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Chapter 22 : Invincible

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Sure enough, Zhao Youyue had not suffered any injuries on her own. After all, she was not Xu Jing herself, but just shifting into her body. Her five senses shall never be affected by any peculiar circumstances, akin to the mangaka, she was an "upstream person" in the real world. Thus, she would not be hurt by the ridiculous big club as well. Anyway, never had she thought that Xu Jing's shirt was actually torn in that single blow…

She got really hot under the Had the character she , Xu Jing offended the mangaka in any way? She hoped for nothing other than relying on Xu Jing's and to engross in her studies. What was so difficult about that?

Having calmed herself down after a while, a new perspective to her. Indeed, she was quite impressed by this mangaka whose face was still obscure. The character of Xu Jing might be with all sort of miseries, but that had actually made her image to be engraved on Zhao Youyue's mind, not to any other readers.

Speaking of which, a new volume of "Wing Manga" magazine was published this week. What Youyue had undergone in the Two World would most likely be published in that. For sure she would grab one to read. Meanwhile, she had also decided to approach this mangaka named "Su Li" via If she could gather of the mangaka in reality, that would be really pleasant.

Did the mangaka really think that one would not be punished by karma for their ill-treating acts in the manga?

Youyue would avenge her agony by locating the mangaka through the !

She believed that the mangaka of a school Harem manga like this, must be drawn by a nasty wretched guy, who will remain single for his entire life. Indeed, this was her prejudice! She really despised such Harem plot where a guy is matched up with N[1] girls. Besides, the mangaka had provided fan services to the readers outrageously. She had dodged the Rito's fall, with safety pants put on, but eventually, she failed to dodge the shirt-tearing big club of the local government officer…

A deplorable male mangaka like this could already have a bone in his leg upon meeting girls. If he was lucky enough to be dated by a pretty-girl reader, would he turn down her Not likely. Wait till then, she would hire a to rendezvous with the mangaka.

You dare to fool with me in the manga? Don't me if I set you up in reality!

"A Harem mangaka was arrested for involving in compensated dating[2] with a high school girl, his manga will be suspended for two weeks…"

Come forth, let's hurt each other!

Nevertheless, Zhao Youyue would never stay as the losing party. In a sense, she was invincible in the world of literary works, as nobody could do her any harm. It was just that the mangaka would interfere with her acts, such as studying, and that was quite troublesome.

At this moment, Zhao Youyue who had lost her drowsiness, reached her hand towards her on-charge phone. As a cellphone complex, without holding her phone in her palms felt as if she had lost an essential part of her body. Once she has leisure time, she would definitely scroll her phone.

There were a couple of Wechat on her phone. She clicked on that just to realized they were all messages from Han Leng. At 12.00 AM, he sent a message of 1,000 words, and of course, it was not of love letter, but a remorse letter. At 1:30 AM, he sent another 1,000 words. His third message arrived at 2:30 AM, which carried the last 1,000 words.

Never did it come to Zhao Youyue's mind that Han Leng had stayed up all night just to complete her 3,000-word remorse letter. How badly did he crave for the 200 bucks reward?

After transferring the remorse letter, Han Leng had sent her a few more messages,

", I'm lucky to fulfill your request."

"I've viewed your Moments stories too. Wow, you're a true missy from Zhao family. You've been to so many countries; you've owned many luxury bags; you've also shared a lot of gourmet foods. At late midnight like this, that really made my stomach cry. Oh my itchy finger, shouldn't have click that."

"Lady Zhao, you must be sleeping now. Goodnight."

Looking through his messages, Zhao Youyue smiled. It seems that her mood that had been ruined by the mangaka, was Without any talkings, she immediately sent Han Leng a 200-RMB Wechat red packet. She then carefully copied down the remorse letter onto a paper, and thus, there was no need for her to worry about her teacher, Mr. Qiu anymore.

Anyway, her red packet was at once by Han Leng, who replied, "Wow, Lady Zhao, you're still awake? It seems that we are the same kind of people!"

