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Chapter 58 : A Newfound Love For Fur

Level-Up Hitman

Having spent the entire episode of Carl's verbal attack with a calm upon his face Salvatore waited patiently for a few more before speaking in a soothing tone inquiringly.

"Feel better, Carl little buddy?"

Almost instantly upon him speaking a vein on Carl's furry forehead swelled with as he crossed his tiny arms before crudely replying with a look of contempt.

"BITCH, who the fuck are you calling LITTLE? I don't see anyone LITTLE around here bitch, do you?!! And you better not be referring to beautiful, , handsome, ultra sexy, incredible, excellent, royal me, for I am the perfect size. If anything you're the freakish maggoty giant with you disgusting maggoty hands and your disgusting maggot body all pale and furless. But I guess a disgusting putrid maggoty freakish giant like you is probably too stupid dumb and moronic to comprehend the excellence and truly divine beauty of fur."

"Oh really, fur is that great?"

"Of course it is BITCH, only the greatest, most magnificent, most handsome, most amazing, most sexy, most perfect of beings has fur, everyone else is cursed to never know the unending absolute pleasure of having fur."

Somewhat annoyed by how full of himself Carl was, upon hearing his with fur, Salvatore suddenly had a wicked thought on how to humble this tiny annoying narcissistic bunny, causing a glint to appear in his eyes, as he cunningly replied with a devilish grin.

"Well I must say Carl you may be right, having fur is the greatest, especially magnificent golden fur like yours, how can I acquire some fur just like yours?"

Wearing a smug grin Carl loftily replied, "Stupid BITCH, you can't, live forevermore in a state of perpetual envy of the ultimate magnificent fur that only my perfect self am worthy of possessing."

"Still Carl, after all that you have said I am now convinced of the divine magnificence of fur, before you spoke I could not see the glory of fur, however you words have convinced me of the true splendor of fur, I must have some, and it must be the most magnificent fur in the world."

"Fat chance BITCH, you'll never find a more magnificent fur than mine."

After gazing at Carl's lovely golden fur with a look of he replied admiringly, "Your right, I'll never find a fur equal to your beautiful golden fur, it must be the most magnificent fur in the world."

"Of course BITCH!"

Having closed the deal Salvatore devilishly grinned as he tightened the noose Carl had willingly shoved his head into by saying,"I guess then, my only , is to take yours."


"Since you have the most magnificent fur in the world, and I must have the most magnificent fur, than my only is to take yours."


at Carl threateningly Salvatore channeled a small amount of his powerful killing intent into his voice as he spoke,"And how are you going to stop me, tiny!?"

Quivering in fear from the spiritual pressure of Salvatore's killing intent, a chill ran down Carl's tiny back as he suddenly realized that he was in a deadly


"I ma-ma-may not be able to stop you, but I can still call my papa whose super ultra strong and when he gets here you'll be in big trouble y-you g-g-giant."

Carl was so scared he wasn't even able to swear.

"Ohhh, then I guess I better kill you right now so you can't call for him." Salvatore replied as he grabbed Carl's neck and tightened his grip preparing to throttle him.

Realizing the futility of his threat, which had instead backfired on him, Carl lost all manner of arrogance as the last of his pride evaporated. Completely terrified, Carl frantically tried to save his life by pouring out his soul as he suddenly began to desperately beg Salvatore to spare his life with all his might.

"Please don't kill me!!"

"I'm not worth it, ple-he-hease!!

"I was lying, I can't call my papa, I don't even know where I am, and furs not that great, and even if it is great, my fur isn't, in fact, my fur is the most disgusting fur in the world, you wouldn't want to put something this disgusting on you lovely smooth skin would you?"

Remaining silent Salvatore used his free hand to gently stroke Carl's fur, causing shivers to run down Carl's spine, before a slightly obsessive to appear on his face, as he spoke in a characteristically -like voice.

"Your humbleness is a credit to your character, but I still must have this majestic golden fur of yours Carl. Before, I looked at fur as a mundane and item, but your poignant words opened my eyes, they convinced me of my past ignorance and now I have finally seen the light that is the blessing of fur, now I don't want just your fur I want all the fur in the world! First, I'll take your fur, then I'll seek out your family, and take their furs to!"

Finishing his statement with a maniacal laughter, Salvatore found it hard to maintain his as he saw Carl visibly start to shiver in fear.

At these words, Carl not only felt an even colder streak of fear pierce through his being, he suddenly realized he had inadvertently created trouble for his family. Now he deeply regretted having spoken so arrogantly, if only he had acted a bit more humble, if only he hadn't spoken the truth so boastfully to this dangerous pale giant who overwhelmingly reeked of danger, he wouldn't be in the he currently was in.

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