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Chapter 9 : Solving Question

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Zhao Youyue was called out to the front of immediately by the teacher, Mr Qiu. She was then reprimanded by him as a matter of course. Her punishment, was to write a remorse letter of 3,000 words in order to retrieve her phone, otherwise, the would last until the end of semester.

What? A remorse letter of 3,000 words?

Zhao Youyue immediately sunk into How could that be possible for her? She might as well give up that phone and get a new one…

Looking at the miserable look of Zhao Youyue, Qiu Yingchun still did not regard her punishment as a harsh one. At least, she did not have to give a remorse speech in front of everyone. To him, he was already quite lenient with her for demanding a mere remorse letter rather than summoning her parents.

At first, Qiu Yingchun was livid at catching Zhao Youyue reading manga in , yet on the phone. The moment she came up front, he ceased from anger right after gazing upon her fair and lovely face. This, is undeniably the privilege of a good-looking person in these days! Besides, Zhao Youyue had a commendable attitude by apologizing on the spot when she was caught by the teacher. Not to , she had remained calm towards the matter of her phone.

Well, for the other students, at sight of their Fruit Phones that worth 7,000 RMB being taken away, they should have bursted into tears by now. There are times when the teachers would rather return the Fruit Phones to them right away.

Qiu Yingchun had assumed that this courteous girl could easily come up with her remorse letter within three days. After that, she should have learned her lesson and would no longer repeat the same mistake...

Zhao Youyue returned to her desk in low spirit. Her deskmate, Zhou Fang secretly crowed over her misfortune. Having seen this girl scrolling her phone recklessly for numerous times during the absence of teachers, she was finally caught today! To her, the bad karma had in fact come to Zhao Youyue quite lately. That being said, she still uttered some comforting words, "It's alright Youyue, Mr. Qiu is indeed cunning. To think that he would enter the stealthily from the backdoor…"

For no reason, some funny pictures which were once viral floated into Zhao Youyue's mind. In one of the pictures, a student sitting in the last row and next to the window, was so engrossed in his mobile game, at last, a teacher appeared right outside the window, giving him a "Deathgaze". In another picture, a group of students were "Arena of Valor", a game in , in the end, the teacher their phones at the front of , making them watch how their team was crushed by the opponent. Ah, that's nail-biting!

Zhao Youyue cracked a smile, and then responded gently, "I'm fine, thanks for your concern."

On hearing Zhao Youyue's answer, Zhou Fang blushed with embarrassment, as she had just gloated over her incident. As for now, she realized Zhao Youyue was tender and charming, especially when she smiled, and what's more, she was a good-tempered girl. If she was Zhao Youyue, she believed that she must be leaning over the table now, crying hard.

Zhao Youyue, who had lost her phone, reluctantly took out her language textbook. But, she was just reading it in silence, instead of reading it aloud, let alone reciting it. She abruptly flipped to the chapters behind, just like how she read a storybook. She could even perceive a sense of novelty in it, on of taking the content as a new world crafted by another author.

If Qiu Yingchun, the language cum teacher, happened to know that Zhao Youyue did not bear a single shred of remorse, for sure, he would have hopped madly into the air.

Ah, the morning reading was finally over. The drowsy-headed students immediately leaned over the table, looking to catch up on their sleep within this ten minutes break just before the next Well, most of those students were guys, so the entire went into a deep silence at once.

Moving softly and quietly, Zhao Youyue carried her cup to the water dispenser to fill up some water. It was an expensive cup among the "Western Horse" series of a luxury brand. A full set comprising of six pairing of cups and costed up to 15,900 RMB, whereas a single pairing of cup and had costed up to 2,650 RMB. That, was for any other students.

Zhao Youyue mixed the cold water with some hot water. Right after taking a sip, she poured the water out from the window with a frown on her face, as she had tasted bleach and disinfectants in it. It to her that this water dispenser was filled with tap water instead. The water was manufactured by the school factory itself, never had she thought that it would taste so badly.

