An and the other two interns first started, they had received an card. The card contains essential , like their employee number. The card has a stripe on the back. Yang Corps has high-end security machines on every door and equipment.

To them, the employee must swipe their card, by doing so. The time that the employee had the , material and were

Assistant Tseng had already told them how to use the card, without it; entering the upper floor levels would be impossible. In the elevator, the elevator-lady only worked at certain hours, it would be impossible for her to be there 24/7. Sometimes the project would require employees to work overtime in the office.

The card also as the employee's punch-card, because it the time when they entered and exited the building. However, the most critical of the card is payroll.

Employees can use the card like a bank card along with their fingerprint at any Yang Corps' Bank branches they could withdraw their pay or use it directly through other merchant machines.

Wang Yi-An would need a new card because of the specified strip code. The strips have both digital coding and physical marking on an card. The physical trademark is very small engravement that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

And because it has some physical marking and not a digital one it prevents hackers and ensures their company's security. The old one can always be recycled with the current technology that they have.

"A new card?" She She apparently has one hanging around her neck.

"Yes." He said as he went on to to her. "You see, every floors' has an lock, and needs a specified key to open up. We need to remake your card so you can open up the entrance door to this ;

"Okay, then would you like me to return you this one?" She said as she was about to remove the card from around her neck. Yang Tian-Xu quickly told her, "It's alright, you hold on to that until your comes."

"Oh, then I will hold on to it until then. Would you like me to do anything else in the meantime?"

"No, you may sit and wait until your card arrived, this is because you can't even the computer until you have your new key. Please just for a bit now until your new card comes." He smiled at her and hoped that she would give him a grin.

"Okay, thank you very much, President Yang, I will be back in my seat until then." Wang Yi-An gave him a slight bow, as she turned around and returned to her seat. Then she pulled out her sketchbook and started to draw. As she left, he felt a bit disappointed. He really wanted to see her smile at him again.

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