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Chapter 5 : Peace of Mind

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Why did she tip the novelist a Sect Master? For sure, Zhao Youyue would not answer this in an honest way. Could she that she did it out of guilt and had no actual interest towards this novel?

Zhao Youyue decided to cook up some reasons. She first praised the book for its smooth storyline, and then admitted that she was having a lot of fun reading it. In , she was impressed by the novelist for releasing such a big update for the book in just one night. All of these had strengthened her reasons to tip the novelist as a form of

Some of the group members could not help but to ask her, whether she had read the latest chapters. Denying with , she that she had just enabled the auto- feature, and was yet to read them.

That was pretty much an expected answer. Several group members who used to crow over the misfortune of others, were about to tell Zhao Youyue the latest chapters. At this very moment, I'm the Best showed up. Despite the frantic rework of his novel, it seemed that he was peeking over the comment from time to time. He was quite aware of what was going on between his virgin Sect Master and the other group members.

He was genuinely touched by this reader who appreciated his work. Perhaps the reader was a guy, as I'm the Best knew his reader group members well, plus, the reader might be using a He presumed that the main QQ of such a must be a super VIP which owns a lot of diamonds. It was rather common for a to own a female-gendered

Without any chance, he would allow his latest chapters, written in a baffling way to reach the ;s eyes. He thus popped out on time, asking Zhao Youyue to read only after he had finished his rework...

Zhao Youyue at once was stricken with guilt through the appearance of the novelist himself. However, learning that the novelist could still revise the contents, she sighed with relief. Well, at least she had opportunities left to make up for her mistakes.

After a moment, Master Best had gotten his book, "King of Superpower" back on track. Some readers who had left , were coming back one after another. The book had even gained some new Sect Masters. Something was way beyond his belief. After acquiring the title of "Little God of Writing", however, he was still yearning for what he wrote in a drunken mood. At that instant, the excitement of the true Creator had risen upon him, as he was able to create words that were brimming with souls.

Zhao Youyue had come to a from this incident. The next time she stepped into the world of literary works, if she does make troubles without scruple again, she would be pulled further away from her goals. Not to that the authors might not be as careless as I'm the Best, who would publish his works when he was drunk. The meticulous authors used to check their works a couple of times beforehand, so most likely they would have removed any peculiar scenes from the story. With that, all her efforts would go flow down the drain.

Not until now did she discern the of this golden finger, and realize that it would not bring her any meteoric rise to !

However, Zhao Youyue was not depressed by that. She had always been living as a side character. Even if she shifted into another side character in the novel, how bad could it be?

Having calmed herself down, a fresh new strategy across her mind. Anyway, she would have to wait for the time she gets permitted to enter the Two Gate again.

As for now, Zhao Youyue, together with all the freshmen, were listening to the speech given by the headmaster. It was the school's opening ceremony speech.

"In this early autumn September, the new semester begins today, I hope all the new students will cherish the excitement of first entering the school, and I hope this excitement will bring you a happy school life… In the first year of high, set yourself a long-term goal and a big dream, this is very important, and after three years, it will be the college entrance exam, which will also be your future battlefield…"

During the headmaster's speech, among the high students standing below, a number of them were good friends since high, and they were chitchatting. It could not be help, nowadays the school's opening ceremony was way too boring. Anyway, none of them daringly took out their phones, which were prohibited by the school authorities, apparently. There were also teachers watching the students from aside. As such, everyone was well-behaved.

Nobody was talking to Zhao Youyue, but this was normal. Her side-character's nature had almost render her invisible. Should anyone start off a with her, it would most likely turn out to be an awkward one.

Zhao Youyue was pretty much used to this kind of , in fact, she perceived it as a peace of mind and a sudden thought flickered her mind. To her, Katou Megumi was able to turn into a "Saint" just because she had remained as a bystander for a very long time. As the saying goes, "the bystander is a sanest". This had justified the extraordinary eyesight of Saint Megumi, who might conceivably gain insights of everything.

Besides, Zhao Youyue admitted that she had been Katou Megumi. It had actually helped her to retain peace of mind and suppresses her will of troublemaking. With that, she was able to preserve her strength to something bigger in future.

The next speaker right after the headmaster, was none other than the student representative, Huang Zongchao. Having achieved first in the college entrance exam within the entire city, he was allegedly a superstar in school since his high. Zongchao had always carried an amazing sense of presence. Not only did everyone in his school him, but people from other schools heard of his name too. This is incredible!

It was Zhao Youyue's first time to get to know this guy who was sitting at the chairman's seat. Albeit not very handsome, his character was emitting an aura of positivity and confidence. Zhao Youyue was startled as she had assumed that he was a none other than bookworm.

Meanwhile, Zongchao was giving a delightful speech. Without sticking to those mundane sentences, he had delivered some impromptu stories filled with wits and humors. The headmaster who sat aside, was smiling in

It was undeniable that the world is interesting. There are side characters without outstanding traits like Zhao Youyue, but at the same time, there are also charismatic elite like Huang Zongchao. A man like him, would always be remembered by all his schoolmates even after many years.

Surprisingly, not long after the new semester commenced, pre-test was just around the corner. Zhao Youyue had a difficult time dealing with it. She could easily complete the simple but was helpless when facing the difficult ones. She then put the on her IQ...

Alright, persistence was another challenge of hers. Zhao Youyue came from a decent family background that she could hardly endure any hardships. Besides, her parents were never strict on her. They were pretty much happy if their daughter could an average result, after all, she was in a high school. With her current results, she could grudgingly be selected as the First Batch of Undergraduates, perhaps by any means of , or money. Well, entering a university would not be a problem for Zhao Youyue.

As such, she was not trained to be an aspirant girl and was living blissfully throughout her life...

"Enough said. Why would I even shift into such an ordinary girl? Our souls were now perfectly mused, and I could feel that my is gradually fading." Zhao Youyue grumbled on her own.

Her only request was to excel in studies. At least, she would not need to undergo the pain and sufferings brought out by the exams. Never did she want to stare solemnly at those anymore. That feeling was terrible!

Finally, the Two Gate which she had been longing for, once again, showed up in her dream. So, Zhao Youyue walked in, determinedly.

This time, what kind of world will it be?

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