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Chapter 7 : School Environment

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Having reassured that she could indeed obtain knowledge through learning within the Gate and carry up the knowledge to the real world, Zhao Youyue had her breakfast in a self-satisfied manner, then off to school she went.

She sat in a sedan owned by her father Zhao Jiayi. Though she was not very knowledgeable regarding the brands of car manufacturers in this world, Zhao Youyue knew for a fact that the vehicle she sat in was a sedan. The comfort level of this car is on a different level compared to other ordinary sedans. Of course, a great deal of was also on the of the vehicle.

Zhao Youyue really liked pairing her phone to the car’s Bluetooth so that she could choose her favorite music to Along the journey to school, she felt at ease and At times she will even stream videos from B at the backseat of the car. Not to , the full name of B is not Bilibili from the other world, instead it is just another danmu[1] video website that starts with the letter "B". The car itself was already equipped with a smart device to a tablet and she only needed to connect it to her phone’s WiFi hotspot to the site. Never once did she worry about her mobile data quota nor have she ever paid the phone bill as these were sent to her father’s private hospital instead.

Clearly, Zhao Jiayi’s private hospital was not catered to the commoners as the patients who were admitted here are all rich and prosperous. This has brought him financial benefits and interpersonal that are on a level unimaginable by other hospital directors.

The sedan stopped at a spot some distance away from the school gate as usual. This happened to be Zhao Youyue’s habit all along. , she has no of allowing others to know that she was the little missy from a very well-to-do household. Somehow she felt that it will affect her in a negative way. Probably, this was caused by some inexplicable struggles within her own ego. If the others knew of her current status, she would the center of regardless of how she was.

The silver lining was that, most of the high school students were still rather innocent and would not too much emphasis on wealth. Perhaps this is the best time for boys make a go at chasing girls based on their appearance and talents.

Although nowadays Zhao Youyue had the tendency to mess around while craving for , she was not ready to utilize her family background to achieve her objectives. She felt that this was not a act, as if she was too ordinary and could only forcefully impress others in such a way.

Of course, Zhao Youyue’s personality has not changed much as compared to her self. Her souls were being merged together, which allowed her past memories to be in a perfect way. Otherwise she would realize that even being a girl could be extra challenging. Her entire mannerism will surely be very awkward and not as natural as she is currently.

After the sedan had come to a stop, the driver, Liu Zhongcheng got off the car and opened the door for Zhao Youyue. He one hand slightly below the top of the back door to prevent Zhao Youyue from knocking her head

"Thank you, Uncle Liu."

Zhao Youyue got down from the sedan. Carrying her school bag, she walked towards the school.

To be frank, Liu Zhongcheng very much wanted to carry the missy’s bag, but Zhao Youyue thought that this will draw too much unnecessary Thus, he had no choice but to his

It was fortunate for him to the chauffeur for the missy. Well, Zhao Youyue was quite an easy-going and polite person and also respected him greatly. As such, it was pretty and comfortable getting along with missy.

To put it another way, Zhao Youyue did not portray the aura of a pampered rich girl.

As Zhao Youyue walked within the school compound, she observed the surroundings in detail as she will experience another three years of high in this school. She could no longer recall her memories clearly from her schooling days. Anyhow, she knew that the other half of herself will never qualify for this kind of high school, nevertheless she treasured this golden opportunity very much.

The school had a decent green landscape with fully equipped facilities and it also had a natatorium. Along the way, Zhao Youyue saw numerous photographs and stories honoring the school’s outstanding alumni erected like guideposts. They were all elite academicians or prominent business person. Besides, honors for the recent batches of outstanding alumni were seen as well. All of these alumni were students who enrolled into top metropolitan universities or even students who obtained first in

Once she entered the academic building, pictures of prominent figures were hung along the walkway. Seeing most of these figures, Zhao Youyue got a sense of familiarity but it felt strange to her at the same time – familiar in the sense that her self had once knew very well of these figures or had at least heard of them; and strange because the merging of her other self with the different sets of memories, has led her to a thought that the achievements of this group of people supposingly belonged to another group of prominent figures.

