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Chapter 73 : A Pebble

Level-Up Hitman

Unaware of the deadly looks Carl was directing towards him, Orso awaited Salvatore's response to his demand, and although he that the best for the Rabbit Kingdom and its citizens would be for the furless invader to surrender, avoiding any conflict which would result in casualties and damage, deep within his heart, he secretly hoped the powerful, pale, furless invader would refuse, for the only thing he cherished more than his loyalty to the Rabbit Kingdom was an all out brawl against a powerful foe with his life on the line.

Having remained unresponsive to his demand of surrender, Orso's spirits started to raise as the possibility of combat seemed more and more likely to happen.

"I repeat, surrender furless invader, otherwise you will face the full might of my Bloody Carrots!"

Being a very good judge of character, as well as having a complete understanding of Orso's personality, he ignored his halfhearted demands for with a single look into his glowing red eye he easily exposed Orso's secret desire to fight him, which was only inhibited by his responsibilities as a protector an loyal soldier to the Rabbit Kingdom and its many citizens.

"Huh... It seems this ass really wants to fight, he's literally chomping at the bit."

Still hearing no response Orso delivered his final ultimatum.

"This is your last warning furless invader, surrender yourself into my custody or prepare to die!"

Completely indifferent to Orso's verbal threats, Salvatore calmly flexed his muscle groups starting from his feet as he prepared to fight.

As he finished flexing the last muscle group in his neck with a distinctive cracking sound, he suddenly exuded an aura of absolute tranquility as he casually extended his empty hand towards Orso and made a beckoning gesture.

Seeing Salvatore's antagonistic gesture Orso's spirit peaked as he felt all of his inner qualms to avoid conflict for the safety of the Kingdom as well as any to start a fight with this dangerous pale invader evaporate.

"HA HA HA HA HA, excellent furless invader, your time of death is at hand, prepare to face the full might of me, Captain Orso and my Bloody Carrots!"

Orso was so excited that he began to open and close his paws so hard, it caused a audible popping sound as he actually caused the air to explode using only pure physical strength.

However despite his eagerness to leap into a one-on-one brawl with the furless invader he still retained a sliver of concern for his surrounding so raising his paw he began to issue commands to his troops.

"Prepare arms MEN!"

Hearing Orso's Command Salvatore watched as the Bloody Carrots all withdrew from their waist a long inverted L shaped handle, with 5 inch on each end before withdrawing several short, spears from one of the many quivers on their back.

Inserting one of the spears into the handle with machine like long practice proficiency Salvatore silently acknowledged the weapons they held.

" spear throwers, hmm...interesting."

Having prepared their weapons in mere the Bloody Carrots stood ready to attack.

"Take Aim!"

Focusing on Salvatore all 147 Bloody Carrots targeted vital areas of his body, awaiting the command of Captain Orso to unleash their rain of death.


Instantly the sky turned dark as it was filled with over 147 short dark spears hurtling thru the air directly toward Salvatore with the express purpose of extinguishing his life.

Remaining completed calm without the slightest bit of pressure Salvatore retrieve a single, small, round, pebble he had casually picked up from the valley ground from his [Spatial Storage] with his free hand. Holding Carl up towards the impending pointy wall of doom he coolly uttered "Little bro, watch how I handle these so called elites."

as the rapidly approaching wall of death, Salvatore rapidly before his thumb flickered firing a pebble towards the spears. As the pebble struck a spear at an unbelievable velocity it began a series of lightning fast ;s bouncing off of dozens of spears in midair before astonishingly rebounding off a final spear in a precise angle towards Salvatore's empty hand.

Arriving moments before the wall of spears arrived Salvatore caught the nearly exhausted pebble between his thumb and forefinger with a gentle grip having used the precise amount of force necessary to achieve his goal and not a single ounce of force more.

Although impressed by Salvatore's usage of the pebble, Carl was still terrified as it appeared to have caused no major change to their impending doom. Feeling this was the end of them both Carl silently began to lament his fate while simultaneously cursing each and every single Bloody Carrot, spending a amount of on Captain Orso, continuing where he had left off earlier.

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