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Chapter 34 : Paintbrush is Outta Control

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Right before Xu Jing kissed Yang Xixi in the manga, an alluring close-up of Yang Xixi's lips was depicted. Su Li was literally gasping while drawing this pair of seductive lips. She felt a prickle of excitement, as if her real self was within the manga world, witnessing this first intimate contact between Xu Jing and Yang Xixi in proximity.

Of course, the dark and serene eyes of Xu Jing was granted a close-up as well. She was gazing at Yang Xixi When Yang Xixi about her type of guy, she did not speak of a word but kissed her immediately and their bodies were then huddled together.

After a short kiss, Xu Jing pulled back her lips from Yang Xixi's. She then turned over and lay right above Yang Xixi's body. So soft and delicate. Her two hands were resting on Yang Xixi's shoulders. This posture akin to a Kabe-don[1] was also helping to support her upper body. She continued to look into the eyes of the dumbfounded Yang Xixi...

At this moment, the entire room was bathed in dazzling moonlight and it was quite a breathtaking view. The rapid breathing of Xu Jing could be heard clearly in this peaceful night.

The body-touching scenes depicted by Su Li had always been provocative, and had very much aroused the readers. In contrast, Yuri's scene between Xu Jing and Yang Xixi was considered quite It was a piece of art that all the readers and was indeed a visual splendour!

Xu Jing's face was rather blushed right now. She was no longer the Tri-no girl without words, heart, and Her world was so full of Yang Xixi and could not take in anyone else.

It was still the manga scenes with the close-ups of Xu Jing's dark and serene eyes. It seemed that the exquisite face of Yang Xixi had utterly captivated Xu Jing's pair of eyes. Astonished, Yang Xixi asked in , "Xiao… Xiao Jing?"

"You're nervous?" Xu Jing responded.

"Yes. For sure I am."

"Because I'm a girl?"

Covering her reddened face, Yang Xixi answered, "Because Xiao Jing, is my friend…"

Upon hearing such words, an ambivalent feeling flickered within her eyes. But it was instantly substituted by an adamance. Xu Jing pushed away Yang Xixi's hand right before her face. Leaning down, once again she kissed her vigorously. This time when their lips were separated, she , "Though you're doing this with me, you still can't about your brother right?"

As the word 'brother' rang in her ears, Yang Xixi's eyes were brimming with tears. After all, the person she loved the most was still her brother! (This is the setting of "Pure Romance". In the manga, Yang Xixi was the girl who loved Yang Ming the most. But the world of manga is different from reality, in which people could change themselves by giving up their loved ones, and continuing to look for their right ones. The characters in the world of manga have to adhere to… settings)

Looking at Yang Xixi who was about to cry, she grieved inside her heart, "Xixi, she is crying, I've made her cry. I can't bear the sight of Xixi being so sad…"

The deadpan face of Xu Jing was permeated with sorrow. She said, "Just tell me if you don't want it, okay?"

"It's alright."


"Because… I like Xiao Jing." Yang Xixi spoke softly.

Xu Jing was back to her deadpan face again. Her eyes were more and more sombre now. She knew that Yang Xixi merely liked her as a friend. It's just that she was still someone special inside Yang Xixi's heart. Besides, Yang Xixi could not afford to lose her and thus she did not turn her down.

"If I can't win your heart, let me have the warmth of your body at least." Xu Jing thought to herself with a broken heart.

"Satisfy me, can you?" Xu Jing whispered in Yang Xixi's ears, and then bit her earlobe.

While Xu Jing was doing such inexplicable things to her, Yang Xixi was still thinking about her brother. In any way, she failed to let go of her love towards him.

"Xixi, how do you want it? Say it yourself."

"No… Don't… Uhm…"

"Or let's drop it? Since you're not saying a thing."


"Oh, it seems like you cannot resist this ;

"No, I'm not! It's just… the way Xiao Jing touches me… I feel comfortable, and so…"

"Uhm. It's because I love Xixi. I'm touching someone I love. So you will feel comfortable. Because this is love."

Xu Jing stopped her baffling for a moment. Instead, she hugged Yang Xixi gently yet tightly, and buried her head into Xixi's breasts, just as she was protecting the most treasure in her life. In a sense, the duo were quite alike. Even if her brother had a scumbag, Yang Xixi would not stop loving him. She would continue to love him, believing that her brother was just temporarily mesmerized by this filthy girl and she would always be the most perfect sister of her brother!

, Xu Jing would never let go of Yang Xixi. Though she might be treated by Yang Xixi as a substitute for her brother, and someday… Yang Xixi would walk away from Xu Jing.


"The warmth and kindness given by a man are limited. I'm aware of this theory, but still, I've derived so much pleasure from Xiao Jing's body. In the end, I would probably arrive at a frigid All alone." Yang Xixi imagined.

In fact, the manga scenes in which her nude body intertwined with Xu Jing's, had demonstrated a pinnacle of beauty. After all, they were both first- beauties.

In her , she was holding an alone in a cold rain, while walking along an empty street. She seemed to hear someone whispering in her ears, "Sigh, you can never be friends with Xiao Jing anymore. It's your fault, you knew that. Today, it's your first time making use of someone's for yourself. There's no difference between you and the girl who snatched your brother, you're both b*tches. Congrats! Hahaha…"

"Why? Why would you like someone like me? Xiao Jing, I don't understand. me, I have no words…"

"It's alright, Xixi. I don't expect you to, and you don't have to understand. I can do everything for you."

"How could that be 'alright'? But, I just can't stop myself. I'm so clingy to your tenderness, and had treat it as a substitute for my brother's. Ah, sure enough, I'm also a scumbag."

"You pity me?" A grudging smile flickered within that sombre eyes of Xu Jing.

Yang Xixi, "Huh?"

"Just kidding. I ask for nothing more." Once again, Xu Jing cuddled her.

Whenever the mangaka Su Li was drawing the Yuri plots of Xu Jing and Yang Xixi, she would be overwhelmed with a miraculous feeling. Heat would be flowing throughout her body. She could not help thinking that, if there is such a girl like Xu Jing in reality, no matter what happens, she would go any lengths to protect her. Never would she like Yang Xixi, who only took her as her "temporary brother".

"Wait, if this continues, how am I supposed to portray a happy ending for "Pure Romance?!"

Su Li relished watching her best-loved artworks in tremendous Meanwhile, she had gotten goosebumps… "Ah whatever, should the readers have a taste of my goosebumps too. Behold my zeal for arts!"

Up to this point, would she still care about the readers' feelings?

Her paintbrush was already outta control!

No matter what, she was determined to carry on this drawing path, solely for her beloved "Xu Jing".


[1] "Kabe-don" is a buzzword in Japanese Shoujo manga. "Kabe" means wall; "Don" is the thud of someone hitting it. It is a posture in which a guy his hand against the wall, pinning a girl against it. The Kabe-don moment is one of the most Moe moments for girl readers. The proximity between the girl and guy is so short that it can get her heart to go doki doki. The guy is usually doing it out of an intense such as jealousy or anger, but sometimes it is merely

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