Since then, she was adamant to just bring her own thermo in future, and would never drink the purified water in school again. She intended to make some tea or coffee earlier, but had that idea, thinking it would be better to just let Uncle Liu prepare them for her. She would still get to drink after anyways.

Zhao Youyue felt as if she was a fish out of water without her phone. She could hardly bear for a or two. Hence, she made up her mind to directly purchase a new phone during that late noon.

She had no concern about the remorse letter. She believed, such geniuses who are incredibly talented in writing do exist in , that they even helped others to write love letters. So, they could help out with the remorse letter, couldn't they?

Zhao Youyue would not mistreat the person who helped her, she would offer that person 100 RMB for 1,000 words. By spending 300 RMB, there should be someone who was willing to write a remorse letter of 3,000 words for her. If this did not work out eventually, she would just find a on the , and simply cooked up with either of it.

Ideally, Zhao Youyue hoped that Mr. Qiu has a bad memory. If so, he would easily about this incident, whereas for the confiscated phone, she would just assume that it had dropped into the river while she was dabbling in the water…

Very soon, the first began. It was the Mathematics of Gu Yaoyan, a young and handsome teacher with a cool and unrestrained manner. Zhao Youyue had always been fond of good-looking men, thus, she was all ears in the first twenty minutes of his , in which the pre-test paper was discussed. But after twenty minutes, she started to out, as if her soul had flew above the sky.

"Zhao Youyue, please to everyone on how to solve this ;

Gu Yaoyan's was caught by this girl who had been in trance for five minutes. Little did he know about her, so he called her name by through the seating name list. Well, he did not really put any hope in her to be able to answer the His sole purpose, was to stop her from out in

However, Zhao Youyue was not awake until her name was called again by Zhou Fang, and thus, she had brought laughters upon the entire After that, she brought her pre-test paper to the front. That was pretty much beyond the of Gu Yaoyan. He had assumed that she would just remain seated in embarrassment, and as always, he would the answer to everyone.

"Sorry Mr. Gu, may I know which ; Her voice was gentle and pleasing as always.

The whole laughed even louder than before. They assumed that this girl who was just reprimanded by the teacher this morning, was about to suffer another disgrace.

Gu Yaoyan chuckled. He had always been a good-tempered man, and now, he genuinely found that Zhao Youyue was really cute, he thus pointed out the for her on the pre-test paper---

AB=AC, AD is to BC, AM:MD=2:3, MN///AC, look for AN:NB.

This was not too difficult, but Zhao Youyue failed to solve it during pre-test. Later on, she did not attempt to complete the after she returned home.

Gu Yaoyan sighed within his heart, thinking that this girl was indeed cute but kind of in her studies.

The students in the were looking forward to how Zhao Youyue would react to this matter. In the contrary, only the mathematics representative student, Chen Haoran was filled with bewilderment. In fact, he was desperate to stand out and rescue her, in hope to win her by the plot of "the Hero saves the Beauty[1]."

After pondering for a moment, Zhao Youyue had astonished everyone as she what she had learned in the two world. In the past, she would not be able to solve this , but now, she was able to have a grasp of it at the first sight.

Nevertheless, she had given others a feeling that she randomly guessed the answer. Ah, it could not be helped, she does not have the aura of an elite

Taking up a chalk, she drew a few diagrams to the , and began to answer ---

DE//AC intersects AB at point E, as it is an isosceles triangle, BD:DC=1:1, with theory: AE:EB=1:1. After that, AN:NE=AM:MD=2:3, Hence, if AE=EB=5a, then AN=2a, NE=3a, NB=NE+EB=8a. Hence, AN:NB=2A:8A=1:4.

She the answer in her tender voice while writing, with a clear mind apparently, and finally acquired the answer.

She looked at Mr. Gu with a joyful smile after the chalk down.

Everyone in had lapsed into silence.


[1] "the Hero saves the Beauty" - "英雄救美" is a Chinese saying which means the Hero will always be the one who saves the Beauty and finally wins her heart.

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