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Chapter 72 : If Looks Could Kill

Level-Up Hitman

Having been jolted out of his state by Orso's loud arrival Carl's eyes suddenly became clear as he quickly at the impact crater. Seeing Orso rising from the debris Carl's jaw dropped almost all the way to his feet as he suddenly became petrified, overwhelmed by a great amount of fear.

Seeing Carl's frozen state Salvatore quickly reached into his [Spatial Storage] with his free hand and retrieved a large yellow berry he had picked the size of a baseball and shoved it into Carl's gaping mouth as a gag just as Carl began to scream stifling the high pitch squeal of terror in his throat.

Feeling Carl begin to struggle because of the berry gag, Salvatore quickly pressed a point on his spine with his thumb paralyzing Carl. This was a temporary paralysis that would last about an hour before wearing off without any side-effects.

Salvatore had used this method to prevent Carl from moving around while he dealt with the Bloody Carrots and although Carl was unable to speak being almost completely paralyzed, he would still be able to move his eyes around and observe.

Having extracted himself from the pile of rubble, Orso leapt out of the crater he had made in the middle of the road and landed softly despite his size next to the commanding officer of squad 1 who together with his troops were completely blocking off the northern road towards Carrot Keep.

Dusting himself off, Orso quickly turned towards Salvatore, at him with his single glowing red eye with a look powerful enough to kill. Examining the furless invader of the Rabbit Kingdom he found its appearance completely nonthreatening although somewhat disgusting.

However his survival instincts which had been honed through countless life and death screamed that it was a very dangerous being that should be avoided at all cost causing him to suddenly very

Realizing this invader was a very powerful individual, Orso's blood thirst started to rise as the urge to battle this pale, furless invader silently began to grow within his heart.

However because he was presently in the Rabbit Kingdom instead of outside in the Valley, the safety of the kingdom and its citizens became his foremost thought, restricting him from challenging the furless invader to a fight to the death.

Upon realizing how dangerous the invader was his original of utterly destroying the invader changed and his fear for damage to the kingdom forced him to take a step back suppressing his instincts as he decided to first try a diplomatic approach toward dealing with the furless invader.

Facing Salvatore, Orso shouted in a commanding tone that echoed across the town center a short concise statement.

"Furless invader, I am Captain Orso of the Bloody Carrots, I order you to surrender yourself into my custody."

Just as he finished issuing his demand for unequivocal surrender the commanding officer of squad 1 stepped forward and began to whispered into Orso's ear.

A myriad of across his gruesome furry face as he paused only for a moment as though he was struggling with some internal feelings. With a look of reluctance he continued to speak adding an demand.

"And...release Prince Carl....if you want."

Seeing the reluctance upon his face as well as hearing the half-hearted tone that Orso's used as he issued his , Salvatore lightly chuckled as he shook his head once, from side to side in sympathy for Carl's lack of

Based on the lack of the Bloody Carrots had paid to Carl from the moment they had arrived it appeared his amongst the rabbit monsters was rather bad and it seemed even Orso who was the most loyal soldier of the King was rather reluctant to rescue him and had only made the demand after being reminded by one of his officers.

at Carl who was observing everything despite being paralyzed and gagged Salvatore noticed the moment after Orso finished making his half-hearted demand for Carl's release the fear within his eyes which had been suppressing his true narcissistic character had instantly been expunged by of pure rage as his eyes practically shouted "how dare that FUCKING BASTARD treat my perfect self as some , lowly, run of the mill hostage instead of the top tier, super important hostage that I am."

Seeing the deadly look powerful enough to kill small insects that Carl directed towards Orso, Salvatore was certain that if instead of being paralyzed and berry gagged he was able to speak Carl would have already begun to cuss Orso out, bombarding him with hundreds of obscenities ranging from his ancestry all the way to his sexual

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