Han Leng did not feel a shred of sleepiness upon completing the remorse letter. He then grab a webnovel and began his "training to be an immortal" [3]. He had trained until this hour.

After that, he sent Zhao Youuyue an emoji sticker. It was a guy with rim of eyes and is wearing a pair of panda ears. On top of the sticker, it was written, "Viva immortal training!" Han Leng had measured the rest after himself, assuming Zhao Youyue was one "immortal ; like him.

In fact, this could not be possible. Zhao Youyue had lived a disciplined lifestyle, and was about keeping fit and maintaining her skin care. Never had she put on any cosmetics that are harmful to the skin, instead, she had been using tip-top skin care products. If not, how could she have such a delicate skin?

One's beauty is destined ever since she was born, but to preserve that beauty, continuous efforts are not to be missed. In terms of this, a girl with rich family background like Zhao Youyue has a huge advantage.

Zhao Youyue might look average now, but wait until she entered university; if she kept a long hair, and changed her sports attire into something while carrying designer bags that is unaffordable by the ordinary people, she would immediately turn into a goddess who is adored by all men.

Zhao Youyue replied, "Nope, but I was having a nightmare. o(╥﹏╥)o "

She was in a luxury silk pajamas. After opening the room light, she walked towards the writing desk and opened the desk lamp. Taking out some white papers, she started copying down the remorse letter sent by Han Leng.

Though Youyue had not been through any proper training for chinese calligraphy, her writings were elegant. With that, her exam papers were always clean and neat. Her essays had always been of the same old , which is a sole major argument coupled with three supportive arguments, and the provided examples are none other than those mundane histories of famous people like Sun Bin, Sima Qian, Han Xin, Newton, Edison, Zhang Haidi, Shi Tiesheng, etc. Well, her essay level was nowhere near Han Leng's. But at times, she could actually attain a great through her neat exam papers that gave a decent to the exam markers.

While bending over her desk and copying the remorse letter, Zhao Youyue felt as if she was possessed by Xu Jing. She could be that patient, and attentive.

Knowing that Zhao Youyue was awakened by her nightmare, Han Leng was eager to reply with comforting words. But he was too bashful for that, and also, they were of nothing more than an exchange Still, wasn't that apathetic if he said nothing at all? Nah, he was always known to be such a cool guy!

Han Leng was hesitating for over ten minutes, and had typed a lot of words. But he failed to press the "Send" button and deleted his message instead. He had repeated this routine of typing and deleting a couple of times… He was not aware that Zhao Youyue had been concentrating on copying the remorse letter. At last, he could only utter a few words, "Are you okay?"

Zhao Youyue clicked into the message. Little did she know that it had taken so much of Han Leng's time just to type these few messages. She replied in a natural manner, "I'm fine. You should sleep by now. I've to copy this remorse letter. Thank you very much (^ω^)"

After reading her message, Han Leng did not reply further, as he did not want to disturb Zhao Youyue. He then got to his feet and walked to the bathroom. While washing his face, he looked at the dark circles around his eyes in the mirror, as well as his face filled of "divine aura". He then cracked a smile. After that, he abruptly opened the door and stepped out, and gazed upon the entire school compound.

The teaching building was solemnly standing in the darkness. Street lamps in the school compound were yellow. The dense fog was enveloping the whole The basketball field and sports field were empty. At that moment, he felt as if he was the sole person in this world. Ah, what a lonely feeling.

As for now, he had this feeling that he wanted to do some handwritings. Nothing much, just to something in a book filled with his poet and proser dreams. That book, was his secret diary.


[1] "N" is contemporarily used by Chinese to refer to a great number. For example, "N years ago" is equivalent to "many years ago"

[2] "Compensated dating" is derived from the Japanese term "Enjo-kōsai (援助交際)". It is a practice of older men giving money and/or luxury gifts to attractive women for their or possibly for sexual favors.

[3] "Training to be an immortal (修仙)" is a contemporary term among Chinese, which means stay up late. One stays up late until one grows rim of eyes and wisdom, as if one is training to be an immortal.

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