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Chapter 75 : Female Side Character Comes Online

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Ye Hai was interested in Su Li's , so he added Su Li as a friend to discuss about it. He was afraid that Su Li was actually messing with him, after all she was the mangaka of "Pure Romance" who got so famous with only her first If her project was to adapt "The Strongest King" into a manga, the original author, Ye Hai would definitely get more through her manga as well.

The point was, Su Li had a lot of female supporters. They were not against the idea of the "anti-harem" route, in fact hey hated those scumbag heroes. To think there would be such an anti Harem manga of which the scumbag hero was killed. With the famous memes like "cleaver" and "nice boat", not to the character, Goddess Xu Jing, the manga had won the hearts of many female fans. Of course female readers were already familiar with yaoi. Having fujoshi,s if they were to "The Strongest King", they would certainly be thrilled, running wild on their fantasies.

The author Ye Hai was unaware of his female supporters, he thought that his shounen Esports genre would only attract male readers at most. He never guessed that there were a lot of generous fujoshis around the too, and they would hold a great impact on his career.

Comparing Rosemary with Butterfly Blue, Rosemary did not perform that well. Before Butterfly Blue wrote "The King's Avatar", his "Kung Fu Mage in Online Game" had already gained a number of female supporters. Mao Ni and Butterfly Blue were the two authors who had a lot of female fans.

Rosemary's novel was mostly about "LoL", and most of the people would tend to the game instead of reading the novel. Some of them would even watch the in-game live-broadcast, even though the novel was much more interesting.

Plus Rosemary's lack of female character content in his novel had made his influences even smaller. Even though most male readers would not admit that they adored the "harem" genre, but their bodies would still be honest, that they would not like to see their favorite female characters ended up being together with the main protagonist.

After having a chat with Ye Hai, Su Li told him that Zhao Youyue wanted a female cameo in his novel, and Su Li gave him the details about her IGN and hero in game.

He would agree without if he was still in his old self. Besides, it was just a female cameo! Even if this was requested by a normal reader, he would definitely add in when he felt that time was right. But he was afraid of adding in a female character into his novel now due to his traumatized experience from his past

He wanted to apologize to Zhao Youyue and most importantly, he wanted to win Su Li over so that she would turn his novel into a manga. He thought that this was only a female cameo, and that she would not appear too much in the novel, then it should not be a problem! If it did bring up any negative impacts, he would just remove her just like how he did in his novels.

Ye Hai hesitated for a moment, but he agreed to it anyway. After some about turning a novel into a manga, both of them agreed on their Ye Hai was very excited as he had read about "Pure Romance" before. Su Li's drawing skills were absolutely , in a form of art!

With her amazing drawing skills, there was no way she could mess up his proud He was confident that both of them would definitely benefit from her turning his work into a manga!

Even though he had more than ten thousands of average , he definitely hoped his work could bring more influence into the world, not only novel, but manga as well. Now he had gotten the chance from this master grade mangaka Su Li to make this a reality, he certainly thrilled!

Of course, the between Su Li and Ye Hai would be their concern, as the both of them believed they could achieve the same goal. Besides, they were also thankful for Zhao Youyue, not to that she was their Sect Master as well.

When Ye Hai was to update his novel, he thought of the cameo requested by Zhao Youyue. So he wanted to create a "perfect" female character, Yu Shengfan to please Zhao Youyue.

After all this was requested by a , she must have hoped that she made an appearance in the novel to herself in reality. So he had to describe her with all the positive , without making the audience hating her.

But when Ye Hai tried to make Yu Shengfan perfect, that was meant to be likable among the readers, it became backfired. What he wrote was as followed-------

"Yu Shengfan came down from an extended of a limo, with branded limited items… …(describing the world's most exotic brands, do refer to 'Small ; or 'Dragon's race' for more ), she came into the cyber cafe, with her alluring voice and elegant temperaments that was indescribable by words. With such graceful gesture, the crowd …"

"Even Lin Feng was staring at Yu Shengfan, he used every mentality strength to keep him cool. While his best pal Tang Yongkai was already drooling over her like a pig…"

"Yu Shengfan booted up the 'Eternal War' game, and her IGN was 'Unpleasant Night Rain Rhythm' a.k.a. 'Unpleasant Rain'..."

Ye Hai was satisfied with the debut appearance of his female side character "Yu Shengfan" after reading it again. He thought that he had perfectly described the beauty and family backgrounds of Yu Shengfan and that "Youyue" would certainly be satisfied with this awesome side character appearance instead of a cameo!

Ye Hai usually never saved his draft, he would upload it after checking for errors. Right after double checking his drafts, without any , he would set his daily updates to auto upload at 5:00 PM.

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