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Chapter 55 : god sight

Level-Up Hitman

Nodding his head in approval, his mind was quickly filled with as he automatically began to devise clever methods to utilize these newly acquired Skills. Having finished reading the log, with a swipe of his hand he quickly changed the holographic screens , switching from the Log to his Status Screen.

With practiced ease he quickly reached up to the blinking tab and pressed the "LEVEL-UP ALL" button causing a golden of light to ascend around him once again. A few minutes later, as the golden faded away he was surprised to suddenly hear the systems sultry feminine voice.


[System : [god sight] Unsealing Level Requirement Achieved!]

[System : Beginning Unsealing Process!]

[System : Analyzing Stat...]

As soon as he heard the system his eyes suddenly began to radiated an immense amount of light, shining as bright as two tiny suns, while he suddenly became aware of multiple layers of powerful seals in the shapes of hundreds of intricate tiny chains continuously winding around both his eyes in a profound manner, suppressing the awesome power contained within then.

In fact, it was a testament to the strength of the layers of seals Sid had , for before the system had dispelled the powerful veil which hid them he had been completely unaware of their existence.

Now however, with the veil dispelled by the system, he suddenly became aware of the numerous layers of seals Sid had upon his eyes.

In fact, with the veil removed he could now clearly sense the immense amount of power sealed within his eyes, slowly pulsating like a heartbeat, which the numerous layers of continuously moving intricate sealing chains surrounding his eyes protected him from.

For he could clearly perceive that if all the layers of seals were completely removed right now, even with his current absurdly high Stats (which far exceed the amount someone at his level should have) he would instantly suffer a powerful with even a single glimpse of the world, that in the best case would only result in a epileptic seizure while the worst case would be complete of the mind or instant death.

System : 1st Seal Stat Requirement Achieved!

System : Unsealing 1st Seal!

As each layer was unsealed he heard a distinctive sound of chains being broken as the dozens of chains which formed the weakest, outermost seal were instantly shattered into shimmering dust which quickly faded into nothingness.

With a layer of the powerful seals now removed a modest amount of the power contained within Salvatore's eyes quickly began to seep out causing his originally steel gray eyes to gain a slight golden tinge as they began to burn a little brighter as a new layer of reality, formerly imperceptible to him was now suddenly laid bare before him.

System : 1st Layer Unsealed!

System : Analyzing Stat...

System : 2nd Seal Stat Requirement Achieved!

System : Unsealing 2nd Seal!

System : 2nd Layer Unsealed!

System : Analyzing Stat...

System : 3rd Seal Stat Requirement Achieved!

System : Unsealing 3rd Seal!

System : 3rd Layer Unsealed!

System : Analyzing Stat...

System : 4th Seal Stat Requirement Failed!

System : Unsealing Process Complete!

As the sealing process ended Salvatore felt the remaining layers of powerful seals surrounding his eyes swiftly fade until they had completely disappeared.

However although he could no longer detect even a sliver of their existence, he now knew that regardless of what he felt they were still there, hidden by a powerful veil as they silently waited for him to grow strong enough to control the immense power they sealed.

Now with his upgraded [god sight] which had had 3 layers of seals dispelled the world around him looked quite different. While before his eyesight was unbelievably powerful with him being able to see a grain of sand 100 ft away from him clearly, now he could see the sand grains actual

As his eyes darted around quickly, he was delighted by each new he made. After several minutes of carefully examining his surroundings he had finally determined the true purpose of his [god sight].

This unique ability Sid had given him allowed him to see the hidden truths of the world. Before his [god sight] all was laid bare, no mortal secret could remain hidden from his gaze.

Staring into the depths of the dark, murky woods, roughly 600 ft away from him he spotted a Cherry Chipmunk on a fruit tree branch, furtively picking only the most looking fruit.

As he focused on it a window suddenly materialized containing a plethora of about the Cherry Chipmunk.

Name: Chester

Age: 30

Race: Monster

Race Type: Chipmunk Variant (Cherry Chipmunk)

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Multiple Spouses

Level: 3


Current Status: Healthy

HP: 190\190

MP: 15\15

Skills: [Enhanced Sense - Smell][Lv. 3] - [Passive]

[Digging][Lv. 4] - [Passive]

[Climbing][Lv. 4] - [Passive]

Titles: Nut Gourmet - Fruit Connoisseur - Stealthy

After seeing the detailed about the Cherry Chipmunk his first thought was, "Wow, monsters have really normal names,....a Cherry Chipmunk named Chester!??"

In fact, he had wondered for quite a while why their names were so normal. When he had first appeared and learned that Goldstar had real fantasy monsters he had thought that just like in RPG games only powerful monsters would have distinctive names like, "Orgoth The Terrible" or "Fengore The Merciless".

However for a while now that early premise had consecutively proven erroneous with each new monster he found. Now finally this pathetic monster had laid that to rest for apparently even the most common of the Valleys monsters, a Cherry Chipmunk had a name, and that name was Chester.

As he further examined the window he was astonished by the sheer amount of personal it revealed about Chester, not only did it precisely specify his basic but further expounded, listing not only his "Marital Status" and "Current Status" but all of his Skills as well as all of his Titles.

But this amount of was probably only the tip of the iceberg, for after all he had barely met the requirements to remove the first three layers of seals and he had no idea how many layers were left nor what the requirements were to dispel the 4th seal.

But despite this minor impediment he couldn't suppress the immense amount of he felt for the of having such a unique ability were staggering, eventually he would be able to remove even more seals causing his [god sight] to further increase in power, enabling him to see even more , and was one of the most important things to have, for regardless of how strong he was if he didn't know something he could very well miss out on something special or make a lethal mistake when fighting against creatures with strange ability's in the future, so the monumental impact this ability would have on all of his future endeavors was transparently clear.

It seemed Sid had had every right to call this his "greatest gift" for indeed this unique ability was far better than any Skill he could ever acquire, not only was it completely undetectable, but it had no such as distance from target or level difference, as long as he could see it, he would instantly know all of its secrets.

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