Zhao Youyue did not bother dwelling too much on these muddling matters. She entered the from the front door. Unexpectedly, the ranking for the test during the start of this semester was on the right. Zhao Youyue ranked twenty-seventh among fifty over students in her This truly is perfecting the art of

Towards the right edge of the chalkboard, a spreadsheet was seen. Every day, the learning committee will jot down the day’s learning schedule, in order for everyone to keep track in advance of the day’s programs. By doing so, it also allows them to prepare their learning materials before the start of each program. To save trouble however, many students the textbooks of all the major lessons directly on their desks. The textbooks were piled up as if they were trying to build a bunker. Well, this gave the students a sense of security in case they dozed off in the middle of a lesson. Nevertheless, these students were still caught by their teachers. It has been proven countless times that these "bunkers" only served as a psychological relief and had no actual practicality in them. Regardless of that, everyone seemed to be doing it tirelessly.

At the top of the chalkboard were eight big letters written in red – "Study hard, improve everyday", while a red bearing a gear was in the middle of these letters. If not mistaken, a great man comparable to the country’s founder also appeared in this world and had an identical famous saying [2], but with a different name. At the same time he has led China to a great oriental power, whereby Korea and Japan were both vassal states of China. Apart from that, a vast land of the far-east also belonged to China. This eventually formed worlds of two extremes with Europe and the United States of America.

A vertical line was drawn on the left edge of the chalkboard. Each day, every student was required to write down an apothegm by their language teacher. During the lesson, their language teacher would lead the to read the apothegm aloud.

The projector’s screen was also at this corner as some teachers were used to conducting the lesson with the help of computing multimedia. However, as for now several teachers that are fond of teaching through the old-school style chose to use chalks when writing on the chalkboard. After each lesson, the chalkboard will be filled with tidy handwritings which brought about a sense of Well, this has pretty much troubled the students who made notes along the lessons though, as sometimes the teacher might write in a hasty pace which turns out to be illegible handwritings.

Zhao Youyue kept moving forward. At the innermost part of the , next to the windows was the water dispenser on the side of the wall. Each time after every PE lesson, the students will form a small crowd in front of the water dispenser. Therefore the smarter ones among the students would fill up their water bottles one lesson earlier.

Ah, the entire was full of nostalgic memories from the youth.

Most of the students had arrived in the as most of them were basically boarding students. Their homes may not be around the cities of Jiangnan province. As such, they were only able to return home during month-long holidays. Yup, quite pathetic indeed.

Well, one thing to know is that boarding students were required to wake up early in the morning for running exercises. In comparison to these students, Zhao Youyue was much happier as a commuting student.

The fact that she was a commuting student indicates that she also had a tough time fitting herself into small groups. Usually, the female students would have formed groups beforehand. Most of these students had lived together as dorm mates in the same dormitories and because of that they quickly became good friends. After all, they do live upon each other and eat together for most of the times. In fact, the school canteen assigned dining tables based on students’ dormitories and the meals were not individually served. Supposingly, this was said to prevent comparison between the students…

Zhao Youyue’s desk-mate Zhou Fang already has a bestie of her own. Zhou Fang will call out for her dorm mate Zheng Wen each time she wanted to head for the restroom after a lesson ended. Both she and Zhao Youyue were not very chatty between themselves though, and still preferred to keep a polite distance. Probably because they have not come to a stage where both of them are really warmed up together.

Zhou Fang smiled to Zhao Youyue as she saw her approaching and made room for Zhao Youyue to enter.

The moment she sat down, one of the subject representatives approached Zhao Youyue to collect her homework.


[1] Danmu – original text 弹幕 literally means "bullet curtain". It is named such a way because viewers of the videos are allowed to leave their comments as they are watching and these comments will be all over the screen – resembling scenes from bullet hell genre games.

[2] The saying "Study hard, improve everyday" or "好好学习,天天向上" originated from Mao Zedong.

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