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Chapter 7 : Dear Lord...

My Obsession

As he caught hold of her small arm, he pulls her in towards him, she lost and was about to fall into his arms. Still, she managed to keep herself together and not slip.

His tug has a morsel force to it, and then she let out a minor, "ah!" From the surprised; the citizenry in the office could hear her shout, and they would turn to look at their The crew was startled to hear him cry out, "I like you!"

Yang Tian-Xu had waited for two weeks to meet her for the first-time again, finally. It was like an impulse that your body remembers after repeating the steps over and over again.

At first, Yang Tian-Xu disregarded the crowd stares, and he looked straight into her eyes, and her eyes would stare back at him. It was only for a brief moment when Yang Tian-Xu had thought that her eyes seem to have pierced into his soul. He was a bit embarrassed after he had realised what he had done.

"I like you to operate under my instead of Mr Han's."

The crowd heard his speech and thought, "Oh, they are just discussing work." Then turn their focus, elsewhere. Yang Tian-Xu thought it was an excellent save. He would need to thank the Lord later, but now he needs to make sure she stays by his side.

Assistant Tseng and Mr Han were confused. "But, President Yang we have already assigned her to me as my intern. Along with the other two." Said Mr Han. He had invariably been the one to assume charge of young interns. When had this changed? Mr Han was confused, but not as much as Assistant Tseng.

"President Yang, you had signed and agreed to have Miss Wang signed under Mr Han as his intern."

"I know that, but I just realised that having three interns under one supervisor might be a bit too much for the mentor to take care of, it is better if it's one on one."

They stood there in silence, as they listen to President Yang speak. Although, everything he's was just made-up on an impulse to cover his sudden They stood still and nodded, "Oh, that made sense." Mr Han said as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Okay, so who do I get as my intern? Now that I can focus all my on one?" Mr Han was excited, at first he did feel a bit overwhelmed. With three interns to mentor at once is a heap of work, he doesn't want to be a sloppy teacher, focusing on merely one at a time is a lot better for him. He also prefers it this way.

Yang Tian-Xu quickly made a ; they merely have two working Art Directors in the M&A department. There was Mr Han, and the other one is Mrs Wong. He showed the male intern and told him to follow with Mr Han. Yang Tian-Xu also to Mr Han to bring the female intern to Mrs Wong in her bureau and tell her about his sudden change in the internship program, and as for Wang Yi-An, she would be working under his

"This way the new interns will receive more hands-on experiences, and we could use them more productively."

President Yang is fit to be the President. He wasn't the president just because he was the chairman's grandson. No, Yang Tian-Xu became the company's president because of his natural endowments. He did cook up a random excuse impulsively, and the most unusual component of it was that everyone buys it. They likewise think that he was paying to their demands.

"Thank you very much, President Yang!" Wang Yi-An said as she bows her head low to him. And so she smiled at him as she raised her head upwards to look at him. "I will treasure this opportunity and do my best!"

"Dear Lord," Yang Tian-Xu thought to himself, "How can you be so wonderful, but cruel to me?" His heart ached again as she smiled at him. He turned about and said out loud. "Okay, follow me. I shall show you the office and to you my ;

Assistant Tseng was left speechless. "When did the boss thought about this new Just now?" He himself silently in his head. He blinked his eyes and followed along behind them. Yang Tian-Xu would walk side by side with Wang Yi-An, and he asked her, "What was your name?" Of course, he her name. He saw the intern list and saw her name. He asked so that he could hear her answer and introduce herself to him.

"My name is Wang Yi-An, people call me An-An though." She responded to him as she watched from the side.

Yang Tian-Xu thought that she has an adorable name. "An-An…" He thought to himself; he desires he could also call her that as well. "Miss Wang, may I call you An-An as well, would you heed it?"

"Sure. I don't mind." What she replied was very straight. Her response made him feel very happy deep down. Still, he should keep his under control. He would not want to frighten her off or make her in any way.

Assistant Tseng gave an of heartache on his look and think to himself, "Boss, you never call me Kuan-Kuan and I'd known you for a long time! Years! Years!" It was usual for Assistant Tseng to feel that way.

The first time he met Yang Tian-Xu and started to work for him as the assistant, he too that people like to call him by his nickname. Nevertheless, Yang Tian-Xu told the man that it would be for him to call his assistant by a nickname.

All the same, it is alright for him to call an intern her nickname, but not for him? "Boss, how could you be favourites already?" Assistant Tseng screamed in his mind. Unfortunately, he'll never be able to show his enmity towards this unfair treatment.

Mr Han and the two interns were caught by surprise, as they saw President Yang, Wang Yi-An and Assistant Tseng walks off. Kwon Li-Mei was utterly jealous of Wang Yi-An, and , "An-An is so favourable to have President Yang as her mentor!"

Mr Han laughed "Or unlucky," he proceeded, "That guy became President because of his own ability, not because of his family background. Not only was he rigorous and exacting. If you were unable to give him , then you might as well wish you were fermenting for the devil."

The two interns break a sweat and thought "Oh, An-An. You poor thing."

"Anyway!" Mr Han said as he snaps them to reality, "I will conduct you to Mrs Wong. She is just as strict as President Yang. Thus there is no need for you to be jealous." He laughed again, "Let's go, let's go."

At first, Kwon Li-Mei was relieved to know how strict President Yang was and wasn't so jealous of Wang Yi-An anymore, she was about to feel lucky, but after Mr Han said those words, it brings chills to her spine.

The lucky one today was Liang Shing, his mentor is one of the best Art Director in the country, who had won countless awards. Mrs Wong was also really ; she was, in fact, a student of Mr Han. Mr Han knew her so well, and she was known to be just as strict as Yang Tian-Xu.

The three went to Mrs Wong's office, and Mr Han filled her in about the changed. Mrs Wong looked a bit displeased, solely because the was created suddenly by President Yang, she couldn't pronounce or do anything and merely took her role as a mentor.

Mr Han and Liang Shing left, and before Liang Shing went, he smiled at Kwon Li-Mei mockingly, "Good luck!"

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