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Chapter 87 : Female Character with Soul

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Li Mengyao supported her husband Ye Hai in his attempt to portray female characters through a new method, which was portraying male characters as before but them as females. If the male character was originally a handsome?man, simply just insist that was a beauty. As for the personalities, not much difference is needed between them.

She might have shown her support towards her husband, but still, she requested to go through the contents beforehand. This was to avoid any awkward of the female characters.

"Recently I'm in great while writing, especially during portraying this character 'Unpleasant Rain' aka 'Yu Shengfan'. It felt as if my writings are alive, as if she appears before me this game named 'Eternal War'! I'll never make her someone and unreal anymore. Because she really does exists! She is a very interesting girl. She has fallen in love with games due to her loneliness. She had even mastered different languages for that. Also, she loves to talk while games…" Ye Hai was full of excitement as he passed the draft to her.

Seeing Ye Hai who seemed yet to return from the author's world, she couldn't help but start to believe a little. For Ye Hai frequently being in an " outbursting" state Every time he went into that state, his typing speed and efficiency seemed to be boosted.

There was even a boost in the quality of the words. The characters portrayed were brought to life by Ye Hai who already was good at portraying male characters and game scenes. The readers could feel as if they were actually there to experience the scenes!

If the writings of Rosemary under normal circumstances was at High God[1] level, then under " outbursting" state, his writings would be at Supreme God[1] level. It could easily affect the of the readers, causing them to submerge themselves into the world outlined by him!

Ye Hai handed over the responsibility to publish the draft to his wife Li Mengyao and continued to throw himself into writing. He tried to write as much as possible when he was in this great

Li Mengyao surged with huge She actually finished all the drafts right away. Then, she told her husband who was busy typing on the keyboard, "Anything more? Anything more? This is not enough! I want to see the part where Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai found out that 'Unpleasant Rain' was actually the great beauty who caught their eyes. I am really looking forward to their …"

However, the reply she got was only Ye Hai's rhythmic typing sound. Seeing her husband working hard, a glimmer of tenderness appeared on her face. She started to look through the draft once more and prepare to correct her husband's misspellings.

Surprised to her, there was not even a single misspelling within this 10,000 words draft!


It's truly a smooth and remarkable passage!

Then, what pleased her more was that her husband's subsequent portrayal of this female character "Yu Shengfan". She originally thought that a character like Mary Sue who was to the max was hopeless. It was impossible to regain the reader's love anymore. Surprisingly, after she finished reading the drafts, she found that this character was very interesting!

"Yu Shengfan" was originally an extremely pale and empty character. She seemed perfect from the outside, but this was actually unreal. Readers who were slightly about reasonability would have open season on this plot. Especially about taking a limo to the cyber cafe. Besides, the subsequent forcible could barely fool the readers. Yet, when the characteristics of Yu Shengfan were revealed, this game-loving and PK indulged " Addicted Lady" seemed to be more What a vivid character...

The Moe part of her was undoubtedly her non-stop talking mouth. Of course, when this appeared in game, it was merely some chat bubbles on top of her head which would never disappear. If someone who never stops talking and taunting exists in the reality, and appeared as a gaming opponent, surely this person would be hated to death. But in the books, "talkative" and "venomous tongue" would Moe characteristics. Especially after the readers saw the subsequent storyline and that this person has a high chance of the main character's teammate.

The readers supporting the main character Lin Feng would naturally have their good +20 towards his team Besides, the character "Yu Shengfan" did not look like a feeder teammate. How powerful would the "Glory Squad" if she whose formidable techniques were yet to be revealed could join hands with Lin Feng?

In a few words, the contents of the draft portraying "Yu Shengfan" subsequently gave a boost in the in this novel. Because the subsequent contents were truly fantastic. The readers even about the awkward in the beginning and only remembered her as a rich lady, with the settings of her mastering languages from countries. This was simply to allow her to criticize, taunt and create troubles freely against opponent gaming teams from other countries in future!

Yu Shengfan was a total troublemaker, she would constantly create hatreds. This way, the story would be more interesting. Yu Shengfan could be in charge of drawing hatreds, while Lin Feng who cared little about wealth and had a calm and modest personality, would be in charge of the Imagine the moments he teaches others a lesson, and sometimes reveals his skills to show off. Isn't that very cool?

The chatterbox king and the strongest king. Teaming up both of them was just a perfect scene to be seen!

Actually, the setting of "Yu Shengfan" as a lonely, friendless girl is a hint to the readers. She was willing to go any length to protect someone whom she regarded as her friend. If "Yu Shengfan" was to be a guy, it did not feel weird at all. Such "lone wolf" characteristics would a "loyal dog" to whoever that is capable of the "lone wolf's" best friend. This type of character was frequently seen in novels, and the readers just could not stop loving them.

Clearly, Ye Hai had already applied the method of portraying male characters onto "Yu Shengfan". He did not treat "Yu Shengfan" as a disposable side character, but as a core supporting character. He did not even notice that the settings of this character was actually not from him, but thought that it was a product of his outbursting Anyway, he was very satisfied with this character. This is the first female character he created with such a sense, and he just loved her. He reckoned that he had finally portrayed a female character with a soul with !

No matter what the readers thought, he would continue this!

Nobody could stop an author who has lost his senses!


[1] Qidian author level is in such an ascending order: Middle God(中神), High God(大神), Ancient High God(远古大神), Supreme God(至高神).

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