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"Ooooh, so today's princess has woken up?!"

The moment me, Mom, Dad, and Alt-nii arrived in the dining room, comes up to me and pinches my cheeks.

"-nii, stwop pwinching!" I waved my hands in protest.

chuckles, and then he lets my cheeks go. After that, he pats my head.

"Happy third birthday, Lyra!" said.

"Happy birthday, Lyra-sama!" and Niina, Chloe, Vince also chimed in.

"Thank you!"


Oh, right.

I to , that under my brother's assertive request.... or, forced request, to be exact, has dropped all formalities to us. My brother insisted he'd treat us as your-everyday-friends, and at the beginning, every time slipped and entered "-sama" suffix to our names, he'd nag on ; tail or smiled, but his eyes didn't smile (i, it, can be quite scary...)

I'm happy though!

"Ara, Lyra? You sure have grown up!"


I heard a voice that I haven't heard in a while. Following the source of the voice, I over and saw two elderly couple standing near the door that connects the dining room to the family room. The grandpa has the same golden eyes as my mom's, with a grey hair. Meanwhile the grandma has blue eyes and the same yellowish silver and wavy hair as my mom's. Needless to say, they're my mom's parents!

"The last time we saw you, you were just a tiny little baby! Hahahaha!" Grandpa laughed as he swiftly lifted me high.

Eh?! I didn't pay any when I was meeting them a short while after I was born. But, grandpa... He, he... he has ears that are a bit... pointy?! But they don't look like elves or dwarves... it's kinda like normal human ears, but with a pointy end.

"Hmm, what's wrong, Lyra?" he noticed my

"A, uhm... Grandpa, why are your ears a bit pointy?" I asked without After all, I must take the advantage of my age! Those with ages to me have unsatiable !

"Ahahaha, you noticed? That's my granddaughter!"

"Fufu, let me ," grandma chimed in, "the slightly pointed ears are the proof that there's elf blood running through his veins, Lyra."

Ah, then that makes sense.

I nodded to indicate that I understand.


And then, suddenly hits me.

T, that means, there's an elf blood running inside me, too?!

Upon further , I learned the history of my mom's family. Apparently, grandpa's mother is of mixed blood—meaning, she is half-elf, half-human. Grandpa is a quarter elf, and so on. That would how my mom got her strong magic. that gives me hope that I'll be at least slightly gifted in terms of magic?

I didn't have any opportunity to exercise and experiment with magic in my life, but now... perhaps I can.

Also, my mom's family is not Sanctuaria's main family. They are only Sanctuaria's branch family.

Having branch families isn't all that , though. The Grabberton family had one, but they were considered the same as distant , and didn't meddle with the main family's responsibilities. The Loera family had some that helped them expand their businesses. Meanwhile, the Fumitsuna family had some branch families that were actively involved in the main family's responsibilities. If the knowledge from my past self still applies, they should be able to be written in present tenses, lol. As for the Hartmann family... uhm, I heard details were complicated back then. If I remembered it correctly, then... there was someone eloping?? It might just be a rumour, though.

Back to present day!

After all of them me on my birthday, they proceeded to give me presents! My dad got me a huge teddy bear (Dad, please, it's even way bigger than my body now, I don't want to be crushed by it when I sleep), my mom got me star-shaped earrings, Alt-nii gave me his handmade "one in the world" picture book. The picture book told the story about... the hero who tried to save the princess... but in the end, the princess saved herself on her own, and she even proceeded to save the hero from the last boss, instead. The princess then became the hero who saved the world... The last page had a writing : [Be that kind of strong princess, dear sister!]

Uhm... okay, bro? But saving the world seems like something way too big for someone so small as me!

Grandpa and grandma bought me lots of clothes. Uhm, there are some that look like dresses that I can wear once I turn 6 years old...?

and Niina gave me a small stuffed silver wolf. Whoa, nice choice! It resembles them, so the gift will surely be memorable for me.

Vince gave me a small potted flowers. Chloe... she didn't only give me presents, she gave it to all of the people here! Yup, she cooked a feast for us! She also made me a birthday cake, as usual.

After that, I blowed the candles while uttering a wish inside my mind. Then, we sliced the cake and made sure that everyone got some

Dare to guess my wish?

[Please let things be like this forever.]

I know it's not possible, but... I love the way things are, right now. For the first time, I feel like my world has color in it. There are actually small things that I look forward to. Eating Chloe's food, stroking Niina and ; ears and tails, watch the flowers in the garden blooms, with Alt-nii, Mom's hugs and kisses, Dad's bedtime stories...



We proceeded to gulp down everything she's cooked for us. The tasty and fluffly omelette, the hot and melty cream soup, tender hamburgs, and honestly other dishes I don't actually remember the names... and let's not to that her cake is totally... SOFT. AND. SWEET! So tasty!

Was I born to eat food?

LOL what a trivial reason to live?

Honestly, before this, I was always think that one must eat to survive. Eating was a mere routine. The food provided in the Grabberton family was great, but it felt something was lacking now that I know how Chloe's food tasted.

When I tried to ask her of her secret recipe, she smiled gently and said that it was [Love].

...and that was when, I begin to think that...

I am loved. And blessed.

These people—allow me to rephrase it—my family won't treat me like a mere pawn, or object. Unless some kind of drastic and tragic changes take but I wouldn't want that.

I feel happy. But at the same time, I feel sad.


Why didn't my family have the same warmth?

It might be a that nobody could ever tell me the answer.


Or not.

When I asked what year is it, I noticed that it was just a few years after my—err, it's gonna be confusing—after Reinst's death, I mean.

After that, I proceeded to ask tons of

Comparing the names of the royal family members that I know, the nobles that I know with their answers. I the current king's name as the prince in my life. Both of my parents know Clyde Horace Grabberton and Dominick Robin Grabberton. Surprisingly, they also know... my self. They about Reinst Carnatia Grabberton who was unlucky and died during the Comet Rain. The Comet Rain hit the others but the only victim it took was me.

Today is Year 973, Month 7, Date 25. I was born in Year 970.

The year Reinst Carnatia passed away was... seven years before my birth, 963.

Only 7 years gap.

Should I pry about my past life in further details?

I'm... afraid.

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