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Chapter 66 : Rabbit Town

Level-Up Hitman

Although he had thought the rabbit monsters would immediately notice his arrival, surprisingly they appeared to not perceive him as he silently walked along the path, and although he would like to attribute this to the fact that by nature he was rather stealthy, seeing as he was completely naked except for a pair of leather boots he felt this was in fact due to the rabbit monsters having lost their sense of danger brought on by an immeasurable of uninterrupted safety within the Rabbit Kingdom, which was protected by a natural from the numerous dangers of the Valley.

In fact, he truly felt that the hardworking rabbit monsters, who were lost in their work would not have even noticed him so quickly, if it wasn't for Carl's sudden thunderous of arrival. Standing proudly on Salvatore's hand, Carl rose to his full height of 8 and 3/4 inches which include his long, 3 inch ears, then boldly thrusted out his small chest before unleashing a boisterous cry of glee.


Upon hearing Carl's cry, all the working rabbit monsters suddenly noticed the strange arrival of Salvatore in their midst. Immediately panic ensued as the rabbit monsters quickly fled in the of Rabbit Town.

Seeing the rabbit monsters flee, Carl unleashed a proud laugh as he boldly , "ha ha ha ha ha, it seems my perfect wonderful self was far too much for these simplistic commoners to behold.

, such is the fate for one such as I who even brighter than the brightest sun. Never will their exist one who is able to withstand the sheer immensity of my divine perfect self's immeasurable grandeur without receiving some lifelong trauma."

Of course this was not the case, since the rabbit monsters had fled due to the sudden arrival of a strange pale creature in their midst, who was in no way whatsoever a rabbit monster like themselves.

However Carl's ego was so large that it prevented him from the fact that he was not the center of every event. In fact, if nothing had not happened, he would have been disappointed, since that would have meant that his presence lack substance and quality enough to cause waves.

Watching the rabbits flee en masse, Salvatore grinned as he continued onward along the cobblestone road towards the rabbit city, maintaining his casually gait as he strolled along the road, exuding a lighthearted aura as though he had not a care in the world.

Enjoying the lovely scenery of the Rabbit Kingdoms well tended , Salvatore closely examined ever inch of his surroundings, memorizing every detail of the area perfectly.

After roughly 20 minutes of walking, Salvatore and Carl finally neared the gateway to the rabbit monster city which had a sign with large red letters atop it which read oddly enough "Rabbit Town" with a silhouette of a rabbit monster with perked ears on both ends.

The security however was quite lax for the town lacked even the most basic of defenses, their wasn't even a gate, simply a naturally formed gate frame consisting of two great like trees that had grown on both sides of the cobblestone road with their long branches entwined at the top merging to form a sign.

Entering Rabbit Town, Salvatore a picturesque town out of a storybook, with fancy shops and houses all neatly built in rows in front of nice neat cobblestone streets, while the buildings all had thick tree trunks growing out of the center of their shingled roofs that went high into the sky, with branches growing out every which way that into a thick, green, forest-like canopy, while the bases of the buildings had thick tree roots firmly embedded into the ground to the large barns he had seen outside of Rabbit Town.

The houses were several stories tall and although the number of floors varied there was not a single house that had less than 3 stories nor fewer than 10 windows. On the corner of every street, was a downward descending stairway with an earthen slide running down the middle.

With railings on both sides and signs clearly labeled in bright red script, warren 1-A, warren 1-B. These were the entrances to the underground half of Rabbit Town, a system of sized chambers connected by miles of lighted tunnels.

The majority of the Towns inhabitants lived here comfortably in their own warm earthen burrows, while others would frequently visit the underground bazaar to enjoy the countless pleasures and items which lay within.

The strange thing however was the streets were completely empty, without a single rabbit monster in sight. Finding the town without a single soul in sight Carl wore a unhappy of displeasure which quickly transmuted into utter fury.

"DAMMIT, were did all those stupid bitches go!" he shouted angrily, hopping about on Salvatore's palm as he desperately searched for any signs of life. Suddenly his face brightened as he abruptly had and spoke aloud of his "genius level epiphany."

"Of course, those feeble minded plebeians must have been terrified by my awesome self, indeed it seems my aura of heaven sent manly has leveled up to a whole new level which far outstrips my aura of divine manly which although powerful was not nearly as powerful as my new, stronger, and even more perfect self's aura."

Hearing Carl's egotistical thoughts Salvatore shook his head with disbelief at the immensity of Carl's ego. "Genius level epiphany my ass, fottuto (fucking ), more like genius level moron."

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