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Chapter 56 : Lunch Break

Level-Up Hitman

The next morning Salvatore awoke just as the first golden rays of the sun peaked over the forests leafy canopy. Rising to his feet, he began his habitual morning exercises, working up a decent appetite in the process.

His breakfast consisted of some fruit along with some of last night's roasted Banana Bear meat, followed by a quick stop in the nearby woods to once again spread some of his high quality fertilizer. Making a final cursory check of his temporary camp site, with a slight nod he turned and silently faded into the woods to begin the days hunt.

Returning to the last area he had reached the day before, (just past the now extinct Slimes habitat) he continued onward through the forest the same as yesterday like a unseen ghost, killing any monsters he , however unlike yesterday he failed to any new types of monsters, furthermore now that he had acquired several Language Skills he could now completely understand what the monsters around him were saying. Now as he raced through the Valleys forest instead of hearing monsters going "GRRR" and "EEEP" he instead heard "Morning" and "Help!"

Still this failed to dissuade him even the slightest from his deadly task and soon the areas of the forest he visited, overflowing with the sounds of life were filled with only silence. By noon he had managed to clear another large area of the Valleys forest, in fact, from his present point all the way back to the Archway, (excluding a few cowardly Cherry Chipmunks who found sanctuary in the depths of their deep underground burrows) not a single monster lived.

Although this may seem somewhat extreme Salvatore was indifferent to the plight of the local monsters. From the very moment he had learned his he had mercilessly decided that he would hunt and kill every single monster he could. To be merciful to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself, and monsters were his enemy.

The way Salvatore figured it, Big Dipper Valley was a training area for the rest of Goldstar, and like all training areas the monsters here were a lot more easy to deal with than the monsters that he would once he left the Valley.

In for that time, and to acquire every advantage he could, Salvatore to struggle for every ounce of strength he could possibly gain in the Valley.

As the bright noon sun shown down Salvatore's stomach suddenly demanded food with a fearsome growl. Heeding its reasonable request Salvatore decided to stop for lunch. With a single jump he quickly ascended 100ft into the air before smoothly landing atop the driveway sized branch of a nearby skyscraper sized Stony Bark.

Reclining against the grand trunk of the towering tree, he reached into his [Spatial Storage] and rummaged around for a few before pulling out some roasted Watermelon Wolf King meat and some fruit he had collected along his morning hunt, then leisurely began to feast on his simplistic yet midday lunch.

As he happily munched on his roasted Watermelon Wolf King meat he casually swallowed a handful of reddish berries, enjoying the sweet sugary , tinged with a slight tart sourness. Finishing up the last of the meat along with a few more handful of berries, and a few long green fruit that tasted like a cross between an apple and an orange, he pulled out a piece of fur, using it to wipe his hands and face before throwing it away.

Enjoying the of the midday warmth while in the shade, and the cool gently frolicking breeze thru the trees leafy branches, Salvatore stretched out his limbs and decided to take a pleasant nap. Closing his eyes, Salvatore slowed his breathing and his muscles as his slowly began to unwind. However just as he teetered on the edge of blissful slumber his heighten sense of hearing suddenly detected a faint sound.

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