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Chapter 60 : The Destroyer

Level-Up Hitman

Despite the strange manner of their meeting Salvatore decided all in all Carl was a rather interesting individual, and would have little effect on his future. In the worst case that Carl became a problem, he would simply kill him.

However, based on Carl's egotistical nature Salvatore also decided he would add some in order to save himself some future effort in case Carl got any crazy ideas of using him as a shield for his future mischief making.

"All right, I will your paw as long as you will promise that as my little bro you will act in a proper manner like me and deal with any trouble caused by you, by yourself, like a true gentleman."

At first excited by Salvatore's agreement a big smile appeared on Carl's face, which abruptly disappeared while his firm manly stance visibly as he heard Salvatore's requirements. However, pausing for only a moments Carl's form once more solidified as he decisively nodded yes, wholly agreeing to Salvatore's strict yet reasonable terms.

"I would not be the great perfect me that I am if I was afraid of a little responsibility, so of course I agree to act in a proper manner and conduct myself like a gentleman. Regardless of the , as long as I am the cause, I will wipe my own furry ass."

Giving an approving nod at Carl's manly vow, Salvatore reached down and Carl's tiny paw, grasping it gently yet firmly between his thumb and forefinger.

"I your words like I your paw little bro Carl."

Releasing Carl's tiny paw he watched as Carl rose excitedly, hopping up like an spring high into the air before doing a heel followed by several graceful flips before he landed.

Amused at Carl's antics, he abruptly made a lighthearted query, about the which led him to his current predicament of aimlessly wandering thru the forest, singing at the top of his lungs.

"So tell me Carl, what is a handsome furry fellow like you doing aimlessly wandering in the depths of a dangerous forest like this for?"

Staring up at Salvatore he smoothed back both of his ears before his paws upon his hips, then proudly stuck out his tiny chest taking a manly stance that despite his great effort still ended up looking cute before proudly replying.

"Ah hah, actually, the truth is big bro, I'm hunting!"

"Hunting for what" asked Salvatore

Furtively checking the area, his eyes darting around the forest as he leaned close to Salvatore and whispered in a hushed tone.

"The ultimate prey,..... The Destroyer."

Leaning close to Carl Salvatore mimicked his secretive as he whispered back inquiringly "The Destroyer?"

"Well, a few days ago I overheard my father talking about a terrifying creature which has suddenly appeared in the Valley a few days ago. This terrifying creature is a pure of and has been wiping out all the monsters in the area, leaving only and death in its wake. Not only is it powerful but it has an insatiable appetite, which drives it to consume its prey whole. it will excrete some bones, leaving them in neat little piles, shiny white with not a speck of meat on them."

"What does this "Destroyer" look like?"

"Well, although everyone who has the "Destroyer" has died, a few of our elite managed to catch glimpses of him from a distance. to their eye witness testimony's the "Destroyer" is pale white and has a huge red fang growing out of its hand. It can also make many copies of itself quickly and is as fast as the wind and smells disgusting and has weird green feet and a evil ugly head and has a powerful bloody aura that exudes an immense amount of power and gives of a smell of blood and... "

Salvatore easily deduced who Carl's "Destroyer" really was, however he felt somewhat unjustified by the he gave for although he was ruthless, and certainly was cold when it came to killing he always conducted himself in a graceful manner, both skill and beauty in the means by which he dispatched his foes.

However he had to admit that recently due to a lack of adequate clothing or facilities, especially the lack of water he had been unable to maintain his usual appearance of a young stylish gentleman.

In truth the very fact that he had been walking around this valley for almost 3 days now without a proper set of clothes completely infuriated him to no end, yet what could he do.

For now he would have to endure until he could find either some clothes or a suitable material to manufacture a rudimentary pair of clothes or at the very least a pair of pants.

For although Salvatore was not afraid to his body, having his nether fully exposed as he walked around the Valley was rather dangerous, especially with all the monsters he was fighting.

But although he doubted the possibility of an unforeseen incident , he still had a sliver of that by some fluke of bad fortune during a hectic fight a small monster would manage to deal a critical strike to this very same , resulting in an instant K.O. for him.

Just the thought of such a incident sent a ice-cold shiver down Salvatore's spine as not only would it be a painful experience but more importantly it would be an immense disgrace for one such as he to fail to thwart such a demeaning attack on himself.

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